Jonathan blinded by power is insensitive to the sufferings of ordinary Nigerians- ACN


The Action Congress of Nigeria has described President Jonathan as blinded by power and insensitive to the sufferings of ordinary Nigerians.

In its reaction to President Jonathan’s condemnation of last January’s fuel hike protests as sponsored by the opposition, the party in a statement issued in Lagos by its National Publicity Secretary Alhaji Lai Mohammed, wondered how a President who enjoys everything free at the expense of tax paying Nigerian can insult the sensibility of suffering Nigerians on their right to protest an unjust fuel hike.

According to the party the President’s attack on Nigerians who resisted the imposition of unjust price hikes and the organisers clearly portrays him as a President who is hostage to his thoughts and one completely out of touch not only with ordinary Nigerians but also with universal trends, because in Egypt during the Spring protests, in Thailand when the Red Shirts took over Bangkok, in the the United States of America during the Occupy Wall Street, protesters were fed and provided with water blankets and medicine.

It may interest President Jonathan and his minders that those involved in the January fuel hike protests were lawyers, doctors , businessmen, bankers journalists, artistes, the clergy and other accomplished Nigerian professionals from all walks of life.To claim that this class of Nigerians were lured to the protest ground because of a bottle of water and food is to say the least not only uncharitable but also a reflection of the shallowness of the thought process of the President’s advisers and handlers, the party said.

In conclusion the party admonished Nigerians not to be bullied into submission by a government who is always too ready to find a scapegoat for its incompetence and to be ever ready to protest and speak out against any unfair and unjust government decision, and if President Jonathan’s government feels uncomfortable with this, it should organise its own solidarity protests and supply the rented crowd truckloads of water and expensive food.



  1. president Jonathan’s leadership is not a failure, he has promised Nigerians that He is going to make Nigeria better place, people didn’t believe that it was possible,He has actually delivered most of His promises. He has simultaneously reform all the sectors and he is moving to the nest level…..

  2. I guess it makes for news whenever AC decides to make a comment. The president is doing a good job so far. What about the Tinubus that have stolen Lagos state money leaving many broke and impoverished, what have you to say about that.


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