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Sexual Deviance As Development Assistance



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Nigerian President and American Vice President

The prevailing, western civilization (About 700 years now) driving by continental Europe, US as its inalienable part, seems to have reached its saturation. The apparent collapse of their economies as trillions of Dollars are sunk to put the war ravaged or fix terror- war consumed political economies are fast side tracking the best strategist and economic gurus available. The political architecture has already lost many Generals and seasoned and senior diplomats key Government officials across Europe and America, as consequence of the discovered lies to perpetuate the war in Iraq in 2003; the failure of which Barrack Obama admitted as troops finally withdraw in late 2011. The economic collapse has already thrown away Prime ministers of Greece and Italy as more are expected to suck up as the collapse continued to be imminent. At the social front, consumerism, excessive individualism, broken homes and sexual perversion take the centre stage. The latest attempt at social assault is the efforts to create an entirely new, strange frontier for ethics, morality and rights. The attempt to redefine marriage to mean anything worse than bestial is meant to provide new concepts and phrases that would give a new outlook altogether to the civilization which would serve as crucial process to undo itself. Trying to moralize the infamous Sodom and Gomorrah. With US, UK and EU at the forefront of promoting lesbianism and homosexuality among many forms of sexual deviance is part of the recent tactics at ideological war that is set to mobilize everything at their disposal to promote them. Before now, the efforts were geared against cultures that marry out their daughters at the early start of their reproductive maturity. What the antagonists called early marriage! All attacks from child abuse to the spread of VVF are widely used to blackmail such cultures; and at times when younger ages across Europe are producing fatherless, street children. In UK for instance there are cases of nine year girls that illegitimately conceived and delivered, adding burden on the social scale. While places like Nigeria are compelled to redesigned their laws to punish parents who married out their daughters at the of 14-16 years.
Broadly, human civilisation is predicated on the invaluable concepts of Right and Wrong, Evil and Good as symbolized by the first generation of humankind, i.e. Cain and Abeel. It is this value of Good and the Evil that the prophets of God through the Divine Religions came to promote. The Anglican Britain and Protestant US being inalienable adherents to divine religions.
With the Queen as head of the church of England and IN GOD WE TRUST as the philosophy of America one becomes completely lost when same societies ,their governments to sound mild and political, are all ought to fight Nigeria and others, especially African societies that not only frown at lesbianism and homosexuality as evil but spelt out penalty to its perpetrators in the precedence of God himself, small as the penalty is , unlike God who destroyed the entire community of Lot, to concur with modern civilisation.
Preservation and respect for the provision of International Human rights law is the reason why the west decides to be as Godless as shown in its desperation to promote sexual perversion. According to Devine religions, the only law that is immutable and eternally valid is Divine law itself. There is nothing sacrosanct about Human rights whose convention was signed in Dec. 8th, 1948, with lopsided, few Anglo-Saxons as signatories. In a world that has its 2/5 as Buddhists. over 1/6 as Muslims, over half of the world as non European non-Judea Christian, Christian Europe has no universal rights to claim definition, least, to impose human rights law, taking into consideration the role religion is playing today in world politics, with issues of anti veil and anti minaret as the sharpest symbols of parliamentary and governmental reactions in continental Europe. Today there are 192 members of the UN on whose auspices the UNDHR was signed by only 49 countries. A convention whose other optional protocols to the convention were signed as late as 1976.This very human rights law, recent and as human as it is, has undergone 168 amendments. Depicting all the weaknesses and shortcomings of human made laws, delegimising any claim to universality of perfection; the laws Anglo Saxons are audaciously and barefacedly invoking to punish others .More than any other time, the crucial role culture plays in International relations today demands for a total overhaul of the UNDHR to reflect the overall values and traditions of the various world communities, the majority of which are neither Europeans nor Christians ,for the Christian teachings they are all out to destroy. Imperfect as it remains ,the office of the High commissioner for Human Rights, Important as “Human Rights” is, Resolution 48/141 of 20th Dec.1993 of the General Assembly of the UN that created the office .As if to ask ,whither human rights hitherto. The essence of any law, human rights in this case, must be to preserve the dignity of human kind and upholds the humanity in human kinds, anything short of this, such laws are meaningless and useless .Promoting same sex is an outright efforts at undoing humanity; thus, is not only criminal, it denaturalizes the harmony and orderliness of creation as fully expressed by the law of opposites. The significance and value of anything is in its opposite, heaven and earth, man and woman or the almighty negative and positive.
