1st 100 days of Imo State Assembly


On the 14th of September 2011, the Rt. Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu will
clock 100 days in office as the Speaker of Imo State House of
Assembly. No doubt, it is too short a time to access or evaluate the
legislative activities of the Imo State House of Assembly. But because
it has become a tradition in Nigeria since 1999 to use the first 100
days in office of any arm of government to access such leadership, I
deem it necessary to open the minds of Imo citizens in particular and
Nigerians in general on the achievements of the present Imo State
House of Assembly under the able and visionary leadership of Rt. Hon.
Benjamin Chukwuemeka Uwajumogu.
Following the inauguration on the 7th of June 2011 of the fifth house,
third assembly, first session of the present Imo State House of
Assembly, Rt. Hon Benjamin Chukwuemeka Uwajumogu emerged as the
speaker while Hon. Donatus Ozoemena became the deputy speaker. The
post of majority leader went to Hon. Mrs. Adaku Ihuoma while Hon. Dr.
Acho Ihim clinched the post of deputy majority leader. Other officers
of the house as elected were the minority leader, Hon (mrs) Ngozi Pat
Ekeji, deputy minority leader went to Hon. Robertson Ekwebelem. The
chief whip is Hon Ugonma Ozurigbo while his deputy is Hon Sir Emeka
Nwafor as the post of minority whip went to Hon. Barr. Obinna Okwara.
With the leadership of the House fully inaugurated, the Imo state
House of Assembly kicked off its legislature responsibilities to the
people of the state. In his inaugural speech, Rt. Hon. Uwajumogu
identified three areas yearning for immediate attention such as, (1).
Service to the people (2) the executive arm. (3) The legislature.
Hear the vibrant Speaker.............................." It is with
humility and profound sense of honour that I accept the position of
the speaker of Imo State House of Assembly. I will devote my time,
energy and everything within my legislative powers to make Imo State
House of Assembly the best legislature in the country. I will work
tirelessly towards the upliftment of Imo State House of Assembly. I
promise to give you all, with a true sense of quality leadership,
equal representation and effective disposition to work."………..UNQUOTE.
100 days after this famous quote from the ebullient speaker, he has
lived up to expectations because he has not only devoted his energy
and time towards the upliftment of the Assembly, but he has also led
his equally vibrant Honorable colleagues to enact people oriented
laws, bills and motions through effective and efficient legislative
responsibilities which has put back confidence, trust and smiles on
the faces of Imo citizens in the bid to bring to the grassroots the
impact of the "Rescue Mission" of the government of His Excellency
Owelle Rochas Anayo Ethelberth Okorocha (OON). During the period under
review, the Imo State House of Assembly considered a total of seven
(7) bills which were presented at the floor of the house. It is
important to mention here that out of these seven bills, five are at
committee stages awaiting reading, while two are at second reading
stages. Also the house recorded thirty four (34)
Motions during the same period. From this figure, 20 motions were
passed and forwarded to the executive Governor for necessary action.
Similarly, out of the total number of motions, 9 are still pending,
one (1) withdrawn, two (2) negatived and two (2) others adjourned sine
die. It is worthy to note that presently, eight bills were on notice
and would soon begin the legislature journey for passage into law. At
this point, it is expedient to mention that the Imo State House of
Assembly led by the ebullient speaker, Rt. Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu is
working harmoniously with the executive arm of government in one
spirit through synergistic understanding to ensure the provision of
dividends of democracy. This has been possible because there is an
enabling environment where law makers ventilate their minds through
robust legislative dialogue, debate and discussion which has really
integrated, incorporated, inculcated and aggregated the interest of
their respective constituencies. This is the relevance of politics.
Rt. Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu and his colleagues have not only
sacrificed some of their rights and privileges to ensure the smooth
take-of the present administration, they have also personally financed
the furnishing of their offices due to the lean resources of the state
government. This should be applauded. Equally, it is instructive to
note that currently the Imo State House of Assembly complex is
undergoing renovation and face lift. Constructions of more
administrative and political offices are going on. Leaking roofs are
also being put in order. Previous leadership of the house abandoned
the complex to so dilapidate that the structure became an eyesore. But
NOW the Assembly building complex is beginning to wear a new look.
