“Why We Did Not Kill Obasanjo” – Boko Haram Leader

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo

Information recently made available to 247ureports.com through a high ranking contact within the organizational structure of the terrorist Islamic group, Boko Haram reveals unnerving revelations regarding the recent attacks on Kano, Bauchi State – and the aborted attack of September 15, 2011 visit by former President of the federal republic of Nigeria, General Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo to the home of the in-law of the slain leader of the Boko Haram, Babakura Fuggu in Borno State.

It was gathered that the leader of Boko Haram, Imam Abubakar Shekau who is currently hiding away in Qoundere, Cameroun following the recent and ongoing attacks on Kano and Bauchi State – had deliberated seriously on the assassination of the former president of Nigeria, General Obasanjo on September 15, 2011 while on a visit to Borno State to the home of the in-law to the slain leader of Boko Haram [Ustaz Mohammed Yusuf].

According to the Boko Haram source, former President Obasanjo had made first contact with Yusuf’s in-lawal, Babakura Fuggu [eldest son of Yusuf’s in-law] in early September 2012 concerning opening a channel of dialogue with the terrorist group. The leadership of the group took it uneasy with the choice of Babakura – [since the line of leadership did not automatically follow  family lineage as in traditional settings. As a ‘religious’ group they did not see Babakura as the rightful person to take over from Yusuf.] – For this reason, the leadership of the group ‘silently’ objected to the meeting between Babakura and Obasanjo.

As Obasanjo concluded his secret meeting the previous day at the Green House with three other religious group [Jamatu Nasir Islam, JNI and CAN] in Jos, the capital of Plateau State on the Wednesday of September 14, 2011, and took off the following day to Borno State, the terrorist group, according to the source, marked the former President within their ‘firing range’ from the moment he landed in Borno State at minutes after 11am till he departed the State in the late afternoon of the same day. According to the source, “we were not sure of him”.

“He was going to be a big catch” said the source who explained that the leadership halted the operation as Obasanjo went inside the residence of Babakura.

“Obasanjo was good to us. We had no problem with Obasanjo. We had him. We could have taken him out”, as he recalled that the sharia movement took off during the period when Obasanjo was president. “The problem started during the late President Yar’Adua regime. Goodluck only inherited the problem. We have no problem with Goodluck. But his Ijaw people around him are deceiving him”.

Interestingly, the Boko Haram source who spoke in fluent English with a slight American accent explained the decision to ‘finish’ Babakura Fuggu came due to what transpired between Obasanjo and Babakura. “We learnt he asked for money”. Babakura requested on behalf of Boko Haram monies to enable the group defray litigation costs and other minor financial requests which the leadership of Boko Haram considered menial and demeaning. The wife, Yakolo, was said to have received money from the former president to the tuned of N500,000. Babakura Fuggu was gundown on September 17, 2012 as he existed his home by his younger brother in the company of other young men dressed in reddish-orange babarigas each armed with AK47s – just barely forty eight [48] hours following the visit of former President Obasanjo.

Meanwhile, information available to 247ureports.com reveals the reason Kano and Bauchi State were attacked a few days ago as having to do with failed promises by the State governors of the two states. The entire northern governors, according to the Boko Haram source, have ongoing relationships with the group. “Most of them pay us monthly to leave their states alone”.

In Kano State, the former state governor, Malam Shekarau reached an agreement with the terrorist group in late 2004 for an initial monthly disbursement of N5million which was later bumped up to N10million in 2009. The agreement, according to the source, included provision of institutional infrastructural support through the Hisbah [Islam police] project which received yearly budgetary allocation of N1.01billion. The gubernatorial election of April 2011 which introduced Rabiu Kwankwaso as the new governor changed the agreement. The Kwankwaso administration was quick to dismantle the Hisbah set up – and the said agreement to disburse N10million monthly. The governor proceeded to make arrests of known Boko Haram members. Boko Haram leadership who had found comfort in Kano did not appreciate the Kwankwaso administration’s policy on Boko Haram. According to the source, “we warned the Governor of the consequences”.

“We concluded on Kano in December 2011”. The abrupt end to the oil subsidy strike and protests served an opportunity for the group to strike. The preparatory work for the attack and the selection of targets had already been completed. According to the source, an estimated number of casualties was calculated to net 300 minimum. “The go ahead order” was given on Wednesday [January 18, 2012] evening before the leader of the group left the country to Cameroon on the early morning of Thursday, the following day.

In Bauchi State, the Governor, Malam Yuguda reached similar agreement with the leadership of the group. A monthly disbursement of N10million was agreed upon along with provision of training grounds on the many mountain scattered in Bauchi State. The governor also promised to give them security against arrests by the federal government.  The agreement was reached in June 2008 but mid 2011, the governor stopped the disbursement of the N1omillion regularly. Boko Haram were not happy but remained loyal to the agreement because of the unfettered access to the mountains of Bauchi as training camps.

However the arrest and detention of their number 3 man by the State Security Services [SSS] fractured the relationship between the governor and the terrorist group. According to the source, the State was attacked to free the number 3 leader of Boko Haram and to “teach them a lesson”. The detained leader schooled at the prestigious Lincoln University located in the State of Connecticut, USA and owns a block industry in Bauchi State near the home of the former governor of Bauchi State – an area densely populated by Boko Haram operatives.

According to the source, “the northern governors are overwhelmed”. They are aware of the capabilities of the Boko Haram operatives operating in their respective states. Some of the State government officials visit the terrorist groups in their training camps to watch the training exercises. “We train harder than the Nigerian military and they see it” said the source while ‘lamenting’ that the governor continue to tell the President that the menace of Boko Haram is under control.

The Boko Haram source made it emphatic that “we [they] have the weapons and are in control. We are not asking for Islamic Nigeria. We want our men free”.


      • Maduka, I agree with you. Boko Haram (and NOT Nigeria)is finished because whatever is an enemy to man does not live for long e.g. mosquito, lion, armed robbers, Boko Haram will NOT live long in Jesus Name! The end of Boko Haram has come in Jesus Name!

  1. If this story is anything to go by then the onus is on the president to find a lasting solution to this recurrent security issues.it is evident that some highly placed Nigerians are in the know of this people and their acts.if the president will allow Nigeria to disintegrate under him so be it bt I will caution that the resultant effects of that will be too enormous for all and sundry.

  2. This story is fiction non of boko haram member write ths is ijaw people use to write ths kind of story in order to bring tension in nigerian soil to call for refrendum that’s main aim to see this country is divided and gudluck jornathan is their source of income is given them the money and weapon of explosion to destroy the north before they are calling for the division nigeria .

