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Bizarre Christmas Wish – By Nnaemeka Oruh



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Dear Santa, everybody has wishes for this Christmas (and they should have).Usually, I do not have one. I go through the Christmas season without requesting for anything. This Christmas though, I want to make an exception. I have to ask you for something.

First, there is this issue of the Mayan’s false prophecy about the end of the world. That prophecy caused so much panic among people such that some even became temporarily born again. Many believed that the end of the world had definitely come upon us. I remember that one barrister actually believed that a comet would hit our planet. You see, my problem with the prophecy was that it actually turned learned people into illiterates and also muddled up proclaimed believers’ understanding of the Bible. It is not good that the ignorance and hypocrisy of man were made so blatant, don’t you think? Even, rumours started spreading too, of NASA’s prediction of a three day darkness that will culminate in the birth of a new world. Some people even went to the extent of moving travelling itinerary and stocking food in preparation. Others placed their hopes of a change in fortune on the birth of this new world. As you know, it did not happen. Hypothesis has betrayed mankind.

Betrayal is also another thing about humans that has become so vivid in our world today. One does not even know who to trust again. Take for instance a video guy that I vouched for as being a man of integrity. He took my cousin’s wedding job so unserious after he was paid the complete fee. You see, my problem with this is that it is also my integrity that has been called into action. Man has betrayed man, so I am now the scapegoat.

Betrayal in businesses is also rampant. As my people say, the tone of voice used in borrowing money is not the same used when it is time to pay back. So you start off a business as brothers and along the line, a man shows he is human and tries to play a fast one. It is at this time that ‘brother’ betrays brother. Humans are shallow minded though. One girl believed so much that she is such a good singer that Beyonce cannot even lace her boots. Pride went ahead and she fell harder than the tortoise. Not before betraying the guy who invested so much on her.

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I am also bothered about a wife’s penchant for stringing up accusations of infidelity where there is none. So husband accuses wife back, and a wedge is thrown in between. Some say it is immaturity, others lack of understanding, some more cite the past, and others say it is the ‘malaise of our time’. Whichever one that it is, it is nerve racking and destructive. Trust is the core ingredient for a successful relationship. Unfortunately, it is now in short supply. People say love conquers all, but if you refuse to forgive past mistakes, then your love should be called into question.

Dear Santa, I know that right now, you will be wondering what my Christmas wish is. Bear with me please. Just a few more complaints and I will tell you.

I am worried about the spate of air crashes in our country. I know it is very abnormal and stems from corruption. Is it not corruption that will make an official certify an incapable plane as fit to fly? The unsuspecting passengers of Dana paid the price with their innocence. Tell me,Yakowa and Azazi, would we say theirs was plain accident? Many have their doubts, I am not exempted. Some say it was justice, I say,’ check for malpractice’.

“Check for malpractice” too in the gruesome murder of the ALUU Four. The true story will never be heard. There is something else we have not heard. Yet nobody can deny the glaring picture of man’s inhumanity to man. Time will heal the wounds of those directly affected. As for the young men, if they could, they would have wished for the same thing I will soon wish for here.

I have read somewhere in the Holy Book that money answereth all things. This is truer in my country than anywhere else. That is why we all are in a rat race, killing, duping, forging, stealing, kidnapping, bunkering, polithieving and all other things just to make money. Here, if you have no money, you better go hang yourself. Money has broken many homes, rendered many youths violent, turned children against parents ,and most importantly, has led to the death of many. Even the betrayal I talked about earlier stems from money. How else would you explain some people riding on the back of others to get what they want under the guise that the final product is for the benefit of themselves and the people who rode them piggy-back? How else would you explain the erosion of love in families when parents, siblings or children feel the other is not financially there for them? I can give more instances, but one more would suffice: ever heard of a guy dating a ‘top class’ girl when he cannot afford to take her on an expensive date? I rest my case.

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Now Santa, since we have agreed that money is important in this world, I know you must be thinking that I want to ask you for money. Well, money is good, but I do not want to ask you for money. On this Christmas day, what I want to ask you for is a return to childhood.

As a child, the end of the world prophecy would have meant nothing to me. As a child, I would not care about betrayal or money. I want a return to those good old days when Christmas was all about rice, chicken, and a new cloth with plastic eye glasses. It was a carefree time Santa. I know that your stock of gifts is limited. Somehow too, I am guessing that you cannot grant me my wish. All the same, I feel relieved that at least I have asked. As my people would say, “let us keep making sacrifices so that blames would be cast on our ancestors”.

Livin’ my life a legend immortalized in pictures!…Fast cars and jewels…

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