IJaw Militants Warn Niger Delta Oil Workers To Leave The Niger Delta


Oil workers in Niger Delta should leave now because we cannot guarantee the safety of the people. since the federal government has decided to dialogue with the boko haram and its leaders in the north , every oil workers in the niger delta region should please with urgency to leave for their dear life infact this no threat but is a committed course that will be accomplished within seven days from this information.

Also the director general of the NIMASA in lagos by our investigation he is responsible for part sponsorship of boko haram since he is in partnership with some powerful political figures in the north to enthrone the president in the north by 2015 which led to his support of General Tompolo’s contract. So enough is enough.

This is our message.

If federal government to continue to dialogue nwith the boko haram who kills innocent people in the country then we can only advise every oil workers in the region to leave safetly or else they they will meet their doom.

Remember, that what ever that happened from this ultimatum the government should hold Mr. Patrick Akpobolekemi Ziakedei, Director-General, NIMASA.


from the Joint Revolutionary Council of EGBESU MIGHTIER FRATERNITY.



  1. Let the Ijaw militants go to hell with their warning. They should remember about their kinsmen like Ken sarowiwa, so is either they should live the nation peace be regain or they shuold face thesame wrath. The militants are the same Boko Haram but they should know truth is almust there


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