Jos Crisis: 2 Murdered in Vom Community, Jos


The calm in the religious violence in Jos, Plateau State appears on the edge. This is as gathered through sources in North Jos that two dead bodies were discovered on the night of September 27, 2011.

The two dead bodies [young men in their early 20s] which were identified as Christians were said to originate from the village of Jwol in Vom community, one at Jol and the other at Larin-Show. The two dead bodies were said to have been murdered by Hausa/Fulani youths who parade into villages at night in search for christians who are outdoors alone to murder – in their continued quest to push the native christians out of Jwol.

According to a source in Jos who spoke to our correspondent, the Hausa/Fulani youths have adopted the gorrilla-type warfare following the end of the December 2010 violence outbreak in North Jos.  The moslem youths are said to make random incursions into the christian dominated villages to slaughter unsuspecting individuals. Our source indicate that the moslem youths have been having remarkable success since they began their incursions into the Vom community. The source estimates a minimum of 200 murdered since December 2010.  

The police in Jos have been alerted but no arrests have been made so far.

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