Exclusive: Multi-Billion Dollars Hidden Bank Accounts Of Jonathan’s Minister Of Justice, Bello Adoke Exposed

The Attorney General of the Federation

Barely 48 hours after an online publication exposed the sordid details of a N1.2 billion mansion just purchased by President Goodluck Jonathan’s Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala,in Maitama area of Abuja, ireports-ng.com has uncovered four secret bank accounts where billions of naira, millions of US dollars and GB pounds are hidden by Nigeria’s present Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mohammed Bello Adoke.

Adoke was appointed as Justice Minister by President Jonathan on April 6, 2010 and has since then been enmeshed in various allegations of corruption and providing cover for the corrupt who are facing court trial by withdrawing corruption charges against them.

Weeks of underground investigations by ireports-ng.com have however revealed more shocking details about Adoke’s secret bank accounts in the nation’s federal capital territory, Abuja. One of such is an account number 002228052782 at a branch of First City Monument Bank located at Plot 252 Herbert Macaulay Way,Central Area Abuja. In the account is a stunning sum of $16 million US dollars.

Further investigations revealed that Adoke is keeping yet another $24 million US dollars in account number 041152000428 with Diamond Bank located at Plot 117 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Wuse 2 while another 5.3 million Great Britain Pounds is also kept in the same account with Diamond Bank.

As if that was not enough, ireports-ng.com also revealed that Nigeria’s Justice Minister operates another secret account with the Ahmadu Bello Way branch of Zenith Bank, Abuja where a whooping sum of N6.2 billion is being kept.

Born on September 1st,1963, Adoke was not known for any serious legal practice until he was brought to the limelight in 2010 when he was appointed as Justice Minister by Mr Jonathan. Since then, there has been series of allegations of under the table deals by Mr Adoke using his official position. He has in the last 48 hours issued two statements to threaten protesting Nigerian workers to sack them and charge civil society activists involved in the protests with treason.

Last year, an online publication accused Adoke of taking bribes from an arranged sale of moribund NITEL property in Area 11, Abuja and buy back of same from Adoke’s kinsman popularly called Alhaji AA Oil. Adoke’s share of the deal was said to have been diverted to build a massive mansion for him on Gana street, Abuja. Though he denied ownership of the property saying it belongs to AA Oil, finishing works have since stopped on the sprawling property which was being worked on day and night before the scandal broke out.

Also last year, a civil society group called Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders,CACOL petitioned Nigeria’s anti-graft police, EFCC to probe allegations that Mr Adoke collected bribes running into over $23 million US dollars from a plea bargain deal he arranged between government and some multinational firms including Siemens, Halliburton and Julius Berger.Ironically, Adoke supervises the EFCC that is supposed to investigate the various corruption allegations against him. It is yet to be seen whether the present head of the agency, Mr Ibrahim Lamorde will have the courage to probe graft allegations against Adoke which his predecessor failed to touch.

*ireports-ng.com promises to make this the beginning of series of reports on the sleaze by top officials of the Jonathan’s administration.

Source: ireports-ng.com



  1. Kindly publish an article concerning how much is each minister , senators, house of reps, and other political public office holder are taking away from federation account ( in term of basic salary and allowance). Bcs i believe their salary and allowances is times 3 if nt times 4 compare to dis 1.3trillion naira dey claim on subsidy. Pls kindly let the masses know if our govt are ready for change, then their excess allowance and salary shld be reduce drastically and d money shld be use for this developmntal program. Then we can accpt the removal of subsidy.

  2. Are you sure all these publications are true? the allegation against Diezani Alison-Madueke (the commisioner for petroleum) has been proven to be false, investigators could not locate the building address in Austria that was alleged to be the property she purchased with $25 million, I would like to believe your story but the timing is very sensitive and suspicious, the justice minister is known to be a big supporter of Jonathan Goodlucks removal of fuel subsidy which is supposed to create millions of jobs for Nigerians, fix all poorly managed refineries and attract investors, detractors will do everything possible to blackmail him, A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes, how do I verify these banking accounts that you have provided? what if they are wrong? do I call the financial institution? tell me, anyone can make up numbers and publish it.

  3. Hmmm!!! Timing is suspicious but then EFCC shud start independent investigations.ministers are meant to serve the people and not rob them.

  4. Your report may not be too far from the corruption associated with people in the corridor of powers in Nigeria. But I observed that the number in the various accounts in the banks cited in your report does not comply with the mandatory directive by CBN that all accuont number should not be more than 10 digits as all the accounts cited are 12 digits. Could this be an oversight?

  5. EFCC and federal government will not do anything to the case,concerning those money,they can not be recover.
    So,if only if God can do to Nigeria,what HE did to the families of Egyptian in the bible,that what will recover the issue.