    • What actually are you talking. If an issue such as this is raised, what we ought to do is to ask the security aparatus to look into that and invistigat the information if the information or revealation is valid.

    • Abubakar Musa, you are as stupid as you sound. God help you, and keep praying that non member of your family falls a victim of those you try to protect.

    • It is unfortunate that such unschooled, deceived and indoctrinated people like my brother Abubakar,whose pathetic and woeful English very much reflect the sorry state of the impoverished and backward North whose pathetic situation has been brought upon them by our elites using religion to hoodwink the people and use them as pawns in the Nigerian political power struggle while they stash away huge commonwealth of the Northern people in foreign accounts with their kids in expensive Brotish and American schools together with Boko Haram are todays product of the extent of degeneracy and hypocricy in the Islamic North. How will the actions of Boko Haram solve the armies Amajiris, the educational backwardness and poverty, disese and degradation of the North inspite of all the years Northerners have ruled Nigeria. These people only shame the noble religion of Islam….. Can our people wake up from the years of political, and economic indulgence that have the region so lethargic and learn from the modern day miracle of the power of vision in the Emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other progressive Gulf States like Qatar who are thanks be to Allah, destroying the negative prejudices and paradigms associated with Islam by the West.

      • Mustapha, May you live long. Thanks so much for the wonderful comments full of facts and real questions our brothers deserve to answer. People like you are patriotic Nigerians who deserve to rule our country. may God bless you.

    • Abubakar you are a not a serious person. you as a northern and a muslim, should proffer solutions to the activities of the so called Boko Harem operatives in the northern part of the country. Nigeria today is not NIigeria of 1967. Be warned.

    • May d soul of those innocent nigerians who lost their lifes rest in perfect peace.amen.
      Most nigerians r hypocrites thats the cause of all this problem,we jst use religion to cover our faces bt our minds r dirty n corrupt.
      This article is 100% true,those of u dat r insisting n says dats nt hw d sect. BOKO HARAM writes or speak r wrong bcos d article might have being editted.which tells u dat d article is true.
      And y i said most nigerians r hypocrites is that”wat hav we nt heard in this our 9ja,is it hw our cabals(presidents,govnrs,senators etc)mismanage our funds or is it hw they embezzle our money to their self alone”.forinstance hw will a man embezzle billiöns of naira when he/she jst hav a few days on earth to leave(atleast 80yrs old).dnts y we r backward compared to d so called superpower countries(USA,UK,CHINA etc.)9ja wuld hav bein among d 1st 10 states in d world in terms of fund n resources,power,food etc,9ja is nt suppose to b pøör with wat God has given us.if nt 4 our socalled corrupt leaders.
      I dnt need to narrate all d stories u knw them all,so dnt say its nt possible 4 9ja govnrs to hav done that,bt on other hand they did it dat peace might reign nt knwing dat they wher indirectly sponsoring.
      And my advice 4 our muslim brothers is to serve Allah n nt prophets bcos some prophet did sin against Allah/God.Muslims learn hw to read n study d Quran by urself,u shuld knw dat nobody shuld serve Allah 4 u bt u urself.and i had Quran has being translatd to other languages 4 people who cnt understand Arabic,so make use of dat.and above all sincerely pass accross to ur brothers(teach them).No body can fight 4 God/Allah,its all there in d Quran/Bible hw God/Allah destroy those that disobey HIM….
      So The Sect.Boko haram shuld nt claim they r 4 Allah or fighting 4 Allah.
      The voice of d people is the voice of God.Boko Haram will surely fail.wher is Mamman Gadafi,Sadam Hussain,Osama Binladin today,Gadafi was even hauntd n killed by his own brothers,its a shame to hav died in such a way.so watch 4 d down-Fall of Boko haram.thank u.

    • u re the greatest fool on the surface of the earth.You want to tell me that you are not disturb by the rate Boko Haram is going right now?Even if the president give the Ijaw money,is it your money?Do your Northern region add any penny to Nigeria income?

      • @evans u’r a dummy go n ask ur elders wat d north contributd 2 naija.m nt frm d north bt y d u hate dat?dis in nt a war ground mind U.

    • You should get your head examined my dear boy..it is clear BH is a nuisance, dont sit here and try to justify what they have done by the mumbo jumbo you posted. An eye witness on TV channels even said it the day of the Kano bombings that they were dressed in Reddish brown attire…exactly the same attire that has been described in this article, if i was in doubt before..now am sure! So dont come here with your blah blah about Niger Delta trying to divide..Northern Muslims have been killing Christians from time immemorial

    • abubakar you are such a BIG FOOL,and to think you can exhibit your foolish ingorant stupidity openly is such a shame.Pity Pity

    • Dat S true!Abubakar musa.And kkano is not maiduguri,bauchi,,adamawa,we ar D nation.gudluck and. His followers. Are. End!!nigeria

      • I am SO not watching that. I saw the video animbhtul. Are you kidding me? I’ll barf all over my laptop. Imagination is bad enough.Here’s the question for you though:Why was Yar Adua so quick to send the JTF into the South to murder people but failed completely to send the army into Bauchi until everyone was already dead?Could it be that:a. Bauchi is in the Northb. The Islamist fanatics were well.. just that ISLAMIST fanaticsc. The Islamist fanatics were demanding Sharia Law?Surprise surprise Mr. President, surprise surprise.

  3. These is absolute madness on the part of the nothern governor,for entering such an agreement with terorist group,and in the first place what was the basis of forming this group,insteed of using the morning to equip the government police,i gues with this is enough for these governors who initiiated and found this group be brought to book and be delt with decisively by law.

  4. it is rather unforunate. this story may not be totally true but the veracity could be graded 70+%. From the antecedent of the former governor of borno state, many of the northern governors and wicked northern elders know and have concrete relationship with these satanists who claimed to be fighting for the cause of allah.

  5. I wonder why Abu Qada didn’t say all this in his video. Series of lies is the name I title this stories. The Abu Qada is the 1st and this is the 2nd. May God Almighty help us.

  6. This just confirms prior reports about these guys. The governments of these states have been active collaborators. Thank God Shekarau lost well. There’s still hope for Naija. We have the will

  7. If dis is true, then they are not true muslims, becouse a good muslim donth kill his own brother for nothing., why cant they kill those that they made the agreement with. Osama only kill those that dont follow orders of islamic teachings. This are not boko haram, just story tells.