It is valuable to note that the clatter over rights of the lesbians, homosexuals and all other forms of sexual deviants is an issue of the most recent 21st century .US and the Europeans nations behind the brash have just amended their national laws by decriminalizing the deviance. It was in June 2011 US, EU and South Africa led the first ever UN resolution in human rights of LGBT; after amendment of their national laws in 2010. It was as late as Oct.20th 2010 when the United States cosponsored High level panel on LGBT rights at the UN in Geneva along with Argentina, Brazil, Columbia ,East Timor ,Finland, France, Ireland Mexico ,Netherlands ,Norway ,Romania ,and Slovenia . All countries promoting sexual pervasions as rights are guilty of violating International human rights and deserve the punishments accordingly; and if they have rights to arbitrarily amend, change and alter the criminal provisions of such perversions, other nations have equal rights to criminalise same in their national laws ,as at issue is to decriminalize or criminalise at will. Law for its rule to prevail must not be selective. In Euro-america for example, polygamy is illegal, denying the rights of those who believe in it, despite the fact that it’s part of cultural cum religious system, because it runs contrary to the societies norms and traditions, by the same argument, other societies have outlawed lesbianism, homosexuality etc because is against their norms and traditions, someone from the outside is invoking a law that he refused to see in his own case, what an injustice, at best a double standard. No nation is more sovereign than another ,no nation has right to impose its caprices and whims on another as no nation has the prerogative to define rights and wrongs for others .No nation has the cultural rights to define the values and traditions of others, and if there is anything International ,it must be an aggregate consensus of all cultural groups and communities of the world, otherwise, there is nothing universal about International human rights laws as it negates the values and tradition of others. Just as US reserves the rights to refuse to sign International Criminal Court and the Kyoto agreement, among so many international conventions, so any other nation also reserves the rights to refuse any convention that is repugnant to its national values and traditions. Of what essence is international law if it purposes is to destroy the fabrics that uphold a country’s honour, domestic dynamics and national cohesion??? It’s in this context the call by people like Kofi Annan and Henry Kissinger to restructure and redesign the United Nations become more impending. The Anglo Saxon, narrow and hegemonic character of the UN must give way to multilateral, independent and just framework. Just like EU is structured as a cultural foundation with its root well formed in the ontology and epistemology of greek civilization ,and then, an economic and political association, so UN must be so to be a universal configuration of the world cultural realities with their ontological and epistemological values put together to command international legitimacy.
The climax of sexual deviance is reached with Barrack Obama signing the presidential memorandum no 6 on 6th Dec.2011. Directly linking Development assistance, Diplomacy and sexual deviance and perversion, Obama directed all US agencies engaged abroad to ensure that they use foreign assistance and diplomacy to promote and protect the rights of LGBT –Lesbian Gay, Bisexual And Trans gender persons . The Directive includes among so many instructions: Decriminalisation of LGBT, protecting vulnerable LGBT refugees, swift and meaningful US responses to abuses of LGBT persons abroad, engaging International organizations in fight against LGBT discrimination. In other words, rights of lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and transgender are at the centre of US foreign policy.
By the same logic any other nation has equal rights to make its laws and also define its foreign policy priority, that is what independence is all about!.
The more you abuse nature, the law of nature and law of opposites insist, the more it reacts. According to scientific findings, vast majority of AIDS cases in north America, Europe and , Africa have been acquired by homosexual or heterosexual intercourse .In the early 1980s when the first cases of AIDS in the US were recognized by physicians in Los Angeles, they found an unusual type of Pneumonia caused by the yeast like pungus Pnuemocystis jirovecii among homosexuals.
