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Politicians only use platform made available by its owner to score points. When you don’t act friendly or responsive, you will not see them. For what happened at Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka’s Adoration ground last weekend in Enugu, I will tell you that it was all intentional and deliberate. It can better be described as the gathering of people meeting people like them.

Having dealt with politicians over the years, Fr. Mbaka knew that they honouring his invitation meant that they were prepared to use his platform to score political points. He saw that coming, and instead of him acting ignorant of it, he played along. It takes the heart of a lion to win one in a fight. He needed money to fund his Ministerial project, and he invited the right circle of humans who would make that possible for him without hesitation. He decided to use the user.

And of course, this is the season when politicians would come to a gathering to promise heaven on earth without fulfilling one. On the trending video, we saw both the new and old visitors from the political class. From the new, we saw the likes of Hope Uzodinma, Dave Umahi, Ganduje and a few others. Right now, there is nothing to say about them till next election year when they would appear to make another promise. Then you will hear from Fr. Mbaka again. He will speak to them in the manner he spoke to Peter Obi, that’s if they fail to fulfill the very current promise they made to his Ministry last weekend.

Forget about our different opinions over this matter, as the truth remains that there was a score between Fr. Mbaka and Peter Obi that needed to be trashed. If he had failed to use that gathering, I doubt if he could again, as it is obvious to him that Obi would be the next Vice President of the country from May 29, 2019.  He spoke to him like someone burning in deep frustration. I saw the video, and I know that feeling.

We all have people who when they see us rising, they try to open up old wounds just to get at us. This happens when they assume that we are posing the attitude of not wanting their validation to become whatever anymore. But the truth is, when one is rising, he knows what really matters to him. Don’t choke in frustration because they stopped consulting you, but see things from the basis that people must move on in their lives. It is either you support them, or you let them be.

This goes to the people who always scream that Peter Obi is stingy. I wonder what they mean by he is stingy. I’m not going to unfold to dress this matter because I want to take side with Obi, but I want this addressed for the very reason that it could be anyone in his position. Anambra people for eight years trusted him with their mandate as a governor. He governed. He managed. And, he worked. Prudently he served, and stepped aside. If as a messenger he perfectly delivered the message trusted in his care, what is our business with how he delivered it?

If Obi is stingy, did you make his money with him? This is not just a question for Fr. Mbaka, but a general one. There are things he said in that trending video that I would have loved to talk about, but due to my stance as a Christian, I crave your indulgence to spare Fr. Mbaka, while I go on to state the fact. Though, he later admitted that, “if it is about management, call Obi. He will manage the economy of this country very well. And I think that was why Atiku took him as a running mate.”

One of the easiest ways of bringing politics to church is by inviting a politician for a fund raising occasion. Like a clergy asking or forcing a politician to donate money for God’s project. First, God is the leader of the Church, and He alone knows how He builds what He stands. Asking a politician to donate money for a project that runs in millions, please where do you expect that fellow to get the money from? This quest is an indirect way of saying you have knowledge of the corruption and loot in the system, and however, you want a share from it.

It doesn’t matter what one uses in proxy to ask for this money, the truth is, you don’t force anyone to give to the Church. Yes the Church needs money to function, as the new religion made us to understand, but I would insist we allow people to give voluntarily out of their will and love for the kingdom. Inasmuch as I wouldn’t want to say that that’s Fr. Mbaka’s intention, I will also not be saying the truth if I don’t point out facts. From background of the trending video, we heard people from the band stand hailing the individual speakers. We heard things like, “Our Hope… (For Senator Hope Uzodinma) and Okwute Ndigbo… (For Peter Obi, though it died down when he failed to call a figure he is to donate).” Wow!

Such sycophantic hailing can only come when one wants to get money from a politician. Meanwhile, we were told that that was a service, I mean a Holy Mass. Really? I really don’t get. No one curbs a self inflicted insult by putting down another. You have to manage and clean up your mess first before you go finding someone else’s fault in an issue. I don’t know what this issue holds, but I think our Fr. Mbaka should be careful with these politicians.

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One Comment to: Peter Obi: Fr. Mbaka Is Right And Wrong – By Ugochukwu Favour-Mayor

  1. Emmanuel Onotevure

    December 5th, 2018

    A good write up. Father Mbaka is only bringing the church into ridicule by certain statements and comments.
    Not a good one for the Body of Christ. My take