By: Our Reporter

As the security challenges militating against Nigeria remain unabated, a Non-Governmental Organization ‘The Concerned Youth Empowerment Association of Nigeria’ (T.C.Y.E.A.N), has frowned at the rate of insecurity in the country and cautioned youths and the nation’s leaders to stop beating war drums and proffer unique attainable solutions to end the evil trend in the country.


In a statement entitled “Stop Beating War Drums” signed by the National President of (T.C.Y.E.A.N), Mr. Noble C.C. Adaelu, and made available to newsmen, the Association noted that “Nigeria is the only country we have, its stability and co-existence should be paramount to every patriotic Nigerian. Let’s end the divisible tendencies in the country angered by ‘Born to rule Mentality’, Greedy and Selfishness of our leaders; the nationalistic interest to re-orient the population back to that pride of citizenship of the federal Republic of Nigeria. Time is due for the Youth to sit down and lay factual intellectual analysis of the problems confronting our well – being and proffers distinctive attainable solutions accordingly.”
According to the group, it is unfair, for the youths to join in the beating of war drums and becoming barking dogs for some disgruntled leaders who have failed the nation with their unattainable leadership promises and appealed to religious organizations to unite and form a formidable army to help the security agencies fish out the evil men among the people.

While stressing that responsibility beckons on the youth to re- write the history of Nigeria to become one of the most peaceful countries in the comity of nations, Mr. Adaelu opined that Nigeria should continually be a beacon of hope for people determined to excel in their chosen fields. “Let it be a place where every hard working, law abiding and enterprising citizen can hope to reach the zenith of his/her profession without any type of discrimination and victimization.”
The group warned against the activities of groups promoting all sorts of social vices in the society which has become the most worrisome in the effort to achieve the transformation objectives towards sustainable development in Nigeria.

In the words of the group: “It is a social malaise of immense proportion that has continued to grow in leaps and bound, thus threatening to destroy the future of Nigerian Youth. The truth is that the threatening social vices have been noticed to be a leading cause of death amongst the youths and it should be properly and urgently addressed to save the youth; our future. For us to have the desired democratic dividends and enjoy a peaceful democratic atmosphere, it is important to recognize the fact that Youths are one of the greatest assets that any nation can have. Not only are they legitimately regarded as the future leaders; they are, potentially and actually, the greatest investment for a country’s development. They serve as a good measure of the extent to which a country can reproduce as well as sustain itself. The extent of their vitality, responsible conduct, and roles in society is positively correlated with the development of their country. With strength of character, determination and unity of purpose, there is nothing progressive we cannot achieve. As Leaders, we may have varying needs, expectations and aspirations but united by one purpose and passion to serve Nigeria/Nigerians.
Our common yearning to see Nigeria moving forward binds us as one people. I will not support actions that will pitch one citizen against the other as a way of settling political scores. That is unacceptable and will not be the best way of doing things. The best way should be that, under the Rule of Law, and with the benchmark of due process, any violation of the laws of Nigeria should be addressed in the manner that is fair, balanced, and right in the sight of God without political witch –haunting. Every responsible government should not care whose ox is gored when it comes to the fight against corruption. Attempts to thwart the fight against corruption by legal and technical means do not serve us better in this country. We need change to progress as a nation and only unity can give us that collective desire. Sectional political interest can never unite us for a meaningful development.”
The group also disclosed that in their concerted efforts in assisting Federal Government to end this insecurity through practical legislative measure, they sent a message to the National Assembly through the Senate President, Senator David A.B. Mark, which was entitled “Candid Suggestions to End Insecurity and Improve Lives in The Country” and Senator Mark has since written back to appreciate the group’s good work and that suggestion has been referred to the Chairman, Senate Committee on National Security and Intelligence for further necessary action.

The group further called on concerned Nigerians, to be patriotic; live and accommodate each other as one family, irrespective of political, ethnic and religious differences, ideologies and philosophies.
“It is our passionate appeal to political leadership to try to contain the youths in leadership structures; and give them their respective offices to entice them to have the sense of belonging in nation building. The youth’s rights are human rights. Let’s build a better society where all creatures are loved, respected and treated equally regardless of their age, gender, colour, religion, political opinions, tribes /affiliations etc. It is one world, one people and we all have the right to live in peace.
For youth who have been compelled to become tools for social disorder, tame your egos and guard against any conduct that portrays you as super-humans. Life is transient. Be prepared to render your account to God from cradle to the grave. Let’s continue to do what is good in all constitutional and divine standards.”
The Concerned Youth Empowerment Association of Nigeria’ (T.C.Y.E.A.N) is a patriotic youth organization drawn from the six-geo political zones of the federation with unique understanding and to finding distinctive sustainable solutions in assisting the Federal Government reclaim the nation; to empower youths and ensure democratic governance in the country and with concrete efforts towards encouraging a nation where youths will contain congenial democratic atmosphere devoid of violence to ensure meaningful development in the country.