    • so dat means osama’s killings are justified, u shld rephrase that misleading statement, u write good english so i’ll assume u r educated, no human being be it osama or whoever have the right to kill anyone. educated Notherners and muslims r nt killers. Follow God and stop following religious leaders (A general message nothn personal).

    • Sometimes, the things we say does not make sense at all. Who has the power to take other man’s life. God certainly did not give us this power.

      some idiot are brain wash that whoever dies fighting for allah, goes straight to heaven/paradise, what a joke. Is this how God thinks, and how many of youhave confirmed that any of the suicide bombers have ever gone any where if not straight to hell, a place where satan has prepared for them, and there they will be for eternity.

      • you are just an idiot as the first write, so for GOD not killing the devil means to you if HE had HE is a murderer what about those that died with the wrath of GOD in the BIBLE? don’t give us bullshit story and write something reasonable

    • This is valdadash.you said they are killing christains why dint them kill obasanja,why dnt kill northern xtains.the ijaws are all behind this nonsense writings.we are using computer too.we knew how to write nonsense and post it for the whole world to see and read.if mr president will take this nonsense,then we begin to know wat he is fighting for,where are those xtains that where arrested in bauchi and some part of the country,becouse they were the people mostly arrested with bombs in bauchi,some of them in churches some of them in moaques,pls the xtains nd gej should answer this question.

  8. one funny thing about this story is that alot of people are going to believe it.trust most nigerians,they like cheap stories that swings to their dispositions and belives where prejudice rules the day.nigerians shine your eyes.dont be taken for a ride.

    • Thanks for the plug to Grandiose Parlor. The Boko Horam uprising is not the yaipctl Islamist radical vs. Christian duel. The attack was focused more on the state, the police, and the way of life in the north that they found contradictory to the Sharia. They wanted to change the ‘system’. This is treason, the first of its kind in recent time. It worries me. It is worrisome that the security apparatus fell asleep and not proactive.It is worrisome that an alleged financier, a former commissioner in Borno state, was executed in the same manner Mohammed Yusuf was, by the police.What is also worrisome is the fact that indiscriminate police actions have made the Nigerian army look like ‘saints’ in their handling of the crisis. Boko Haram + Niger Delta + increasing armed robbery + stalled economy + clogged bureaucracy driven by bloated and impotent political structure, and you get a picture of an emerging failed state. Under this kind of situation, anything can happen. I hope I’m wrong and just over reacting. I hope at the end, the obvious calamity that has been starring Nigeria in the eye will make a miracle u-turn, and all will become well. I really hope so.

  9. I totally agree with the above and concur that Kano State government may be trying to politicise the issue and it will only compound matters. Below is how Boko Haram issues its statements, unlike here where a faceless member is trying to implicate some northern governors:









    Glory be to Allah and may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon the seal prophet (SAW).

    The present security situation in Maiduguri, the continuously attack of security agents, ward heads, politician and the subsequent bomb blast in some part of the country, including force headquarters suicide bomb attack, who is responsible and why?

    Every one may say it’s unfortunate, uncalled for or what have you. But TRUTH ARE SACRED AND WILL REMAIN TRUTH EVEN IF PEOPLE DON’T LIKE IT.

    You all saw on AL-JAZEERA TV how unarmed men, youths, women, cripple and even under age were asked to laid on the ground and were shut on the head and chest by security agents. You all saw our leader MALLAM MUHAMMAD YUSUF with handcuff and shot severally. You all saw how both MASJID AND THE HOLY QUR’AN were being destroyed.

    What are our crime? What damage have we caused or cost Nigeria government, which leads to our attack in Bauchi, Wudil, Gombe, Yobe and Maiduguri two years back? Is sticking to the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and Hadith a crime? Is funeral right a crime?

    The reasons are clear: 1. The Nigerian Government is a KUFUR system serving BOTH UNITED NATION (UN) AND CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (CAN) 2. “We the Jama’atu Ahlisunnah Lidda’awati Wal-Jihad are MUSLIMS and are from the NORTHERN part of the country who spent eight years agitating for ISLAMIC STATE, STRAVING TO BRING BACK THE LOST GLORY OF UTHMAN DAN FODIO. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? Is just to go back to the ways of our creator (ALLAH) where justice, discipline, good morals, love and care, peace and progress etc will prevails.

    Having got the clear picture of what happened, it have come our notice that the present Police Commissioner, Director State Security Service (DSSS) and Ward Heads have jointly started arresting our members IN YOUR STATE (KANO) known to you or not, a situation which we will not take lightly by the grace of ALLAH. We want to made it clear that the country called Nigeria belongs to Allah; same thing Kano and we are SERVANT OF ALLAH. Therefore our members should allow to stay where ever they wish. WE DID NOT TOUCH YOU, THEREFORE OUR MEMBERS (MUSLIMS) SHOULD NOT BE TOUCHED.

    These same security agents attitude made MAIDUGURI, which is known as home of peace before to what it is today because they know is not their home town. Therefore these their URGLYATTITUDE MOST be check and stop with immediate effect and all those arrested should be released immediately, other- wise,I SWEAR WITH ALMIGHTY ALLAH who created Heaven and Earth! Who Sent Prophet upon Prophets right from ADAM (AS) to MUHAMMAD (SAW)!! Who Sent down ATTAURAH, AL-INGIL, AZZABUR and the HOLY QUR’AN!!! We may be force to DEPLOY OUR MEN TO YOUR STATE KANO AND MAKE IT WORST THAN MAIDUGURI BY THE GRACE OF ALLAH.

    This is exactly same open letter we did to the then president, Late Umaru Musa Yar’adua, security chiefs and the people of Borno State two years back, which they thought was a joke. TO ALLAH WHO MADE ME WE ARE NOT JOKING.

    We appeal you read this LETTER without prejudice for you to really understand the message we are trying to pass across.

    May ALLAH grant us the understanding of the religion as preached and practice by the prophets and their rightly guided companions.”

