“I Was Invited Not Arrested By SSS” – Shekarau, Former Kano State Governor


The former Governor of Kano State and the All Nigerian Peoples Party [ANPP] 2011 Presidential candidate, Malam Ibrahim Shekarau has denied being arrested by the State Security Service [SSS] yesterday, January 31, 2012.

The former governor who addressed the press at 9am at his residence in Kano said “its ridiculous to link me with Boko Haram” while admitting that was invited by the SSS. He added,  “of course I was at SSS headquarters on friendily visit but not quized or detained as blackmailed by media organizations”. He also added “the SSS appreciated his respond to allegations raised in the media”. The former governor did not take any questions from the press.

Yesterday, the SSS had invited the former governor to the SSS headquaters in Abuja for a “chit chat” concerning his involvement in the possible financing of Boko Haram terrorist group. The SSS, as gathered, was acting on a tipoff by members of Boko Haram who had pointed to northern state governors as being involved in the funding of Boko Haram activities in the northern part of Nigeria. The former Kano State governor was figured as having aided the growth of Boko Haram through the re-establishment of the Hisbah [Islamic Police] in Kano State – with an annual allocation of over N1bilion in the State budget.

Also, it was during Governor Shekarau’s tenure as governor that the original leader of Boko Haram was assasinated under suspicious circumstances. Jafar, the then spiritual leader of Boko Haram was assasinated by gunshots to the ribcage while praying inside a moslem by unknown men who drove in a sport utility vehicle. The assasination remains unsolved by the investigating bodies. However, it is popularly ‘rumored’ that the former governor may be in-the-know of what may have happened.




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