NGO Raises Alarm Over Erosion Landslide In Anambra Village

[R to L] Col. Achuzie, Hon. Handel Okoli, Ikenna Obumneme Ezenekwe – at the Amakor Erosion site on December 7, 2016

NGO Raises Alarm Over Erosion Landslide In Anambra Village

A Non-government organisation on the platform of the Rural Communities Development Initiative (RCDI) has cried out over it described as dangerous gully erosion landslide threatening a communities in Aguata Orumba in Anambra state.

The group said if nothing urgently is done to remedy the situation, “The fault lines which are precursors to landslides are already visible within the community. The big one can happen anytime from now. The government should be ready”.

In a statement signed yesterday in Abuja, the National coordinator of the group, Engr. Ikenna Obumneme Ezenekwe, said the rainy season of 2018 has reopened old wounds in the gully erosion communities of the South-east region of Nigeria particularly in the communities in Aguata Orumba in Anambra state.

According to him, the people of Nanka who had suffered untold hardship in the hands of gully erosion related landslides are once again faced with another threat of landslides judging by the intensity of rainfalls this season.

The United State of America trained environmentalist said Nanka presently dangles on the verge of another catastrophic landslide should immediate prophylactic measures not be taken by the government.

Engr. Ezenekwe who had partnered with the Anambra state government in 100,000 tree planting campaign made the call following minor landslides that occurred recently in Nanka and immediate environs.

NGO Raises Alarm Over Erosion Landslide In Anambra Village

“Last week, two minor landslides occurred in the village of Ubahu Nanka dividing the village into two halves without access roads. The land belonging the families of Ezeagwuogbo were abandoned by the family resulting from the landslide. Other families in Ubahu were also affected.

“Governor Pete Obi had visited the location in 2007 rainy season to commensurate with the people of Nanka following another minor landslide. But today, “the location that Governor Peter Obi stood to address the people of Ubahu village has since been eaten up by the gully.

“The people of Ubahu village have found themselves abandoned by the government of Anambra State and by the federal government. This is as the ravaging gully erosion continues to eat deep into the community. The Ubahu community plays host to arguably the largest gully erosion crater in West Africa. The Udongwu gully site located near the Neros football stadium.

“Presently the people of Ubahu village are left to the fate of a project funded by World Bank called ‘New Map’. The state and federal have thus removed their attention from the menace at Nanka.

According to the Environmentalist, Nanka needs roads and gutters and a well mapped out tree planting regime. This responsibility fall within the purview of the state and local government.

“Our Governor needs to come closer to Nanka and the problems firsthand. Nanka people are leaving on the edge. And it is wrong. Nanka needs roads and well delineated waterways. Governor Obiano can do it.”

He continues, “The people cannot maintain a water borehole because of the gully erosion craters. Nanka does not have water. What they drink is water harvested from rainfall. In this day and age. Water borne diseases have been a permanent marker in the community. It cannot be allowed to continue this way.”

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