The direct link of sexual deviance to International development assistance now refreshes and sharpens the old debate on the aids as tool for interference and control of the receiving states. Mildly, the west has to swaddle its economic crisis, inevitable collapse and obvious inability to aid others in the LGBT rights. In the normal rhetoric of President Obama one would have ignored him if not because of the context he “speechified” the issue as if he is ignorant of the Quantity and quality of the much celebrated assistance. Contrary to the UN recommendation to Developed nations to assist poor countries with 0.7% of their annual GNP/GNI as far back as 1970, especially the 21 rich nations of OECD, they have failed drastically .From 1970-2010, they had short failed to the value of $4.17 Trillion Dollars (58%).The $3.04Trillion (42%) given is largely spent in maintaining the consultants that accompanied the assistance and overpriced and unwanted purchases of goods and services from the Donors. In 2011 when EU and the US are threatening nations over sex, of all things, OECD assistance (ODA) is 6.5 % increase, it is still averaged 3.2% of the combined GNI of the donors while the US had, between 2007-2010 a meager of 0.21%, in 2010 its overall ODA is 0.2% ; the least donor (except 2009 when it ranked highest).Its focal to note, US is not among top donors to Nigeria between 1999-2007(UNESCO 2009).Its constructive to understand that of all the ODA, the US of which is only $3 billion to south Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa annually, is less than 1 % of the national budget of Nigeria. Thus, Does Nigeria even need such token? Are such handouts not even a compromise on the nations pride and independence? Our human, oil, mineral and agric resources are enough to feed all the countries of the DAC (development assistance committee), if not the sellouts in Nigeria and Africa allowed to become surrogates of the hegemons in forging the unpatriotic and exploitative alliance that allows governance and leadership to perpetuate poverty and backwardness that give the cover for such meager amounts that we are even threaten to suffer of it for deciding to uphold our sovereignty. That as it is, of what progress or assistance has the development assistance done? Is the country not rated among the most fraudulent Democracies in the world? Is the continent not the poorest part of the world, and by definition the Nigeria? Is the country not among the poorest infrastructures in the world despite the billions of dollars that pour in the country as multilateral assistance (this time credits) to fix electricity, education, water, health etc, courtesy of the World Bank. In other words the assistance we are threaten to suffer for, has not been any source of comfort to people, small as it is or meaningless as it has been.
It would be topical to also explore the linkage with such institutions like the World Bank to understand why such loans fail to make the difference .The Bank has its headquarters in the district of Washington, with the Managing director, as American, appointed by American Government. The overall American influence, nay, dominance of the Bank was put in place far back 1945. According to government General Accounting office, “US influence in the International development institutions is predominantly measured by how much funding the United States provides to these institutions. The US funding decisions must provide for support which does not fall below levels at which US influence would be adequate to defend or promote our interests or where the multilateral structure would be weakened. In other words, the institutions appear International, but meant to serve US foreign policy objectives.”The US Govt. has special division called National Advisory Council (NAC) in charge of World bank/IMF and related International financial activities under Treasury department. It’s strategic to note that since 1972, the Treasury Dept .holds a seat on the National Foreign Intelligence Board. It is in this context, one would have a good understanding of what the Director USAID says in 1995, testifying to congress that, 85 cents of every Dollar of aid goes back to US economy in Goods and services purchased. Since 1980’s US assistance worldwide is conditioned to world bank/IMF structural adjustment policies .According to Benjamin F. Nelson, aid is established as a priority influencing domestic policy in the recipient countries. In 1985, George P. Shultz, professor of economics, US secretary of Treasury 1972-74, Reagan Secretary of state and Presidential campaign Advisor of George W. Bush in 2000 stated flatly that “our foreign assistance programs are vital to the achievement of our foreign policy goals”
Tied aid is a good coinage that describes how countries are cajoled and coerced to do what they would not have done ordinarily. This entails using aids resources to purchase overpriced Goods or services from the donor country, hire consultants, engineers and all sorts of experts when the receiving nation has better and cheaper alternatives, at home or elsewhere. According to Earth scan, 71.6 per cent of US bilateral aid is tied to the purchase of Goods and services from the country.

In a sharp criticism of the celebrated aids, Professor William Easterly submits:
A tragedy of the world’s poor has been that the west spent $2.3 trillion on foreign aid over the last five decades and still had not managed to get twelve cent medicine to children to prevent half of malaria deaths. The west spent $2.3 trillion and still had not managed to get four dollar bed nets to poor families. The West spent $2.3 trillion and still had not managed to get three dollars to each new mother to prevent five million child deaths
It is on record that growing poverty, conflict and crises in Africa are directly linked to economic policies imposed on national government by IMF and the World Bank. The connection between growing hunger and famine in Africa, in terms of military assistance, with wide spread illegal arms and the formal arms purchases from the US is obvious .According to some survey, out of every four illegal weapons, three are from US
Between 1985 and 1995, the belligerent parties in forty-five conflicts around the globe obtained $42 billion worth of weapons from the United States. Out of about 90 percent of the fifty most significant conflicts in 1993-94, one or more parties received U.S. weapons or military technology. 45 Through trafficking, arms sales, and military aid, the United States helps keep dozens of civil wars and other armed conflicts around the world alive and thriving. Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are the most recent examples.