    • If i may ask u this question,what on earth connects CAN and all d rubbish u’re talking about,wat did Christians do to Muslims dat at any slighttest chance they d muslims will start killing Christians and yet u’ve d got to talk of love and peace.who ever these demons that call themselves bokoharam are,they’re not fighting 4d gud but 4watever their selfish interest is,they are not fighting for muslims cus d muslims i know are peaceful and loving people.Bokoharam is political,the reason they give for slaughtering human beings as if they are animals can never be a reason,today they’ll say they re fighting western education,tomorrow they’ll be fighting security,another day another reason,all i know is wether they tink they’re in power or not the most high God is d one in power the day he’ll face bokoharam,they’ll be finished and humiliated.May almighty God revenge for the blood of all those killed by bokoharam,evil bokoharam u’ll never go unpunished,God is watching u

    • Nura, Bashman and Odumale are birds of the same feather that will not want nigerians to know the truth. Three of u sent in ur responses within the same period..one after the other..is it a coincidence..this is how u guys confused GEJ..its obvious that the above is not a direct statement from Bharams but a summarised statement..it is only OBJ that can clarify if he indeed gave N500,000 to fuggu as a confirmation. What is clear was during the Presidential debate, Shekarau did confirmed he had a solution to reducing terrorist in kano by bringing them to the table and to allow for local police. Finally, there was one Tishau in an interview last year in PUNCH confirmed northern governors having Bharams militants. The following day the northern governors rushly told us that they have disbanded their militants… Truth can not hide..it is a question of time…

  10. Obviously its a long drawn battle between darkness and light. There is no smoke without fire, as much as people will want to deny the facts, terrorists are being funded , trained and shielded by those who come out to pretend no such things exist. The president must be pragmatic otherwise there is a big problem ahead with those trying to use violence to propagate their ideologies!!

  11. Nigerians rise to the occasion. First things first.. Those governors who entered such agreements should be prosecuted for the lost innocent lives. FG should also make them to fish out the topmen of de sect and then prosecution should apply. With these, members of the group will be fished and made to face the law accordingly. Nigeria and nigerians, dis story isn’t a fiction but true.. Let a follow up commence on this immediately.. GEJ rise to the task with ur occasion.. Do something real fast!!!

  12. when ll newspapers realized that the language is also understood by many of us. This story is a big lie and the writer knows it well. If what you have written is a lie, may God pay you well.
    How can anyone link Boko Haram to state govts in the north? simply unimaginable fiction that deserved condemnation.

  13. This story is so revealing…this means tht the president is very much aware of the movement of Boko-Haram. Gej should be held accountable/responsible for B-H doings. Sad indeed.

  14. Compatriots, may I seize this opportunity to remind you of the leagl dictum ‘Caveat Emptor’. In this case ‘let readers beware’. Some of what we read may just be to stir discord and disaffection in order that the ‘evil genius’ may further gain access to our body politic.

  15. My advice to Nigerians and our president is to put our ego to sleep and negotiate with this deadly group.
    We should engage them in round table for dialogue.
    Our president keeps on assuring us that there is no cause for alarm and day in day out, they are blast our brothers and sisters all over the country.
    I was ones against granting boko harams members armnesty with the parochial excuse that “”””””””””which money dem go take pay them?””””””
    But live is important than my oil wealth.
    I want us and GEJ to make peace with them.
    GEJ can say today that he will bring them to book, but tomorrow! Nigerians are blasted again. We need peace. Please boko haram should forgive us Nigerians of our tresspasses and put a stop to the bombings.
    Who knows the next target? Not even GEJ.

    • It’s only in Nigeria that you kill people and you are granted amnesty. Amnesty for what? killing innocent Nigerians that are armless? killing people in the place that we all regard as sacred? Instead of granting amnesty to Boko haram, let Nigeria go their different ways. All I know is that he that kills by sword will go by sword!Let our government keep paying them.


  17. For goodness sake what will this writer gain by cooking up such a fictitious story? U shld allow nigerians to mediate over their problems and make plans for the way forward rather than adding to their agonies by complicating this issue the most. Enoff of this bullshit if u don’t have anything to write u don’t have to make up lies to sell ur stories.

    • Well said Aliyu! U knw what hurt me most? Nobody is suffering from this so-called bokoharam ‘s disaster than the Northerners. Bad name, loss of lives & properties.. If there’s name them. What injustice! Inshallah Allah ll expose n funish who ever had familiar wiz them.

  18. why is it only my muslim brothers are against this story, whatever one day the truth most be revealed. as for bh who are desperately for the release of their colleagues should not disobey the law first to avoid being arrested by the law.
    I most also like to say boko haram has make both christians and muslims to appreciate peace and be united.may God help us all.

  19. Behind any rumour, there is likely to be some iota of truth. I can see this story as the beginning of the revelation behind this boko foolish devils. Nigerians should declare war on this terrorist idiots. If they are fighting for a just course as they claim, I wonder why they are hiding. Devils incarnates!!!

  20. If this story is so true, and written by a professional….why such little mistakes with the dates:”Babakura Fuggu was gundown on September 17, 2012″ I rest my case…..May God Punish any man whose Against this one-time Peaceful Country.

    • There is definitely smiethong to hide as you so clearly note. This Boko Haram problem is one that has been around for years. Now, all of a sudden they kill everyone involved with little time for an investigation so as to understand who, what, when ,where, and how to prevent similar future occurrences? Definitely smiethong fishy going on. I wonder who is being protected? Is it just armed officials who apparently shot first without distinguishing between innocents and radical Islamists? Is it just the federal government and particularly Yar’Adua who allegedly knew of Boko Haram but did little to prevent their actions? Is it the rich patron(s) in our outside Nigeria who feels it is his/her duty to support militancy with their money and thus fund such sects? The answers are countless, on my part.Thanks so much for visiting! Don’t be a stranger.@ Beauty: my goodness…thanks for the link. Was looking for a Hausa speaker last night on Twitter but Nigerians were asleep. Will have to read the transcript closely.It is clear, at least to me, that there are those that are very content to hold the north back in terms of economic development. By ensuring that the region is a hot spot for religious fighting, investment is guaranteed to stay away. What a shame that we the people do not see this for what it is – an effort at control. Thanks for swinging by.

  21. This rubsh! Pls we knw what we are doing, u cant dcive us with this story, some people are just using u create problem 4 us but u are too late.

  22. Sometimes, the things we say does not make sense at all. Who has the power to take other man’s life. God certainly did not give us this power.

    some idiot are brain wash that whoever dies fighting for allah, goes straight to heaven/paradise, what a joke. Is this how God thinks, and how many of youhave confirmed that any of the suicide bombers have ever gone any where if not straight to hell, a place where satan has prepared for them, and there they will be for eternity.

