Oshiomhole promotes three teachers, demotes principal


Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has ordered the immediate promotion of three teachers even as he directed the demotion of the Principal of Annunciation Catholic College Junior Secondary School over alleged incompetence.

Oshiomhole who announced this measure yesterday while on an on-the-spot assessment of the attendance and punctuality of teachers in schools at Edo Central said “it gives me some confidence to find all is not lost”.

According to the governor who gave cash gifts to some other teachers for their commitment to duty said: “you are an example of what is possible and I am proud of you. It gives me some comfort that even in the midst of this madness, there are some people who we can still be proud of, who take their responsibilities seriously. It gives me some relief. It is worrisome to find that majority of teachers are involved in late coming or absenteeism. And that is not the best we can do for our state.

“When we punish those who are guilty of late coming or absenteeism, we should reward those who are doing their job well. We have to use the carrot and stick. I am happy that we have a few of you who recognize that the work place is a serious place and you have a contract and you have a duty to service that contract”, he said.

The Governor who reiterated his belief in education remarked “we must bequeath to our children a better society and education is at the heart of our future”.

He noted that if all Nigerians work according to the rules and regulations and we give our best to the country and state, the country will grow; adding that “if we keep looking for excuses the country will keep having challenges.

“Nigeria is not perfect and it cannot be perfect if each of us do not play our part” he added.

Expressing his confidence in the system, Oshiomhole said “I am happy you give me some confidence to find that all is not lost because it hurts to find that teachers do not take their jobs seriously. Edo can’t be the same again”.

Oshiomhole said “every child may not be a graduate no matter what we do. There is no country where every person is a graduate. But every child is entitled to free qualitative education; that requires that we make the right investment in infrastructure”.

The Governor who harped on the need for teachers to take their jobs seriously said “it is important that we do not allow you to think that to be late to work is not a serious offence”.

To the principal who was demoted to a classroom teacher, Oshiomhole said “as a Principal, you never ensured that your teachers complied with the regulation. You led your teachers in coming late and we will not retain you as a Principal. We will down grade you to a classroom teacher. A leader must lead by example”.



  1. There is no doubt that leaders in Nigeria are still affected by military hangover which I will define as the state of affairs wherein a political office holder in a democratic setting takes decisions with fiat, totally ignoring the machinery of government which in most cases preceded his/her ascension to office (take note please, not ascension to POWER), akin to a military dictatorship.
    What is wrong with the Governor asking the commissioner for education to look into whatever the issues are and recommend disciplinary steps. In this way, governance allows institutions of government to grow and democratic principles to become more and more entrenched.


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