Senator George Akume

The Action Congress of Nigeria has passed a vote of confidence on its senate minority leader, Senator George Akume describing the phantom plot to replace him as the minority leader as the handwork of some reactionary and anti-democratic forces in the senate.

In a statement issued on Sunday by its national publicity secretary Alhaji Lai Mohammed the party expressed satisfaction in the manner senator George Akume has so far, discharged his onerous responsibly as the senate minority leader and reminded all busy bodies that the choice of the minority senate leader is the sole and exclusive preserve of the leadership of the Action Congress of Nigeria and no amount of horse trading, intrigue or blackmail can change this.

The party absolves its member in the upper chamber of the national assembly from this phantom plot and puts the blame squarely on the doorstep of the leadership of the senate who would rather prefer a more pliable and easily compromis able minority leader to our principled and disciplined senator George Akume.

As the saying goes all politics is local and the plot to remove Senator George Akume according to the party can be located first and foremost in the battle for the soul of Benue state and even more importantly in the paralysis and fear that have gripped the People’s Democratic Party following the growing popularity and acceptance of the Action Congress of Nigeria all over the country.

The party recalled that only last week a thoroughly confused People’s Democratic Party described the Action Congress of Nigeria as a tribal party. Can a party with a governor from the South South geo-political zone, senators from Benue, Edo and Anambra States, House of Representative members from Anambra, Akwa Ibom, Cross Rivers, Adamawa, Benue, Kogi and Imo states among others be described by right thinking people as a tribal party?

Is the plot to remove Senator George Akume as the party’s senate minority leader not part of the desperate plot of the ruling People’s Democratic Party’s to give the impression to Nigerians that we are a tribal party, especially when we remove Senator George Akume and replace him with a senator from the South West, the party queried