  23. Odumale & abubakar musa, i want u 2 kno dat if d heavens fall, it will fall upon d gud d bad n d ugly, but dis world is not d end. U can kill as many as u want here bcos if u kill dem dey will die, if u dont kill dem dey will die. But ur death will b more terrible dan d ones u inflict on others and u will end in eternal hell. So u hurt ursef more dan u hurt others. Since ur groups av been bombing 9ja, was it only kristians dat died? d ansa is no. So d group should see beyond there dreams. 9ja will always b 9ja, but u will all rot in hell

  24. why do Boko Haram need money? why are they intrested in hard currency i tought they are against western Ideology and education ? money is also from western Education for people to use in solving their daily needs, so why are they killing for money, this is realy unacceptable to us now we know that boko haram are after money, they said they are againt western ideology and education why dont they go and live in a forest where they wont have contact to people in the real world.? instead of killing

  25. This is what we call “labarin kanzon kurege” in Hausa language,a threat to d security of d nation, a disgrace 2 d entire nation…Nigerians shine ur eyes,dont b taken 4 granted.

  26. We like our brother bokoharam to consider us because if this people enter us during jumat prayer it will not be fund please let us live in peace and unity according to Islam injection thanks

  27. Please and please, country people. We do not have to live with all these. How could they have been sponsoring militant organizations like these. We’ve got very little in common with these people. Even the British have agreed that they made a terrible mistake in creating Nigeria. Let us right this wrong once and for all and part ways. These people have got the right to have a country where they chop off peoples limb and heads and cover females in black cloaks from head to down, even in hot arid weather. They also can not a system of government that can let a none-believer lead them. We do not really have to live like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. Let us divide the country, PLEASE!!!!!!!!! 🙁

    • God bless you, Amen. You are the only one that made sense among the commentators before you. The President should declare a state of emergency in response the obvious declaration of war on Nigeria by Bokoharam and their sponsors, He should within the emergency period, deploy INEC to conduct a referendum (to be observed by UN, AU, ECOWAS, EU, and other civic International observers). The referendum should pose two simple options for a YES vote by all registered voters, viz – (1) SECULAR REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA, (2) ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA (SHARIA). The distribution of votes should, thereafter be analyzed and those areas that vote 66% in favour of each option should be ceded according to their popular wishes. For areas that do not meet the 66% criterion, they should be subjected to a second round vote as to whether to join any of the emerging Republics or COLLECTIVIZED into the third emerging republic of NEITHER SECULAR NOR ISLAMIC, using a simple majority as the DECIDING CRITERION. If this is done, Bokoharam will naturally metamorphose into the armies of their chosen country and the incentive to cause further violence would naturally abate, leaving every one with a WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

    In 628 AD, a delegation from St.
    Catherine’s Monastery came to Prophet
    Muhammed (SAW) and requested his
    protection. He responded by granting
    … them a charter of rights, declaring: “This
    is a message from Muhammad ibn
    Abdullahi, as a covenant to those who
    adopt Christianity, near and far, we are
    with them.
    Verily I, the servants, the helpers, and
    my followers defend them, because
    Christians are my citizens; and by Allah! I
    hold out against anything that
    displeases them.
    No compulsion is to be on them. Neither
    are their judges to be removed from
    their jobs nor their monks from their
    monasteries. No one is to destroy a
    house of their religion, to damage it, or
    to carry anything from it to the Muslims’
    Should anyone take any of these, he
    would spoil God’s covenant and disobey
    His Prophet.
    Verily, they are my allies and have my
    secure charter against all that they hate.
    No one is to force them to travel or to
    oblige them to fight. The Muslims are to
    fight for them. If a female Christian is
    married to a Muslim, it is not to take
    place without her approval. She is not to
    be prevented from visiting her church to
    pray. Their churches are to be respected.
    They are neither to be prevented from
    repairing them nor the sacredness of
    their covenants.
    No one of the nation (Muslims) is to
    disobey the covenant till the Last Day
    (end of the world).”

    • That’s true you are rite, do you know that i was at the monastery last week Egypt through Eilat Isreal, i also claim mount sinai, on top was a Church and a Mosques built by one time egyptian president. He knows the important of two religions stying together as one. We will pray for our Country and our dear so call leaders.

  29. If the writter/reporter think we believe this,then whn bombed yenegua in bayelsa state, is it the gov.or gudluck that enter into agreement with those guys? I considered the write up as a tribal trash.So who wrote this is a tribal or sectionist.

  30. it is getting clearer, i hope gradually we are getting there to know those that killed the corpers after the presidential election…some few days to the gubernatorial elections…

  31. Someone please help me ask the members of BH, if your bomb kill all the people in Nigeria, and so what?, what happens next…, if u do not know , then I will tell u , you will start killing urselves . U are just pitiable , why hide to fight, I bet you , if u step out to take Nigerians , u will be decimated .

  32. I have never seen a more ridiculous post about BH. And beleive me I have seen plety of them, both published, on line and unpublished. But this is the most ridiculous and stupid. The people referred to in this interivew are the other Boko Haram not the real Boko Haram.

    • the truth is usually simple and is easy to doubt. every state has a security vote, and groups spring up to extort a share of it. you have such groups in everystate. when they go rogue, you have boko haram.

  33. I go with my brother that called it fiction, this is no boko haram press release. I will be surprised if this is not concocted by one of the GEJ apologists or an Ijaw who wants to get even with northern governors and leaders, we won’t fall for this. Pls see through it, it is only a a caught man who has surrendered that will talk this way and this pple are still at large. Its sweet to read but its not credible for me

  34. Yes, Nigerians shine your eyes indeed. The governors definitely know d implications of any signing of any kind of agreement talk less of with a deadly group. I totally disagree wit the writer of this fictitious story. Some people want to take this opportunity to set up their enemies. No governor would train people to cause problems for his administration.

  35. I don’t believe the story because its too plausible given the situation on ground…but nonetheless,it should be deeply investigated..long live NiGERIA

  36. strange n interesting! Atleast we now know where d funding comes frm! Why would any governor pay them monthly allowance? If these so called governors are looking 4 avenues 2 steal govt funds why must innocent lives be sacrifices! Waiting 4 dem 2 deny d allegations cus all we know is there’s no smoke without fire!! Alws suspected sm people were sponsoring these groups bt 4 state governors is quite unbelivable! Thats tells us d kind of people we ve at d helms of affairs!

  37. I don’t blv this article.. We r not acting a movie 4 good sake.. Pls be real and post realistic stories .. We most come 2gda and be strong 4 our nation… ONE NIGERIA

  38. the govs of the north iacted like a man who thaught he could domesticate a bush dog. one day the dog eat all his animals.

  39. Its amazing to think dat some pple think dis is all a lie. However, is it not very obvious the deep connections in d statements issued out by the BHaram group as posted by Odumale and wot this intervieed person is saying? Do u think dat d Bharam do not have externally trained pple training them?

