Gang Rape: Abia State Gov’t Orders DPO, VC To Fish Out Rapists


Following the the revelation of the identities of some of the rape suspects in the now famous video of a young girl being raped repeatedly by 5 University students of Abia State University, the Abia State government has directed the involved security agencies and personnel in the University to thoroughly investigate the identities of the said rapists and to fish them out immediately. This is according to unofficial but credible source within the Governor’s office who told that the governor was let down by the faulty information he received immediately following the release of the rape video.

As gathered, the government of Abia State who had earlier made public statement indicating that the rape incident did not occur at Abia State University grounds nor the rapist being students of Abia State University, made the statement following information it gathered from both the head of the Abia State Student Union, the Vice Chancellor, Prof Ogbuagu and the DPO in charge of the area. 

The three bodies, as gathered, informed the Governor T. A. Orji that they have reviewed the said video and have concluded that the video and its contents has nothing to do with the Abia State University. Having been briefed, the Government of Abia State made its earlier statement. This is as activists across the various geo political zones of Nigeria have critized the government’s dismissive response to the rape video as irresponsible.

For this reason, the Abia State government finds itself in precarious situation.

Our source informs that the Governor who has become furious over what appears as embarrassing situation for Abia State and the State administration, has given marching orders to all involved parties to fish out the culprits – partly “to face”. It was also gathered that the governor has ordered the Vice Chancellor, Prof Ogbuagu to report to the government house.

Meanwhile, the uproar sorrounding the rape video  have reached the international community – and may have reached the doorsteps of the ongoing United Nations meeting in New York. This is as gender based non governmental organizations in New York, United States of America [USA] has begun agitating for elected representatives of the Congressional Black Caucus of the United States Congress to chide in on the matter. A source near President Jonathan in New York tell that it is “likely” the Secretary of State for the USA, Mrs Hillary Clinton discussed the rape video with the President.

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