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A non-governmental organization, Fast Track Development Initiative FDI, says it is poised to empower and motivate a generation of Rivers and Nigerian young citizens to take positive action in their communities, for their families and for themselves. Executive Director of the FDI, Justus Ngerebara told our correspondent Precious-Werner Ahiakwo in Port-Harcourt that his vision is born out of desire to address some of the issues this young generation is confronted with. The Excerpts

Briefly Sir Can you tell us about yourself?

I am Justus Ngerebara, the executive director of a non-governmental organization, Fast Track Development Initiative FDI

What is FDI all about?

We are a team of young professionals coming together to see how we could contribute our own portion to the development of Rivers youths and beyond: that transcends to Rivers State and National.

What’s your drive for this vision?

It’s a strong desire to see that we bring about the change in Rivers State, interms of the development of our youth. We want to see how we could contribute our own quota to change the life of somebody.

How do you intend to do this?

We have designed some strategic programmes which we will be rolling out next month. The programmes are strategically designed to change lives. We have in the programme what is called the innovation box: we will be calling for ideas that will be impactful in these youths. We know that a lot of young people are blessed here in Rivers State. Some of these youths are potentially blessed. We are calling for life transforming potential ideas into the innovation box, and then we can link you up with certain resource persons or agencies. We also have what is called Empowering Actions: this has to do with building capacity. If you talk about development, you have to be equipped. By equipping, we are talking about capacity, so we will be building the youths with capacity. We will also be talking about leadership skills which have to do with training our youths in terms of acquiring leadership skills. We believe that if we look at these three points critically, at the end of this programme, lives will be impacted and translated in our society.

Do you intend to work with the Rivers State government, because it is also running similar programme, or with any Organization to achieve this vision?

We intend to work with non-governmental organizations, talking about the United Nations and other non- governmental organizations outside the State, leaders and people of like minds.

Who is qualified to gain from of this initiative?

Primarily, we are targeting young people, both female and male not minding your background or where you are coming: Rivers State or beyond. A graduate or non graduate in the village or city is also qualified to take part. we have chosen the youth because in the world population, 43% are made up of young people, then, in Nigeria we have 63% of entire population made up of young people, any positive change you are able to affective on this young people, you will automatically translate into change in the whole country, that’s the kind of people we are looking at.

This is the first time Rivers youths are coming together with a strong desire to do this, and we believe it will go beyond the State and impact our nation, Nigeria.

How do you fund your programmes?

From people who are ready to support us, already we have people who are seeing what we are doing and are talking of supporting us. The Board of Trustees is filled with eminent personalities who are already supporting us morally. In the BOT are Former Minister for Water Resources, Chief Precious Ngalale, Pastor George Izunwa of Gateway International Church, former member of House of Representatives, Dr. John Imegi, Sole Administrator, Greater Port -Harcourt, Dame Aleruchi Cookey-Gam and Dr. Charles Member.

I almost mistook the inaugural occasion of the BOT members for a church service (smiles), why involve these men of God in this?

The reason why we have to start up on this note, by involving men of God is that, we believe strongly that any foundation that is properly laid is bound to stand the test of time, most especially the foundation that is laid on Christ is bound to stand the test of time. It is not really a church, we just ensured by bringing these men of God ( Rev. Steven Akinola) to help us properly lay the foundation of this Vision FDI, to strive, and that’s an achievement for us.

What first step has FDI taken so far?

We are calling on every talented youth out there to take part of this life transforming initiative of FDI, they should also watch out and stay abreast of our programmes in Port-Harcourt center for now.



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