Kano: JTF Nab 4 Boko Haram Suspects


Information reaching 247ureports.com through a credible source indicates that the Joint Task Force [JTF] may have nabbed four [4] suspected members of Boko Haram at a town called Unguwa-Uku in Kano State. The arrest was made the evening of Tuesday May 15, 2012 at 6pm.

The arrested suspects, according an eyewitness, were caught driving in a brand new green Volkswagen Golf 3.

The men of the JTF had been trailing the men in the Volkswagen vehicle until they arrived at a JTF checkpoint – when the men were asked to exit the vehicle – and to sit on the floor. As the four suspect exited the vehicle, they made no attempt at resisting arrest nor did they question the reason for their arrest. An eyewitness account indicated that the men were not surprised to have been stopped and arrested by the security agents. The men were said to be smiling as they sat on the floor, one was dressed in a red kaftan and the others in a white polo.

The arresting officers comprised of men from the State Security Services [SSS], plain cloths police officers and uniform mobile police officers. They were said to begin manhandling the 4 suspects – as the suspects sat obediently on the floor. One of the officers ordered for the men to lay-down – and as they began to lay down – the officer began beating one of the suspects with his boot and using the butt of his riffle. Other officers joined in the beating.

The fate of the 4 suspects are not known.

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