Senator Ahmed Sani Yerima’s full statement at Kaduna Police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) after his arrest at the premises of FRCN

Senator Ahmad Rufai Sani
Senator Ahmad Rufai Sani

“My name is Senator Ahmad Rufai Sani former Governor of Zamfara State, Nigerian and now a Distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), Kaduna invited me for a phone-in programme which took place today 9th of March, 2013 at 10:00am and ended at 12:00pm.

“During the phone-in programme, I was asked if there is any move not to register our new party; APC what can we do? And my response was that if we met all legal requirements and INEC refused to register us, we shall embark on a peaceful protest to INEC until we are registered. Then the Moderator asked me what I mean by peaceful protest?  Then I responded by saying just like it happened in Egypt. We can go to Eagle Square together with General Muhammadu Buhari, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Sardaunan Kano Alhaji Ibrahim Shekarau and others to mobilise people without using any weapon for a peaceful protest until our party is registered.

“1. The police asked me assuming our peaceful protest is not yielding result, what do we do next? And my answer to this question is that, we are practicing democracy in Nigeria. If the President of Egypt can yield to pressure of his people in a peaceful protest I am sure that with the integrity of Professor Jega that I know personally, he will yield to the people’s  pressure and make sure so long. As we met all the legal requirements, we are registered.

“2. The Police further asked that, knowing the security situation in Kaduna and that been a PDP state, don’t I think that some people may read meaning to it or may try to make mischief? My answer to this question is that , we are talking of a registration of a political party and the process has not even been completed and there is no attempt by INEC because we have not even applied for registration. We have only notified them of our desire to form a new party APC. In addition to this, The peaceful protest mentioned is when INEC refused to register APC after meeting all the legal requirement, I will see no basis for any mischief.

“However, I am also surprised to be invited by the Police because the programmes was carried live and as a former Governor and Chief Security Officer of Zamfara State at that time, a Distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I will never call for violence, never participate in violence and never support violence in Nigeria my dear country. For the eight (8) years I served in Zamfara State as a Governor, even with the implementation of Shari’a there was never violence between Muslims and Christians because of my firm belief in peaceful co-existence. So, whoever called the CP from Abuja is the one trying to be mischievous and cause crisis in Nigeria.”




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