African Growth And Opportunity Act (AGOA) is another contraption developed to further control the resources of Africa .It’s an American trade mechanism that is foremost subjected to the broader conditionality of World Trade Organisation (WTO), and strategically shrouded in the usual protectionist policies of the industrialized world in the pattern of the old mercantilism. An observer comments on how AGOA works, to take one example, much has been made of America’s generosity towards Africa under the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). This provides what, on the surface, looks like free market access for a range of textile, garment and footwear products. Scratch the surface and you get a different picture. Under AGOA’s so-called rules-of-origin provisions, the yarn and fabric used to make apparel exports must be made either in the United States or an eligible African country. If they are made in Africa, there is a ceiling of 1.5 per cent on the share of the US market that the products in question can account for. Moreover, the AGOA’s coverage is less than comprehensive. There are some 900 tariff lines not covered, for which average tariffs exceed 11 per cent.

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the benefits accruing to Africa from the AGOA would be some $420m, or five times, greater if the US removed the rules-of-origin restrictions. But these restrictions reflect the realities of mercantilist trade policy. The underlying principle is that you can export to America, provided that the export in question uses American products rather than those of competitors. For a country supposedly leading a crusade for open, non-discriminatory global markets, it’s a curiously anachronistic approach to trade policy. Since 2000 when the act was signed, Africa has nothing to show as its benefits.
It is a known fact how nations targeted by such mechanism are forced to vote on the side of major powers, US in this case, or lose their trade privileges, in multilateral agencies, as if the privileges are real.
Indeed the amount of money aids recipient nations transfer to the donors is about 4 times what they receive, notwithstanding the conditionality embedded. Kofi Annan of all people raised the alarm when he noted that in 2002, developing countries made the sixth consecutive and largest ever transfer of funds of about $200 billion abroad. This is a transfer on an aid of about $70-100 billion. Debt servicing, trade imbalance and other questionable financial maneuvers from the poor to the rich. This is the context Nigeria also transferred $18 billion to Paris club in 2006-7 in return for debt relief on $32 billion foreign debt which the then President, Olusegun Obasanjo severally and glaringly, doubted and questioned!
Structural adjustment policy has ,as its major component withdrawal of subsidy by Government in developing nations as conditions for Development, a flash point on the success or failure of Goodluck Jonathan’s administration has he fully withdraw subsidy in the petroleum making the pump price about 170 per cent higher .Same Government is withdrawing subsidy in ferta liser by 2012 ,a main stay of agricultural input and food production. These are happening at a time when Europe subsidizes its Agriculture to the tune of $35-40 billion annually. So also US, providing $190 billion dollar subsidy to its farmers through the US farm Bill.
The US, Europe and Japan spend $350 billion each year on Agricultural subsidies ,estimate as 7 times more than the global aid to the developing nations ,the consequence of which is gluts that lower commodity prices and erode living standard of the world’s poorest people. Mark Mallock Brown of the UNDP observes, these farms subsidies cost poor countries about $ 50,000 billion a year in lost Agricultural exports .In otherwords, the subsidy in Europe has automatically rendered export from elsewhere futile ,making the AGOA framework a farce.
Before I conclude, it will be valid to look briefly how assistance works in the health sector. Here I would not talk on HIV/AIDS, the virus that is arguably produced in US military laboratory to serve as weapon for the Depopulation of the continent. The concern strongly expressed by Euro-America on the growing population of third world nations and how they effectively and frustratingly mobilize everything at their disposal to fight the population lends credence to that technologically modified virus. Strategies from mild family planning campaigns, to deliberately engineered hunger and poverty to birth rate limit and compulsory sterilization by western agencies and organizations suggest a full scale war by other means. The linkage between spread of AIDS and homosexuality is discussed much earlier.
