Ebonyi 2019: The Loosing Wining Of Dave Umahi – By  Comr. Nwokwu Daniel C


Ebonyi 2019: The Loosing Wining Of Dave Umahi – By  Comr. Nwokwu Daniel C

Ebonyi 2019: The Loosing Wining Of Dave Umahi – By  Comr. Nwokwu Daniel C

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Ebonyi politics has been dominated by goons and violence of all sorts over time thereby preventing the state from producing competent leaders like Anambra who produced the likes of Dr. Chris Nwabueze Ngige, Mr. Peter Obi and Dr. Willie Obiano respectively.Our own has been different from grace to grass, though the present administration far better to the previous government but the simple truth is that Ebonyi is yet to produce a leader who truly understands the nature of things in the state, the change the people want and the reality on ground. The problem being that our leaders focus more on personal interest thereby seeing wining election and political positions as a “do or die affair” which is a wrong perception of leadership/politics. Leadership entails your individuality, if you’re a saint as you may claim the people knows thereby, you have little stress to do and the good people we take the campaign to the street since you heed to their call.

Dave Umahi chances in 2019.

He must start to play–


Relating to the latest political trends diluting uncivilized political mindsets.

Where criteria for electing leaders into offices is base on who we know, who met us first, personal interest instead of competency as criteria for selection.

*What is competency in governance?*

*I quote my self*

“competency in governance has to do with the level of experience, hard work, dedication,commitment towards achieving a target goal, and selfless service to humanity.”

Competency in governance is not measured by the look in our eyes,the size of our body, the wealth in our possession as rooted in the mindset of some conservative liberals, or the way we fluently speak, or how we interact, or ability to fight, grind and crush opposition/critics, or level of education as misunderstood by many.

Rather competency in governance is measured by experience, transparency, dedication, commitment towards achieving targeted goals, and the ideology of honesty as the best policy in leadership.

Therefore, Umahi should invest more on human structure of the youths because it is only the living that walk and ride on rings road and flyovers,people have to eat very well, be in good health, educationally sound and engage in vocational training and acquisitions to walk, ride and enjoy those beautiful infrastructures.



The recent statement credited to the executive Governor of Ebonyi state Engr. Dave Nweze Umahi on democracy day May 29th that “People who observe the sit at home order by IPOB to honor and in respect of our Fathers, mothers,brothers and sisters who lost their lives in Biafran struggle” should risk forfeiting their shops is total betrayal to the heart of Ndi-Ebonyi, Ndi Igbo and assault on the votes casted for you by ordinary people.  A day to respect people who die in this struggle shouldn’t be joked with even if it does not suit you or favor your political ambition, one thing is certain, these citizens are the ones their votes brought you to the seat and if you still hope on them to do it again, must respect their interest instead you keep mute on the issue. Putting the people first is very essential in leadership.



Critics and Opposition  is part of democracy, for a nation/state to be democratic, there must be critics, people don’t always criticize becaustherevbh have the solutions or remedy to your area of difficulty but because the can take the advantage of exposing your weakness to emerge into power.

Like the reality on ground now is that if not that APC is confused set of people in the state the party have 70percent chances of taking over power in the state come 2019, that is only if they can produce competent hand but their problem is that they only confuse themselves with the slogan “change” when they don’t know what to change, not the change of Elechi from PDP to APC or Egwu from Governor to Senator. What we need is CHANGE of PUBLIC OFFICE PERSONALS, I have to rest my pen here as you await for the part2

Rise up and think for our future generations!

Time to think for a better Ebonyi!!


Kind regards

Comr. Nwokwu Daniel c


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