Peter Obi Queries Ojukwu Burial Committee

Peter Obi, Governor of Anambra State

As the day to the burial of Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu draws nearer, the workings of the burial committee appear on the querying table over the use of the financial contributions made towards the burial of Ojukwu. This is as have gathered the Anambra State Governor, Mr. Peter Obi expressed interest into the details of the expenditure by the various subcommittees tasked with the funeral arrangement.

According to available information, news of gross mismanagement of contributed resources by the committee recently led to the major contributor towards the burial, Gov Peter Obi, into requesting for an audit. In particular, the Anambra State governor is reportedly uneasy over the non-existent sensitisation of the public over the burial. The amount of N25million was paid to the Secretary of the Burial Committee, Chief A. B. C. Nwosu for use to sensitize the public through the media.

Chief Nwosu, as gathered, was said to have lodged the money in his private account – and turned away from the task of sensitizing the public on the activities and heroic background of Ojukwu. When it became evident the financial contributors to the burial account were unhappy with the efforts of the media subcommittee, Chief Nwosu acted to employ a last minute “roadside” media consultants to begin the said sensitization.

Sources from the Anambra State government house indicate that the Governor of Anambra appears uneasy over the manner the funds has been managed – that the governor has placed calls to Chief Nwosu demanding that an audit be carried out. One of the sources indicate that the signals seem to show that the monies have been channeled for other usage away from the burial arrangement.

Other South East governor who has yet to redeem the pledges they made towards the burial of Ojukwu were also reported to have requested for an audit report of the expenditure so far. They are understood to be suspicious of the activities of the members of the committee.



  1. Peter asking Prof ABC Nwosu for audit is right but wrong but wrong in the other way round because no igbo man who know or hear what Ojukwu did for the eastern region will put hand to root the treasure for his burial every eastern should give in one way or the other for This brave man. He have gone and we live to remember his good works.


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