Also, to ensure a virile, responsible and responsive government
machinery that will drive development at the state and local levels,
the Imo State House of Assembly screened and confirmed the appointment
of Commissioners, Special Advisers and local government transition
committee chairmen. In order to ensure integrated development in the
spirit of rescue mission agenda, the Imo State House of Assembly
granted approval for His Excellency the state Governor, to declare
emergency on road rehabilitation, education, health, housing, security
and other critical areas seeking urgent attention. Accordingly, the
House approved N5 billion naira for the urgent execution of the
aforementioned projects and programmes. It is also worthy to mention
that the Speaker has piloted the affairs of IMHA because he has
effective and efficient standing house committee being chaired by his
able colleagues. These various houses committee of the legislature
carried out oversight functions within the legislative 100 days by
ensuring monitoring of the aforementioned projects and the
implementation of both the state and the 27 local government 2011
annual budget. Some of these committee’s are as follows; 1. Finance
committee 2. Humanitarian services, Human Rights and NGO's committee.
3. Committee on Commence and Industry. 4. Information, due process and
inter-parliamentary affairs committee. 5. Budget and Appropriation
committee. 6. Works, Housing and Transport committee. 7.
Anti-corruption, Petition, Ethics and Privileges committee. 8. Project
Monitoring and Evaluation committee. 9. House Services Committee. 10.
Health and sanitation committee. 11. Public Utilities and Rural
Development committee. 12. Women Affairs, Social Development, Youth
and Sports committee. 13. Lands, survey and urban committee. 14.
Judiciary committee. 15. Education committee. 16. Millennium
Development Goals committee. 17. Environment committee. 18. Delta
Affairs committee. 19. Petroleum and ISOPADEC committee. 20.
Agricultural and National Resources committee. 21. Public Accounts
committee. 22. Local Government, Chieftaincy and Autonomous
Communities committee. 23. Religious Affairs committee. 24. Culture
and tourism committee. 25. Civil Service Matters committee. 26.
Business and rules committee, amongst others.
Conversely, the Honorable members led by the Speaker have performed
their oversight functions most creditably to the admiration of
majority of Imo Citizens in particular and Nigerians in general. It
is therefore not surprising that after 100 days the Rt. Hon. Benjamin
Uwajumogu assumed the leadership of the legislature, the activities of
the House have impacted positively on the lives of the people of IMO
STATE, hence the various accolades received by the speaker in
particular and members of the legislature generally. For instance,
during the just concluded four day children’s art festival, held in
Owerri to mark the International Children’s Day, the National
Commission for Museums and Monument, in Association with Alliance
Francaise, and some Non – Governmental Organizations, NGO, presented
the Speaker an award for Excellence and Philanthropy. Also during the
recent visit to the House by the leadership of the Institute of
Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, ICAN, its National President,
Prof. Francis Ojaide, said the association came to thank the Assembly
members for the able ways they have piloted the legislative arm of the
government in the state. According to the 47th President of ICAN, the
Imo State Government had through the activities of the Assembly led by
Rt. Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu proved that it was determined to wipe out
tears from the faces of the people of Imo State.
The House has also received praises from the traditional institution
for making a remarkable difference in the area of law – making in the
short-space-of-time it has been in existence. For instance, on August
21, 2011, when Speaker Uwajumogu attended the popular Iri-ji Nkwerre,
alongside other House leaders, the Eshi of Nkwerre, His Royal
Highness, Eze Dr. Chijioke Okwara commended the ebullient Speaker for
the able ways the Imo State House of Assembly, was being run.
Commendations from other Professional bodies ,Nationally and
Internationally for Speaker Uwajumogu are too numerous to mention here.
Nonetheless, let me state it categorically that the activities of
Imo State House of Assembly can be accessed on the Internet, Face
books, Blogs, National Newspapers, Regional Newspapers, Local
Newspapers, Radio and Television.
From the above analysis, it is evident that the Imo State House of
Assembly under the proactive and visionary leadership of Rt. Hon.
Benjamin Uwajumogu is desirous to take Imo state legislatively to the
next level. This is the Verdict.
Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha,
Special Adviser on Media
To the Rt. Hon. Speaker, IMHA.


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