At issue here is how same developed nations accord first class importance to polio in Nigeria. AIDS and Polio brought to fore how private individuals and organizations are integrated in the broad pursuance of their countries foreign policies, United States in particular .World Health Organisation (WHO), on behalf of the UNO, naturally, USAID, American government naturally, and Bill Gates, on behalf of global corporations and International philanthropists, naturally also have stormed Nigeria, fully committed to eradicate polio. What are crucial here is how the development experts and partners define our health needs, how they prioritise it and how they mobilize everyone, from the innocent child through district head to the minister of health, from the volunteer health worker to Mr. President to believe that number one medical problem of Nigeria is Polio. You can imagine such importance from the visit of Bill Gates to Nigeria on the disease September 2011; virtually provided the paradoxical angle I want to see the issue. He said his association was determined to eradicate polio worldwide and other related diseases. According to him India with a population of over one billion had one polio case recently due to measures taken by his foundation. He said the situation in Nigeria needed urgent attention with about six cases by 2010.
Six cases indeed! The president of Nigeria had to also assure G8 in Geneva on his Government commitment to fight polio. To fight the 6 people and perhaps 100 older cases! During this visit he signed MOU on $500,000 grants to further fight the disease. One wonders six cases in a population of about 200, million, with about 70 percent living below poverty line and about 40 per cent unemployment rate. Bill, on behalf of all polio stake holders has failed to see the destructive effect of hypertension and its effect of stroke and paralysis that is becoming attribute in every average house hold in Nigeria. So also Diabetes that is fast becoming common disease among Nigerians. A survey suggests about 80-90 percent of Nigerians are hypertensive, one of the leading killer diseases in Nigeria. Also high maternal mortality rate that is destroying mothers in the country. Surprisingly, polio crusaders are all out for it simply because there are additional six persons victims. And with all the fanfare that followed the visit, it is about $ 500,000 donation! Overall ,Bill Gates, through his foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation have so far disbursed 218 Million worldwide for research and immunization of the polio ,malaria and measles, though the focus is Polio. One asks who determine our health problem. Do we identify our medical needs or are done by outsider? So also the wider question of development, who define, identify and proffer solutions to our development needs, us or foreign, alien financier? Precisely this is where the problem is. Nobody has the actual knowledge type and nature of our development needs but ourselves, but the painful irony is that someone outside you tells us our problem and its solution that at the end hit the wrong target and at worst compounds the problem more. Otherwise Gates would have invested in establishing cottage industries that would process the ample raw materials in the country to meet International demands .By this he would have created jobs, empower the army of beggars he has seen and make employment to teeming youths, all of which would contribute to improved health and higher living standard, the whole mark of development and succeed in cutting off the roots of the diseases he fights which are mere symptoms of the problem. By simple arithmetic, Gates need to assist each of the 774 local Govts in the country with only about $ 50-100 thousand investment in the cottage industry with an adjustment of plus-minus depending on the Local Govt. The world would see it, and it would surely move us forward much ahead of the millennium goals of Development even. In the northern Nigeria where poverty is seen chronic, go into agric-driven industries. But this would mean our interest, as the needy recipient, but is not ours, is their interest is paramount, which gives the legitimacy to challenge and doubt the honesty of such types of development assistance.
In fact scientific facts are abound on how such vaccines increase the incidence of the diseases are meant to treat .It is on record that before vaccines were introduced ,it was extremely rare for infant to contract measles. The more the vaccines are administered the higher they weaken and compromise the immune system of the recipients. Studies have shown that those vaccinated against the diseases are more likely to contract them. More serious, such vaccines are unsafe .Reports where polio vaccines triggered Aids, increase the incidence of the disease and even outright deaths are readily available. The role of Bulgarian Doctors and Nurses in the spread of Aids among Libyan vaccinated children was one of the most recent cases .Hence the protest by 2 states govts in Nigeria to have the polio vaccines administered in their children as they accused the content to have been deliberately contaminated. The common allegation is that the vaccines are contaminated to alter the reproductive organs of the children when they may have reached reproductive age. What adds more suspicion on such development moves is the insistence of its providers to do so regardless of consent of parents .In fact it is known facts that district heads and other territorial officers are used, especially in villages to carry compulsory vaccinations. There are situations where parents are harassed and maltreated for rejecting the vaccines in their children. As if there is desperate bid to impose, Good, when it is known to be a willing gesture. This further raises the issue of ethics in the overall medical behavior. Parents should be allowed full freedom to accept or reject vaccines for their children. The medical ethics of INFORMED CONSENT is the whole mark of HUMAN RIGHTS. In fact this is the real, not Lesbian/homosexual, rights.
