Miyetti Allah’s Attack On The Military: A Rejoinder By Moses Aondongu, A Political Commentator

Miyetti Allah’s Attack On The Military: A Rejoinder By Moses Aondongu, A Political Commentator

Miyetti Allah’s Attack On The Military: A Rejoinder By Moses Aondongu, A Political Commentator


I am constrained to react to media reports about allegations by Miyetti Allah that, the Military killed six of their members in Nassarawa state. I am not holding brief for “Operation Whirl Wind Stroke”, but we must not forget that the force came into existence as a result of persistent cries from Governor Samuel Ortom about killing of innocent and unarmed villagers in Benue State by herdsmen militias.


This force has helped thousands of displaced persons return to their homes and farms, and we commend Mr. President for this. The State is pained that soldiers deployed on the orders of Mr. President and who are sacrificing their comfort and putting their lives on the line could also be brutally attacked and killed by these bandits and their sponsors, and the Miyyeti Allah does not seem to care about this as if the lives of the soldiers does not matter.


The State observes with dismay the new tactics employed by some persons or groups particularly the Miyyeti Allah to discourage the troops from the onerous task of protecting lives and property of Nigerians killed and displaced by these bandits through frivolous publications and interviews using print, electronic and online media.


These gallant troops should be commended, and not maligned as Miyyeti Allah has chosen to do through falsehood and mischief.


Additionally, as Governor Ortom has persistently insisted, the leadership of Miyyeti Allah should be arrested and prosecuted for the atrocities perpetrated by these armed herdsmen.


The Military high command and the general public should support the special forces in helping innocent IDPs to return home and to their farms. The antics of Miyyeti Allah in trying to blackmail the Military Task Force should be disregarded and the Miyyeti Allah should produce the killers of the soldiers killed by these bandits whom they are shielding for prosecution.


It is on record that over 100,000 IDPs have left the camps and returned to their homes and to carry out their farming activities since the launching of Operation Whirl Wind Stroke less than 2 months ago. This is the only way to avert imminent food shortages that await the nation next year.


All efforts must be aimed at entrenching lasting peace and stability in Benue. This is the resolve of the Governor of Benue State and Benue people are solidly behind him in this regard.


We therefore implore all armed militia, cult groups, armed herdsmen and other criminal gangs to leave Benue State in peace. We also call on the Government and the people of Nasarawa State to join hands with their counterparts in Benue State in finding a lasting solution to the perennial crises bedeviling the two states.


Our people have resolved to support the President and the Federal Government in efforts to genuinely restore peace not only in Benue but the entire North Central part of this great country. Finally, all well-meaning and patriotic Nigerians should commend the impartiality of ‘Operation Whirl Wind Stroke’.  They have been living up to the mandate given to them by going after all forms of criminality in Benue, Nasarawa, Taraba and Zamfara states.


For example, their forces have lunched ground and air assaults on camps operated by criminal gangs in Katsina Ala, Logo and Ukum LGAs sending the criminal kingpin, Terwase Akwaza alias Ghana into hiding while killing and arresting so many of the gang members.


We encourage them to go after all criminals carrying arms and terrorizing Nigerians whether they are Tiv, Fulani, Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa etc. All indigenes of the four states mentioned above should not only cooperate with them but should also volunteer information that would lead to the dismantling of all criminal gangs and armed herdsmen for peace to reign.

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