  40. It’s just a pity dat even in dis forum we’re trying to hide d truth abt BH. Be it fiction or Fact, there’s no harm in investigating dis information for d future safety of we all n dat of our children n all.whether we like it or not, Nigerians are one n will continue to be by his special grace.

  41. Even the president says everyone should police himself, since no security can protect me from the evil of these people, i rather have dialogue nd pay them anything to free my people. All the militants that killed people were they not pardoned and paid for destroying our economy?….if the report is true, i rather involve these Governor’s to head a dialogue with these people who are ready to die for their cause not our securities who are afraid of it.

  42. Stupid and foolish write up to be blieve, perhfs ths wh ar als stupid and foolish lyk th writer will bliev it so i dnt blame thm bcos of their ignorans for i knw ignorans did more wost thn illitracy so why shall i blame thm, I just regret of th time i wast to read ths refugnant write up, and hw shall i blieve him whn he did not provide any evidence to proof his selfish set up did th wrter thnk evry1 is so stupid as he was to blieve evry piece he read does he want s us to blieve him as so many bliev th fals flag of Boko Haram whch is now being set uy by govemnt it self who does’t know tht th recent Kano bom last was just a govemnt set up to terorise anti subsidy removal protest. On th coming satdy. Pls knw wht u ar writin we ar not stpid foolish or ignornt as u and so ur fucking piece

  43. The President should declare a state of emergency in response the obvious declaration of war on Nigeria by Bokoharam and their sponsors, He should within the emergency period, deploy INEC to conduct a referendum (to be observed by UN, AU, ECOWAS, EU, and other civic International observers). The referendum should pose two simple options for a YES vote by all registered voters, viz – (1) SECULAR REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA, (2) ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA (SHARIA). The distribution of votes should, thereafter be analyzed and those areas that vote 66% in favour of each option should be ceded according to their popular wishes. For areas that do not meet the 66% criterion, they should be subjected to a second round vote as to whether to join any of the emerging Republics or COLLECTIVIZED into the third emerging republic of NEITHER SECULAR NOR ISLAMIC, using a simple majority as the DECIDING CRITERION. If this is done, Bokoharam will naturally metamorphose into the armies of their chosen country and the incentive to cause further violence would naturally abate, leaving every one with a WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

  44. “Through a high ranking contact within the Organizational structure of the terrorist Islamic group”

    I can not understand the differences between these so called Governors that know Boko Haram are operating inside their states and the Reporter who has a high ranking contact within a faceless organization, This Reporter or his organization should exposed the so call high ranking source and save the life of other Nigerians who may one day fall victim of his satanic act. otherwise they are as guilty as the so called evil Governors.

  45. Obviously, what we have only succesfully done is follow foolishly along some grand conspiracies big enough to sink the entire African continent. If you wish to know more, check this out and be creative enough to pass it on:


    we are targeted along volatile lines, namely: RELIGION and TRIBE to perpetrate some global agenda. We must be wise enough to salvage what’s left of our national unity!

  46. This is serious nd alerting. Since we ve known where our problems lies why can’t we work on dis nd do something fast to safe our lives nd property. People re crying everyday, b4 it reaches us let’s do something.

  47. 1stly, BHs r evil ppu we kno dat bt, wy cant GEJ try 2 make peac wit dem….@ least 4 naijas. Evn american prsdnt givs presdntial pardon descretly 2 terorists in ordr 2 avoid biga tret……2ndly, most nortern governors kno much abt dis BH nd dey shd b tryd acordinly……..3rdly, as 4 d abv report, i dnt tink its autentic cos mst naijas r ful of crap, nd dey can fabricat crap lyk such jst 2 creat mor confusion……….Lastly, GEJ is incompetnt nd shd b forcd 2 resign cos im supris 2 hear dt non of d ppu arguin eva made mention of wen GEJ said he knew d ppu bhind all d menace of BH. As tru nigerians, we demand he(GEJ) giv us names. Otherwis, hes 1 big part of dem……….! In adition, ppu shd try nd do away wit usage of abusiv words xpecialy wen arguin. Evry1 is free 2 xpres himself. Bt, abusin odas, is inapropriat…

  48. U rememba ”mataisine” reign,d killed innocent xtians n reignd terror on innocent nigerians,but 2day were r d! God is not asleep,all d innocent blood shed shall chase dem in spirit n send dem 2 there graves…AMEN!


  50. Boko haram, am speechless cos all I see here is a an unending saga. Just like season film “24”hours by Jack Bauer.

    • Most Nigerians are just looking at this from a dlemir angle, some guys just think that it ends with the disgrace’ but it is far bigger than just that, this girls are almost maimed for life, how can they face the world any longer? they have completely buried their confidence and demystified their human ego.Personally I wouldn’t threat any human this way even if they stole my car!I know a lot of people that end up committed suicide after going through such a traumatizing ordeal. And for what? Blackberry? maybe it is not even the latest torch 2

  51. If what i just read is true,then Nigeria leaders are d cause of this ugly incidents. Y will d country feed terrorist. Rubbish.

  52. Let’s set aside sentiments and trully face the problem bedevelling our country. If this strory is anything to go by then we at the north have as leaders the most unpatriotic people; if on the other hand is a malicious propaganda hurled on these people to turnish the image of the north, then those sponsoring it are the most unpatriotic of all. But let us not rush into conclusions over reports whose authenticity can be question pending true investigation.

    • For a lady to be stripped naked by a woman for attimpteng to steal a black berry is bad enough. Does the woman in the picture not have a daughter? How would she feel if her daughter was stripped naked for whatever reason? It’s only petty thieves that the old security fool will be flexing muscles for, if armed robbers were to come to the shop he will be the first to take off. It’s too bad!

  53. i want to believe someone somewhwere is playing GAME with Nigeria and Nigerians. And if proper investigation and follow up is not done on time, this might divide thee country. I do not want to believe the above revealation but a distraction

  54. PLEASE EVERY ONE SHOULD MAKE SURE HE OR SHE PROTECTS HIM SELF BY CARRYING ALSO AK-47 ONCE YOU SEE ANY ONE SHOOTING YOUR NEIGBOUR GUN THE PERSON DOWN WITHOUT ASKING WHY, This game of Boko Haram must come to an end by……. Nigerian YOUTHS SHOULD RISE let now terorrist terrorise you because Nigerian Youths are strong and brave we wont be afraid to fight for your Generation, i dont care to die but gain freedom

  55. This article contains several leads for security investigations. Just one word is enough for the wise but for the Nigerian security agencies?

