Jos Crisis: “We are overmatched, they are foreigners” – Military; 3 Policemen Dead in Attack



Jos Crisis
  • It is certainly a sad day for nigeria that things like this can happen in this day and age”, Alex Ekwueme in response to inquiry on the killing of a Nigerian Senator by homegrown terrorists.

There appears a caustic reality settling onto the streets and homes of the residents and indigenes of Plateau State amidst an unending bloodshed that has defeated all efforts towards engineering a lasting solution to peace. Information available to through a military source attached to the security operatives operating in Barkin Ladi to fish out the killers of the legislators and the Senator – reveals that the killers who committed the heinous murder on the Sunday late morning made have not been Fulani’s as widely reported in the Nigerian media.

According to the military officer, following the attack on the mourners, the special task force [STF] based in selected parts of Plateau State were called up into a hot pursuit of the murderers – believed to be Fulani’s at the time. As the pursuit ensure, the military source told our correspondent that the commanders had only dispatched about 40 military men to accomplish the job – only to be surprised as they entered the forest to engaged the supposed Fulani men.

The military source made it clear that “Nigeria was under attack from unknown foreign forces”. He said that the fighters were armed with SMGs – and each gunner had personal loader who reloads the SMGs as the gunner is engaged with the Nigerian military. “They were more than 400 in number and well trained”, he said while adding that the Nigerian military were quickly surrounded immediately by the supposed Fulani attackers. “It took the quick intervention of the military helicopter that came with firepower from up to disperse them”.

He confirmed that during the unfortunate approach to the supposed Fulani attackers – two policemen were gun down – and another police officer was said to have collapsed and died. “He could not take it” said the source. One of the attackers was critically wounded during the attack – “but he later died”.

The military man who was clearly pumped and excited cautioned that the attackers were fast and well trained – and they are advancing to other regions of Plateau State. “Our firepower is not softening them”, he said as he went to explain that the attackers do not look Fulani – “some of them resemble Somalians”. He spoke on the extent of firepower packed by fighters and the level of preparedness as “frightening”.

On the instruction to ‘fish out’ the attackers given by the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan, the military source called the instruction “a giant order”. He noted that the leaders of Nigeria might not know what may be unfolding in Plateau State. “This is not a tribal matter”, he concluded.

Some within the leadership of Nigeria which approached on the unfolding pogrom saw the crisis slightly different. In the words of the Deputy Senate President, Hon. Ike Ekweremadu, “The plateau situation is peculiar. It’s not religious. It’s ethnicity. It requires a sustained dialogue. The present ad hoc meetings with d groups will not suffice. I suggest a committee which the parties can trust to be set up with a time line to negotiate peace”.



  1. If Jos crisis was constituted by set of foreigners then we are in for it.
    The borders are so porous as basket holes. I still don’t know what are military doing to curb illegal immigration into our country.
    Nigeria can end this menace within a month with dialogue, illegal immigrants should be given less than 24 hours to the country and set of fully armed troops should search through the nook & cranny of the country.
    I believe these people can identified easily when most leaders in the north are arrested and tried. This should be done uninformed, I believe all these insurgence will be a talk of past after our military are not engaged in any war.
    It’s beyond police but military

  2. Its a shame to the officer who send in this report to tell us that our military fire power cannot match this Fulani people killing us in the plateau. in the first place how did the get into plateau state where were the security, for people like that to would have brought in such heavy guns into the country. somebody is not telling us the truth.

  3. It’s a pity the Deputy Senate President doesn’ t know the nature of the Jos crisis; IT IS NOT ETHNICITY as he claims. Pls stop playing politics with our lives on the Plateau. If u don’t know ask and don’t make assumptions. Say the right thing and do the right thing; we’re tired of Commitees and deception.

  4. senator represent (north) may your soul rest in piece Amen
    The enemies behind this barbarism will face the acquaintances of this act

  5. @Abat”…Fulani people killing us in the plateau…” but is it not also true that beroms kill fulanis? okay it was right for beroms to kill hausa/fulanis? is it also true that d beroms claims they are indigenes & d hausa’s are settlers who shd not hold any political office? and anytime a hausa/fulani gets a office (like 1994&2001) the beroms protests&that leads to loss of lives. every one knows this&ds is where we shd start solving d problem. pls stop talking abt excesses of one side only, crisis dont get solve that way.


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