Anambra State University Teaching Hospital - The Out-Patient Consultation Room

Located in the heart of the State capital of Anambra State, Awka is the new pride of Anambra State – a teaching hospital complex under final construction touches. The hospital center known formerly as the Amaku General Hospital during the previous administration has undergone impressive upgrades and re-baptized the Anambra State University Teaching Hospital.

The Upgrade of the medical center to a full blown medical center capable to play host to the Anambra State University Medical program required comprehensive and cash intensive expansion of the medical center land area along with addition medical facilities – including Accident and Emergency Center, Intensive Care Center, Pathology Center and other like-program.

Presently, the Teaching Hospital is receiving and treating patients. The Teaching Hospital has opened its doors to the public.

The sucessful implementation of the conceived idea to upgrade the Amaku medical center to a standard University Teaching is a true revolution in the Anambra health sector – particulary to the residents of the State and to the medical students.

Accident and Emergency Center - facing the Expressway at Aroma Junction

A side view of one of the new buildings at the University Teaching Hospital

Frontal side view

View of new structures-pathology center

A closer view of the center

Ongoung road construction - landscaping inside the hospital grounds.

More of the road construction - landscaping inside the hospital to allow to effective transportation from one part of the hospital to the other part. The hospital covers a large mass of land area.

Inside the hospital - outpatients room. Large and spacious with modern seats

Another view: Outpatients being attended - quite and orderly

New Structure to add to the Pathology Center - under construction. It is expected to aide the medical students

Another view

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