Boko Haram: MOSSAD/CIA to probe Nigerian Security Agencies


Information available to indicates the remnants of the United Nation bomb explosion in Abuja, Nigeria on August 2011 has continued its reverberation across the international community, particularly within concerned communities of the Middle East zone who fear the Middle Eastern sponsored international terrorism may have found new roots among the countries of the western sub-Saharan region of Africa.

As gathered from a National security operative, the various security apparatus of Nigeria is believed to have been infiltrated at top levels by the terrorist Islamic cult – and the President of the Nation has become aware of the infiltration – and has setup a probe/examine committee consisting primarily of Israeli/USA recommended intelligence officers to probe/examine the entire Nigerian security apparatus.    

According to information sourced from the highly placed official of the State Security Service [SSS] of Nigeria, foreign intelligence operatives had been concerned over the trend of separatist based violence in Nigeria, particularly in the northern region among a religious cult by the name Boko Haram – believed to have links with the Afghanistan/Pakistan based terrorist group, the Al Quada.

The heightened alert on Nigeria as possible breeding ground for new Afro  Islamic terrorism initially became a concern to the government of United States of America and its allies[especially Israel] in the Middle East immediately following the Yom Kippur War in 1973 – a period followed by the global oil crisis when most of the Sub-Saharan countries severed diplomatic ties with Israel – due to two prime factors: promises of cheap oil and financial aid and compliance with the OAU (Organization of African Unity) resolution, sponsored by Arab countries, calling for the severing of relations with Israel. Nigeria was among these countries, and consequently, official cooperation and development projects between Nigeria and Israel were strangled. In September 1992, nineteen [19yrs] years later, shortly after the death of General Ibrahim Babangida’s quest to remain the Head of State of Nigeria perpetually, the diplomatic ties were mended, and in April 1993 a Nigerian Embassy was opened in Israel for the first time.   

Intelligence operatives of the United States of America [USA] and of Israel since the mending of diplomatic relations have remained cautious of the religious tensions in the northern region of Nigeria and its connections to the Arab/Israeli unrest in the Middle East. Against their cautiousness, the two countries opened wide reaching channels through a joint operation of the MOSSAD and the CIA to monitor the links/activities between Islamic groups in Nigeria and Islamic agitation in the Middle East.

The arrival in November 30, 2007 during the era of high volatility in the crude oil producing Niger Delta region of the highly renowned intelligence officer of the MOSSAD as the Israelis Ambassador to Nigeria in the person of Ambassador Moshe Ram marked the re-intensification of MOSSAD/CIA operation in Nigeria and the immediate environs. Ambassador Ram began his public service career in 1963 as a soldier at the Israeli Defense Force – and has remained in the foreign service of the Israeli government. Between 1992 and 1994, he taught at the College of National Defense where would-be MOSSAD agents receive academic training. Between 2001 and 2005, the Israeli ambassador was attached to the intelligence gathering operation in Chicago, USA during the period following the September 11, 2001 attack in USA. Ambassador Moshe Ram doubles as the Israeli Ambassador to Nigeria and Ghana. He also serves as the Israeli Ambassador to ECOWAS.

As gathered, Ambassador Ram is believed to be overseeing the MOSSAD probe of the Nigerian security agencies against the likely infiltration of sympathizers of Islamic terrorism. Our source notes that the Ambassador has started operation – and has met the approval of the presidency.      



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