  6. I personally do not see dis publicatn as a witch-hunt against anybody. I believe every word of it, cos it’s not the first time we av seen a public office holder displaying dis type of madness, greediness &wickedness against the helpless Nigerian masses. As far as nothin is new under d heaven again, let’s not deceive ourselves thinkin dt so and so is clean based on ur personal rltnshp wit them. The last time I ever voted was 1992 cos I know dat 98% of d people we av in govt today are rogues & criminals who dont av a single integrity, fear of God, &mercy for d electorates. Honestly, those leaders av skinned Nigeria to bone. Nigeria’s governance is currently based on wealth looting, mass destruction of lives &properties, leader’s non-challant attitudes towards d masses’s plight & disposing of public assets. Nigerian minorities av suffered so many untold hardships to d extent dt we av grown used to it, while we lack d strenght and power to protest against d acts of injustices meted on us. Our popular slogan is, ‘e go better’, while suffering & smiling is now d order of d day. Nobody in today’s govt is going to bail out d battered masses bcos Michael Jackson sang it before his death dat “all I wanna say is, they don’t really care about us”. The Ghanaian writer, Ayi Kwei Armah also concluded dat ‘The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born’. If d beautiful ones must reign peacefully, d ugly ones must be get rid of. We all know d devastating effects of a virus if it enters a thing or a device. Until u get a good anti-virus to deal wit it, it would not allow u to progress smoothly or achieve something meaningful. The only capable anti- virus to deal wit dis Nigeria devil- incarnate politician is a bloody revolution. Even d Bible opined dt d violent ones would take it by force. Wake up and think, my fellow Nigerians in d struggle against those human bed-bugs.

  7. The best anti virus for this northern virus is peacefull disintegration. We dont need revolution cus people will die pls no-more blood shed just divide the country and we will start to value each other. The politicians only wants us to remain one so that the money they are stealling will be large amount and nobody will crucify him. If u torch him his tribes men will say is because he is from north but president is from south thats why he wants to expose him and vise versa. Infact this nation was never meant to be one, we are only forcing it to ourselves cus yorubas have hatred for the igbos and the igbos in return hate them too. Same thing with housa and the igbos or yorubas and housas and we all know is true. Think about it.

    • Chinedu, nobody is talking about tribal or ethnic affilation here. By the the President is niether Igbo, Hausa nor Yoruba but Ijaw.

      The whole discuss is about corrupt gov. officials. We are found of using every opportunity 2 rubish and pray for disintegration. I assure you, If Nigeria disintegrates today our ppl wil suffer most from bad leadership. We a noted for our greed when it comes to monetary issues.

      Pls lets pray for the nation as well as look for away of promoting the unity, progress & peaceful co-existence while not leaving behind the need for truthful, honest, transparent & masses oriented leadership


  8. Thanks for this revelations. What is 1.3 trilion to this looting of the nations treasury. The greatest enemy of progress in Nigeria is corruption but how can we fight it when our weapon of warfare (the Justice Minister and Attorney general of Nigeria) is an allay to corruption. What a nation! Mr President has to allow EFCC free hands to clean up his cabinet and his legislators. Please 247 ureports.com keep us posted and continue following up the cabals and expose them. Thank you.

  9. I had to read the report again and again and still could not believe the type of thing President Jonathan allows to happen in a country he swore to protect. Will Lamorde EFCC help to investigate high placed corruption? Who will help NIgeria? If the government represented by the President fails to do his duty and the 2nd arm of government represented by Justice Minister, Mr Adoke fails the youth will not at the right time. Boko Harem, kidnapping are both linked to breakdown of law and order like the one you reported. My appeal to you keep the young people aware.Publish your findings in all newspapers you can.

  10. Pls the current minister for petroleum
    Who is presumed to b the chief thief needs to be brought
    To book by the federal Govt.she as well
    As MDppmc,mdnnpc,md Dpr and md pppra
    Directors needs to b made to bare d
    Bronth….Patrick Baghanlo president
    Freedom Nigeria initiative.lefit300@yahoo.com

  11. Na waoooooooo we don die for nigeria how we go take survive this mess. EFCC abeg help save Nigeria. I pray make you no be like themooooooooo. Differentiate your self by doing a good joboooooooooooooo.

  12. I noticed the account number thing too – unless they are government agency accounts; this makes the story suspicious. I can tell you that no Nigerian government official who is able to amass N6b in stolen money will remain in office. What else will he be looking for? Maybe to be thrown in jail like Balogun, Bode George, or the last speaker of the House – I cannot even remember his name.

    I am not a fan of Adoke, but I believe in fairness. Please, check the accounts again



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