  56. The only probable solution to the Boko Haram is the proper restoration of justice between the government & the governed & within the governed themselves.

  57. The Governors in the Northern part of Nigeria are running away from the truth and it is the right time for them to be bold enough to tell us who is actually funding Boko Haram activities in their domain. If not, why should Isa Yuguda of Bauchi state and a host of others apologise to them for fear of being attacked? No matter their antics, President Goodluck Jonathan is elected to serve us for a better Nigeria and not a sectional leader and as such, he should be given the necessary peace to move Nigeria and not only Ijaw nation to the next level. Like Mustapha Adi rightly put it, the problem with Boko Haram is not President Jonathan since he inherited these problems but the complete neglet of the youths in the North by the so called elites who today are also sponsoring them to create more havoc because they feel they have lost out power to those they considered inferior as far as governance is concerned. My only advice to them is to sheath their sword and cooperate with President Goodluck Jonathan to help us fix the deplorable state of power ( NEPA ), roads, education, health and other social vices that have been our bane in the last 40years of military incursion into our polity. If the elites and rulers are not shameful, how many years did it take Abubakar Tafawa Balawa, Obafemi Awolowo and Nnamdi Azikiwe to build the groundnut pyramids in the North,Cocoa in the West and Coal in the East? Just 6 years or so. All these and so many other natural resources that modern sciences have discovered have been neglected just because of the black gold called oil which have succeeded in destroying our aquatic life and also turning our ladies in the Niger Delta and indeed Nigerians into prostitution. Nigerians, please wake up and face reality. If it is true that we are mistakingly amalgamated in 1914, let it be. The Hausas are blacks and the next door neighbours to the Yorubas, Idomas, Igalas, Igbiras,Etsakos. Likewise the Isokos, Ijaws, Itsekiris, Kalabaris, Calabars, Ibibios,Ibos and all other minor and major tribes are close to each other. Anyhow we look at the past mistakes, let it be and lets forge ahead. If Nigeria is divided today, how will it look like? Are you saying that we should abandon our brothers in the north because the tide is on oil today? What of if it change tomorrow? So, be your brothers’ keeper and lets all join hands and attack our common enemy called corruption so that our infrastructures can be fixed. We should also focus our attention on the high level of corruption the National Assembly and the State Governors plus the local government. What are they doing with the monies being paid into their coffers? Nigerians, please ask questions. Happy days ahead. Paul Igbide.

    • I mean the N100 million that was paid to Baba Fugu’s family by the Northern Govr. was that also fabricated? These demonic Boko Haram story is true n real. The Govt knows their sponsors n the demons perpetrating these acts. Demonic Boko Harams, stop playing God and repent while you still have the time. Be warned!

  58. they should have killed obj, why did they leave him alive? he is part of the problem, that should have act as a warning to others, they made a very big mistake by letting him go alive.

  59. This piece is poorly written. According to the writer some of the events happened in “September 2012,” funny enough, we are still in January 2012. While I don’t know the truthfulness of these stories, I think that good journalism requires thorough editorial work. Always check to ensure that there are no mistakes that could reduce the quality of your work.

  60. this is American CIA propaganda.the message is fake and its all formalities to deviate the truth and knowing the truth.Americans are in already and officially in today. oillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  61. nobody can kill obasanjo only God and natural death.a general and twice a nigerian president and member of the kabal(CIA)………..the story is absolutely lie

  62. Truly, the northern governors and the sultan know more about this boko haram than they are letting out. Truly, this is a problem of unchecked corruption and a failed state. For years, some Islamic preachers have been preaching hate and intolerance and this has gone unchecked. Nigeria could have gone much further than it is today but for the violent predisposition of most Hausa Fulani Muslim and their supremacist attitude about their religion which they have completely deviated from. The feudalism in the north is breeding poverty, intolerance and hatred like nowhere else in the World.

  63. OH GOD!,we have submit our lives to u nd help us.,nw we have reached to the conclusion that our govnors were the people that sponsored boko haram nd make them stronger.And God wills,they will not archieve their prophecy.

  64. This is really a gossip meant to divide Nigeria. It is clearly one of the rumors going around to destroy the peaceful co-existance among Nigerians. One good thing is that “God Loves Nigeria” therefore whatever you are after HE will surely deal with you.

    The conspiracy theory in the North states that “All these killing are sponsored by southerners especially the south-south; one to disorganise the North and ultimately creating an avenue for division of Nigeria because they have OIL and others dont have. Therefore religion is their only means to divide the country. So beware, stop relating whatever is happening with shari’a or Islam at large.

    While the Bible said “thou shall not kill”
    Islam states categorically even the extend of damage of killing an innocent person. Its stated in the traditions of Muhammad that whomever kill an innocent person, its as though he killed the entire humanity, and hell fire awaits him in the day of resurrection.

    And if its confirmed (by the court of law)that one person has killed an innocent person, then that person should also face the wrath of law.

    You can see that Islam is very strict. So please do not relate what Boko Haram are doing with Islam. Muslims today believe that Boko Haram member are carefully trained to destroy Islam – supported heavily by the southerners.

    • You are a liar, Boko Haram is following every single word of the satan you call your god. they only targeted the govt. sect because they wanted their members to be released. boko haram was not founded in 2002 , this satanic dead cult was invented by this satan worshipper false prophet .mohammad 1400 years ago, islam IS boko haram .google prophet of doom .for all your islamic lessons ;

  65. This story is as true as “Tales by moonlight”. Absolute tripe, written by some amateur writer looking for attention. Nigerians will believe anything, so long as its in print. Anyone could say Boko Haram got in touch with them, where is the proof? The article even lacks an author. Please give me a break and ignore this rubbish. Is Boko Haram now confessing or what? This article is simply fake.

  66. @Olisa, I only wish everyone would be allowed to carry AK-47. That way, everyone would be able to defend him or herself. That’s why it’s safer in the US despite what you see on TV. Where in Nigeria can you wake up at 1:00AM and want to drive an 8 hour distance alone without the fear of armed robbers, kidnappers, and now, Boko Haram? Well, this is very easy in the US because an armed robber would be too scared to stop you because they don’t know if if you’re carrying an AK-47 with you.

    • Agree wiz u! this is d only things that can prove this story is correct or fake. Am waiting to see what FG ll do to those Governors. Well Said Jj!

  67. If you check very weLl mustapha adi who has spoken very well at the begining of this thread is from adamawa or taraba. Rather than kano,brono,bauchi, islam that I know is a very wonderful religion,but it seems all these rligious fanatics from kano especially and places like brono,sokoto and all those core northern states are diluting islam with culture.I think that is where the problem is.immagine at a newspaper stand where we were discussing this monster called boko haram,something lead to the other and one kano muslim guy was calling another muslim guy who happen to come from adamawa “BANZA BOKWES”.

