Edo Revokes Land From Benin Chief



Edo State government has revoked a large parcel of land being sub-let to farmers in Ovia North East Local Government Area by a Benin Chief and assured farmers in the Local Government Area that they are free to farm on the land without fear of molestation.

Oshiomhole gave the assurance during his campaign tour of Okada, Ovia North North East Local Government Area, and in Ovia South West and Orhionmwon local government areas as part of the ongoing ACN campaigns for the forthcoming April 20th Local Government elections.

Speaking to massive crowd of supporters in the local government areas, Oshiomhole said the people have seen the difference between the forces of darkness and light.

According to him, “at the local level we want to form a government that is committed to the welfare of the people. By now there are two forces in Edo State.  The forces of darkness that under developed the State, stole all the money, visit our people with misery and excuses, while they are getting rich, the people are getting poorer.

“Those forces that would award a road contract and they would not do it.  Those forces who could not build one good school. Those are the forces of darkness.  The forces of light you can see it right here”.

 He noted that in the ten years of the Peoples Democratic Party, there is no one project that was successfully completed.  We cannot return power to the PDP.  It is absolutely impossible.

“The days are gone when people who want to make easy money come to government.  Our message to Edo people is that we are moving forward, no chance to look back.  We have put those behind and we are moving on”.

“We want a local government Chairman who has conscience.  A political party that has a record of performance.  Our Chairmen will work with the fear of God.  There is no compromise.

“On April 20th ask yourself should I vote against a government that is building red roofs.  Do you want to vote for a government that is doing nothing? The joy of public office is the feeling that the people accept you.  And the people accept you for one reason; if you connect with them, by addressing those things that affect them.

“Let me sound a note of warning.  I understand that some people are still carrying rumour that the land that has not been revoked that they still own it.  There is only one government in Edo State and there is only one governor.

“I understand that some of our farmers are being threatened by people government gave land to farm. Now they are not farming on the land.  They are giving the land to people and making them to pay rent.  Don’t pay royalties to anybody any more.  Edo is a free society”.

“Let me assure you that on Monday, all those land you are farming on which government gave to individuals who now in turn sublet it to you. I am the Governor of Edo State say I will revoke those lands on Monday.  I will revoke it in the public interest”.

“The reason we revoked the land is simple.  Every Nigerian has a right to live in any part of Nigeria.  I lived in the North.   I was not treated as a settler.  Therefore, we cannot be here while fellow Nigerians who are cocoa farmers are treated like tenants”.

He stressed “in this land there are only two authorities, the Edo State Government and His Royal Majesty the Oba of Benin.  Those are the only two.  If you are not the Oba of Benin or the State Government, how can you be a landlord; people are paying rent to you on a land you do not own.  When you farm on Edo land, whatever money you make is yours.  All we ask of you is to pay your personal income tax.  You cannot pay rent on land”.

“That land has been reclaimed for the good of the people of Edo State.  Anybody farming on that land will pay tax to government”.

While thanking them for the confidence in his leadership, Oshiomhole urged them to keep the flag flying.

The Governor presented Mrs. Lucy Omagbon; Moris Ogurobo Ovia and Roland Ibirotomwen as Council Chairman candidates for Ovia North East, Ovia South West and Orhionmwon local government areas.






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