Group Demand Dismantle Of Navy Road Blocks At Inyiowa In Anambra

Rights Groups Demand Dismantle Of Navy Road Blocks At Inyiowa In Anambra

Group Demand Dismantle Of Navy Road Blocks At Inyiowa In Anambra

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Human Rights’ groups have demanded for the immediate dismantling of road blocks at Inyiowa Oduekpe in Ogbaru local government area of Anambra state for allegedly causing gridlocks along the Atani road.

In a joint press briefing in Onitsha by the Chairman of Human Rights Defenders of Nigeria (HRDN) Dede Uzor A. Uzor, Chairman of Campaign for Democracy (CD) in Anambra state Mr. Ekene Nnadi and Chairman of Anambra Democratic Vanguard Mr. Peter Eze alleged that the Naval officers in the area have been extorting money from the motorists and always subjected the motorcyclists to hardship by telling them to roll their motorcycle to cross the road block.

The groups urged the Chief of Naval Staff to compel the commanding officer at Naval post Onitsha to dismantle the road block to ease free flow of movement at the area, saying that the road was the only road that connected that place to Onitsha by land while water (River Niger) occupies the other side of the road.

They argued that since the Navy has relocated to its permanent site at Oduekpe they supposed to have dismantle the road block at its temporary place, saying that they it has made another road block leading to its quarters at Oduekpe in order to decongest the Atani one-way road.

The group also alleged that there was no sign of such road block at the place in order to tell the road users at night that there is something blocking free movement to reduce speed .

“Nobody said that they should not be protected as a security operatives no, they should be protected but they should not block the access road or mount such road blocks to roads leading to their own barracks and we are giving the Chief of Naval staff seven days to dismantle the road block. We are given the Chief of Naval Staff seven days dismantle the road blocks or we shall embark on massive protest that will shake the foundation of this nation,if our request are not headed to because it is against the constitution as amended and other extent rules to mount or erect road blocks when there’s no security threat. We are no longer in military regime and such obnoxious policy should be discontinued immediately ” they stated.

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