  68. Well many Nigerians have talked, among there are the good, the bad and the agly ones. We should please think very well about the happenings of these days. People are talking about 2 or 3 things, Religion, ethnicity and region. Nigerians have been existing peacefully, despite their differences. Why are things trying to take another directions nowadays? We should all think about happenings in other parts of this world. Even today, in Nigeria, Christians and Muslims, Northeners and Southeners, save one another in area dominated by the other during uprisings. We are still our brothers keepers. We have recently seen thigs like that during the last fuel subsidy removal strike. Are we not really having enemies inside or outside our Nation that are trying to see our downfall for their own selfishness? Let us please think well and put peace and unity of our country in our heart and have tolerance irrespective of our location, religion and other groups.

  69. I don’t believe this story. It appears to me as the report was crafted to achieve an ulterior motive. Nigerians are educated and well informed people.We are not as credulous as the writers of this story thought we are.


  71. What is the meaning of life to you/ Can you create one/ Killing is just like you are enjoying yourself. I belief no one can take the life he/she has not given if God did not endorse it. Know this fact. And mind you no one can fight for God. He himself is a man of war. The Fisrt and last Conqueror. no one like Him. erase that from your mind. its non….se.

  72. it is now shows that northan governor hands are not clean if why would responsible governor having relationship with terorrrist, if ii not dissive nigerians those northan governors want dis country to divide that is the reason why are so much intresd financing terorrrist against if their we a war and as a matter of fact if care is neglected the stupid northan governor were not maid to toun dis country to another thing but my own opinion is to call mr president to d proper way as a matters of facts they’re should state of imergensing in all northan states and arest both governors and there deputies without no granting their bail with that orders will see cution

  73. as 4 u micheal! U are a disgrace 2 wat ever part of d country u come frm! I wonder why u wld stoop so low 2 insult d religion of other people! Where in God’s name did u find them worshipping satan! If u ve nothing positive 2 contribute ll suggest u shut up! As 4 boko haram maybe u should target ur question 2 jerry gana! He should explain 2 u his relationship with d late sect leader that warranted jerry processing his bail wen he wz arrested yrs back! Since u ve a myopic view of life suggest u open ur eyes n realise this is just another propaganda 2 stain their religion n cause commotion in d nation!

  74. We must take dis story serious evry tin in it has iota of truth infact we in d north know dat is even more dan d truth,if my moslem broda ar sayin all ar lies,y is pple like IBB,BUHARI etc y av they refused 2 condem d boko harams y is it each time dey wil blame d govt n poverty etc n av neva condem it outritly? Infact Buhari last yr in BBC condem Yar’adua 4 kilin boko haram which he call their children let’s cal a spade a spade n avoid d use of tools n implement i kno in islam there ar lies dat a gud “sunna” is dis lie 2 gud?,in maiduguri now b-haram wil enta houses n kil any body who can’t recite d Quran in kano muslems just beheaded xtians(6) n u say all these ar lies? 2 cary out an operation b-haram need btw 25m to 50m n more, who giv dem dis money 4 years? D north is fightin underground wars against non muslims,facts emanatin shows al prominents leaders in d north orchestrated dis 3yrs ago, dey shld kip pretendin wen d chips ar down dey wil cry witout tears,afteral dey,v almost destroy d north, soon their kids wil b changing their names 2 b alowd 2 sch abroad,History av shown dat any wher inocent blood ar shed it takes more dan 200yrs 2 aton 4 it n generations pay dearly 4 it,oh pls cry 4 d north,if u’r a northerner cry more cos d sign ahead is not funny atal, God save Nigeria,as 4 b-haram their days ar numba at least d worst atak in kano shows 99% of d victims ar muslim their broda n ar blamin each others now,wen d drumer bits his drum at loudest n pple dance n hail him,it is dat his drum is about 2 burst,long live Nigeria long live those that seek his peace.

  75. I think those foolish northen governors, as many as they are sponsoring boko haram, should open up to mr president in conjuction with nigerian securities to get hold of those inhuman beings-boko haram, or else, I see Nigeria divided religiously. Infact, may God save Nigeria.

  76. Who ever give a second thought to this perpetrative irrational and un reasonable lie, then i’ll advise him to go and see a psychiatrist.

  77. We pray 4 peace in nigeria it only end on the mouth, i work with USAID supported organisation northen part of the country, i hav been ask to leave the office 4 a muslim to replace me why ? Shld dis be so

  78. Though bokoharam is mainly estabilished by muslims, their actions are Unislamic. Some actions of xtains are against the teachings of xtainity also. Islam dozn support terrorism. If we consider everything as whole, more muslims have been killed than xtains from the very beginning of the bokoharam calamity to this moment. I think dialogue approach will be better than the use of firepower towards solving this problem.

  79. As a northener who for long been observing the incidence, i came to realise that sequel to the reactions of Nigerians after 2011 general election, western countries predicted the colapse of Nigeria by 2015, dont you think these countries can sponsor something like bokoharam to justify such a prediction? Recently, a terrible gun shipment from uk into Nigeria has been discovered. Also remember their commitments and the resulting responses to the census result of 2006, they said ‘Nigeria has tremendous number of youth because there wasn’t civil war for long’. of course they were jealous, Nigeria reprerents the most plural society today, shame to you enemies of progress, we want Nigeria to remain one!

  80. Thx everybody for your good and bias comments. First I must ignite the senses of all good people of the north. Why are they so quiet to tell the truth. Their leaders have continually allowed it’s citizens to wallow in poverty. For all the years power has been in the north, there’s has am been totally nothing to show for it, yet northern Governors pay boko haram 10million. Ain’t you Governors ashamed? Let’s forget about tribe here, whoever the country feels can see to the affairs of this country with the interest of the masses at heart should go ahead and rule. Let’s forget about this tribal bullshit and make 9ja move forward.

  81. just want to use this opportunity to inform NON-muslims that the actions of bokoharam is against islamic teachings. recently. it was discovered that som members are non nigerians. in kano. two chadians and one nigeren were arrested. in bauchi and kano christains were also found guilty of such offences.so let us be realistic and pray for peace. we all need one another. long life NIGERIA!

  82. We are to kill goodluck ebele i’am boko haram member very stupit guy. We will kill all the soldiers in borno state and we will bomb maiduguri capital school and that giwa barak.


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