Trouble In Kano PDP: Kwankwaso Walks Out

Trouble In Kano PDP: Kwankwaso Walks Out

Trouble In Kano PDP: Kwankwaso Walks Out

The marriage of strange fellows made possible by the recent defections from the ruling party, the All Progressive Congress [APC] to the main opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] may have begun exhibiting symptoms of disintegration. This is going by credible information made available to which indicates that the PDP in one of the critical states against the 2019 elections have hit the rocks.

The defection from APC to PDP of Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso was registered in Kano State PDP as a major gain. The defection was celebrated widely throughout the state by the followers of the former two time governor of Kano State. Even a onetime political enemy in the person of Ibrahim Shekarau [also a former two time governor of Kano] welcomed Senator Kwankwaso to his Asokoro home – in a reconciliatory gesture. Both former governors posed for photographs with smiles. As seemed well. [See photograph below]

Trouble In Kano PDP: Kwankwaso Walks Out

Then came the details.

As our source reveals, the PDP stakeholders on the national level who had discussed with Kwankwaso prior to his entry into the party, had reached certain agreements and assurances. Senator Kwankwaso was promised 51% control of Kano PDP. The party leadership in Kano was agreed to be handed to him. He was told he will select the candidate for governor while Ibrahim Shekarau will select the deputy governor. Other agreements were reached and supposedly sealed.

However as Kwankwaso who is known for his exoteric tendencies began boasting publicly of his control of the party structure in Kano, it angered the party stakeholders in Kano State. The party stakeholders were not aware of the agreements reached between the national PDP and Kwankwaso. They were not carried along in the negotiations with Kwankwaso.

It came to a tee at a stakeholders meeting in Kano as Kwankwaso rolled out the agreements reached with the national PDP and the promises made to him – and the signed agreements. Surprised, the stakeholders responded to Kwankwaso that they know nothing about the said agreements. They told Kwankwaso as far as they were concerned, no such agreement exits. Responding, Kwankwaso exhaled, “So I have been deceived” and angrily charged out of the meeting.

One of the participants at the meeting clarified that the PDP in Kano remembers the role played by Kwankwaso in toppling the PDP. “He was the one responsible for the failure of PDP”. He indicated that the PDP in Kano will not easily forget his actions. “He can’t be given the structure. He was used by APC to defeat PDP. And now they dumped him. He wants to return to us”.

The source adds that the APC knew the type of person he was prior to the 2015 elections. But he was needed by the Bola Tinubu led APC to get the Kano votes in the manner they did. “He was not close to Buhari and was not liked by Buhari or Tinubu”. 

And so lies the quagmire.

The next actions of Senator Kwankwaso is unknown but it is certain the long running political battle between Ibrahim Shekarau and Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso remain acute and alive. It may result to be the reason PDP will lose Kano State.

It is certain Ibrahim Shekarau and other stakeholders will not accept Rabiu Kwankwaso as the political leader in PDP.  Kwankwaso will not accept taking the back seat either. Both are determined.

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  1. Balarabe August 17, 2018 at 3:40 pm -

    Hmm, deceives, betrayals, whichever, what they should remember, as this alarms, is they are the losers! They should think of how will they rest in peace with their subjects!

  2. Northeast August 16, 2018 at 2:54 pm -

    Clash of the titans, definitely, nemesis will catch up with both Kwankwaso and Shekarau for betrayal. Whichever way it goes, APC will be OK.