It should be clear that developed nations, especially the United States has perfected it scheme of integrating corporate organizations, private association and individuals in the pursuits of its dominant, hegemonic ,imperialistic objective .Bill gates and co. are sure in this same scheme. He cannot go contrary to this.

Same Gates Foundation that poured $218 million into polio and measles immunization and research worldwide, , has invested $423 million in Eni, Niger Delta, into Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobil Corp., Chevron Corp. and Total of France — the companies responsible for most of the flares blanketing the delta with pollution, contributing to global warming and spread of diseases , a case attended to in the court of law. Something beyond anything permitted in the United States or Europe.

It is well known that Oil workers for such investment, for example, and the security agents protecting them are a magnet for prostitution, contributing to a surge in HIV and teenage pregnancy, both targets in the Gates Foundation’s efforts to ease the ills of society, especially among the poor. The Oil bore holes always filled with stagnant water, breeds mosquitoes that spread malaria, one of the diseases the foundation is fighting.

It is established in an investigation oil spill clogging rivers are cause of cholera in the area, another scourge the foundation is battling. The investigation asserts that such clogging rivers “became breeding grounds for all kinds of waterborne diseases.”

The bright, sooty gas flares that contains toxic byproducts such as benzene, mercury and chromium are established to lower immunity, and make children susceptible to polio and measles — the diseases that the Gates Foundation has helped to vaccinate.
It is found that the Gates Foundation has holdings in many companies that have failed tests of social responsibility because of environmental lapses, employment discrimination, disregard for worker rights, or unethical practices.
These are the agents that move round world to give development assistance, the assistance Obama wants to cut, Development assistance indeed.
A call for a new UN would be part of the process to make the world a fair and balanced theatre of actors. Central to this is the principle of sovereignty of nations. This should mean the capacity of nations to define their national laws, needs and priorities in equal and independent patterns any other country does. Nations that appeared weak before hegemonic maneuvers of major powers have to assert this right before International and multilateral institutions, though also in need of restructuring, the assertion of which would be part of the starting point.
International law is manmade; a very recent thought that is still undergoing amendments and reform to meet the higher value of human society, thus nothing sacrosanct about it, and is only universal to the extent it allows other values and traditions to constitute its flexibility and dynamism, representing all the cultural units that make up the world as heterogeneous mechanics that give harmony and stability to the International system
Additionally, if I would be charged to make an African foreign policy as a response to the changing world, in consideration of the economic collapse Euroamerica is facing, persistent poverty and disease in Africa, I would uphold the advocacy, nay policy demand for Europe and America to pay reparation to Africa over slavery and Atlantic slave trade.OAU committee of Slave trade reparation should be reactivated to learn from the holocaust and Lockerbie victims demands for ,and success to earned the reparations from Germany and Libya respectively. The demands should be articulated in approximate of the damage the exercise has done to Africa. Mechanism for pressure and demands is well placed to give Africa new resource that would chart for the continent a course of an important actor in new International relations.
Investments and fair trade relations should be articulated to serve as tools for moving Africa forward instead of the prevailing development assistance that failed to change the continent. The abundant resources in the continent provide an automatic bargain instrument ,conferring independence and sense of belonging as partner rather than a surrogate in the International system. In this context a renewed energy to wholesomely adopt south south cooperation is the fairest and result oriented option. At a time when US is devising new military strategies to ensure its presence cum dominance in the continent,China is expanding its investment in the areas of Turnkey and project finance, as Britain,France ,Germany and other colonial powers are remapping strategies for neocolonial control of resources in Niger, Chad, Cameroun, Sudan Libya, etc,Taiwan,Thailand, Brazil, Venzuela,and even newly new industrialized states like Malaysia and Indonesia are looking for fair trade partners and areas of investment. But for such partnerships to work civil socity organizations that are committed to patriotic,transparent and accountable governments are put in place must effectively work hardest to ensure neocolonial elites who serve as surrogates do not emerge as candidates that would continue to manipulate Democracy; so that they continue to provide linkages to continued exploitation of African resources by the colonial masters that are suppose to delink from such practices long ago.
Africa foreign policy must learn from other part of the world to use private individuals and agencies to push forward the agenda for New Africa, Africa that would truly be independent, progressive and responsive. Corruption, red tapism and foreign interference have subdued the public policy agencies to make head way that make Africa a home of peace and prosperity. Hence the significance of private organizations in African journey to growth and prosperity.




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