Boko Haram Vows To Intensify Attacks

Murdered in Jos

Information available to through sources within the ranks of the Islamic terrorist group, the Boko Haram, indicates that the Islamic group has regrouped to launch new attacks against the federal institutions of the federal republic of Nigeria and her affiliates across the Nation and West Africa throughout the ECOWAS community. This is following the aborted attempt at a peace dialogue between the security operatives of the federal government and the agents of the Islamic terrorist group.

As gathered, he Islamic group has beefed up its arsenal through its sponsors from within the country and within the international community. The aim of the coming attacks is reported to be to expose the weaknesses of the Christian leadership of Nigeria to the international community. According to a source who spoke to our correspondent on the telephone, the group was pleased with its success rate with attacks carried out throughout the period covering from November 2011 till date – and has opted to increase the intensity and capacity of the attacks – to catch the attention of the western communities.

In particular, the leadership of Boko Haram was reported to have been angered by the public statements of the Jonathan administration over the containment of the group and the end of Boko Haram come June 2012. The Federal Minister of Defense had on Easter Day stated that the Islamic group has been contained -and has long been rendered too weak to act. This statement was followed by President Jonathan’s statement in Seoul that the group will be history by June 2012.

Angered, the leadership of the Islamic group has activated its sleeper cells – reportedly scattered around the country. Some of the sleeper cells are said to housed within the Nigerian police force throughout the states of the federation, including the federal capital territory.

One of the leaders categorically told that the new wave of attacks will begin “next week”.



  1. Some times I wonder what some journalists are doing, do you know that this report is actually a terrorising one ?
    You are doing more harm than the terrorists, if you have information then go and give it to government officials instead of using it to terrorize every Nigerian.
    Are you actually working for boko haram ?
    Because what you just said seems to be the best propaganda boko haram could ask for. You are not only voicing them, you are also boasting their lust for blood.
    You should be arrested

  2. That is absolutely right. Some of these media people are giving this group all incentive they need to wreck more havoc. If they actually didn’t want to attack any moment from now, this write up is enough to let them do that. This isn’t right.
    Yes, if you think you have any information, please channel it to the right sources, so we can stop this group and also save lives. Sick and tired of making a terrorist group feel like gods.

  3. If the two dead females were truly murdered in Jos by Boko Haram or Islamic religius extremists, then the Nigerian security operatives have failed those they are meant to protect.

    However, the above picture reminds one of what happened during the 1966 pogrom in the north of Nigeria, including in Jos, against the Igbos in north of Nigeria. Then it was said that the anti Igbo northerners would even go to the extent of forcing sticks into living women’s private parts until the sticks reappeared from the mouth. Wicked. But what is General Gowon doing now about this? Would Gowon want all Berom people killed off in order for him and us to have One Nigeria?

  4. I disagree with you on ur submission! We basically need the information on BH so that we may be cautious in our subsequent dealings with FG parastatals. Our Government cannot longer be trusted with our security because their main target in government is to steal our resources for their selfish interest! Morally, our government has lost legitimacy and even legally, it should have been left for our Jurists to decide but unfortunately we have no noble Jurists anymore.

  5. Journalism is a noble profession and should be handled by noble men n women. This report is short of rational journalism. How did this reporter get the “authoritative” information from leaders of the extremists? Your guess is as good as mine. This reporter should appreciate the fact that just like a palm wine taper, he ought not reveal everything witnessed from the palm top – that is if he real witnessed any.


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