Gunmen Burn Churches, Security Posts Near Borno / Camerounian Border


Information reaching gathered through security source stationed near the Adamawa border with Cameroun reveal that gunmen believed to be agents of the dreaded Islamic terrorist group, the Boko Haram struck in the morning of December 2, 2012 [8:30am] near the border town of Modugana and Gamboru Ngala.

As gathered, the gunmen number about 50. They drove in sports utility vehicles along with sports bikes – angrily wailing out chants of God is Great in Arabic language. An eyewitness told that the group of gunmen carried dangerous automatic weapons including other unfamiliar but dangerous looking gadgets.

According to the eyewitness, the group of gunmen cross over the border – chasing away the Nigerian custom officers who were staged at the border entering post. The little armed custom officers took to their heels as they sighted the group of gunmen – abandoning their posts. The gunmen arrived the post and set the post ablaze.

Proceeding from the security post, the gunmen headed towards the churches to set ablaze churches – an estimated number of church set ablaze was pegged at five [5]. The worshippers inside the churches escaped harm. The worshippers escaped before the gunmen arrived.

The border area has been said to host a book haram training camp for their would-be militant operators. On the Cameroon side of the border, the Boko Haram camp were said to have been shutdown by the Cameroonian authorities – forcing the book haram operatives to seek refuge inside the Nigerian side of the border.



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