Iran announces launch of monkey into space



Iran’s  state-run media said Monday the nation’s space program has successfully launched  a monkey-manned rocket into space.

The rocket, called Pisihgam, which means “Pioneer” in  Farsi,   reportedly reached 72 miles and the monkey returned safely to earth,  the   report stated.

This isn’t the first animal launch for Iran. In 2010, the  nation  reported the successful rocket  trip of a mouse, a turtle and  worms.

The United States regards the launches with alarm. White  House  spokespeople  are concerned the launch could lead to technological   advancements in  Iran’s  long-range-missile program.

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  1. Kudos, Iran! It would seem the glory of Pasha is returned. White House should relax; a strong Iran is a source of stability in the Middle East and not a threat to the West.

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