Police In Lagos Hunt For Importers Of Arms



The Police in Lagos have commenced an investigation into an allegation of massive importation of arms to the state. According to a reliable source in the Police headquarters, the Police high command had information that some unscrupulous characters within the political class had contracted arms dealers to bring in a large cache of arms with the sole purpose of causing mayhem within the state.

The report indicated that some of the arms may have gone into circulation as some suspected hirelings have created a pattern of robbing notable political figures as targets of political differences. Two suspects arrested have already given useful information which the police believe implicate a major opposition political party in the state.

The idea is to create a sense of insecurity in the state and label the police as inefficient. The Police maintained that they are appreciative of the massive investment the Lagos State Government has made on the issue of security and would not allow disgruntled characters to reverse the gains that have been made to ensure that the state is safe at all times.

Already, the Police placed top members of the opposition party on their surveillance watch to monitor their activities around the clock. The Police have also appealed to members of the public who could have useful information to assist the Police in their operation to come forward assuring them of maximum protection from exposure.

In a related development, the Police is also on the trail of a particular gang that pick their targets by hitting their cars from behind with the likelihood that the occupants will alight and provide them the opportunity to rob them said the source.



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