“Buhari Is Caged, Sneaks Around To See Guests”

“Buhari Is Caged, Sneaks Around To See Guests”

“Buhari Is Caged, Sneaks Around To See Guests”

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This might not be the best of times for the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, General Muhammadu Buhari and the managers of the presidency.

This is as information available to 247ureports.com indicates the President’s movement has been severely restricted and controlled by persons outside the president’s protocol stream and administrative structure. The severity of the encapsulation by the ‘cabal’ is reported to worsened following the President’s return from his long London medical vacation. This is according to a competent source.

According to a usually reliable source who makes the point that the President has become caged and “not himself” since his return – stated that the President’s close associates led by Mamman Daura firmed-up on their grip of the President. “The President is not allowed to see or allow visitors meet with him without the ‘permission’ from the Mamman Daura led team”, said the source who clarified that the fear of the unknown became the order of the day – following the President’s return.

“Buhari Is Caged, Sneaks Around To See Guests”

They believe the president may have been poisoned, that some group of persons are after him. That is why they blocked off the President’s office under the guise of rodents”.  The source explains that under the guise, the entire protocol guiding the activities of the President’s movement and activities were jettisoned and replaced by the day to day rules and procedures announced by the Daura cabal. “In most cases, the President’s movements are penned without the President’s knowledge or the knowledge of his close special aides”.  The source states that the President only goes along with the decisions of the cabal. “He believes they are acting on his best interest”.

The 1st Lady’s often public outburst over the overreaching control of the cabal into her husband’s affairs, according to the source, had to do with her increasing loss of control and influence on the husband, the President. “Her last outburst was the one that many did not understand”. The source explained that the 1st Lady’s public announcement stating she will not support her husband’s return in 2019 – draws directly from the firmer grip by the cabal over her husband.

According to the source, the President is not allowed to receive visitors. He is only allowed to see visitors approved by the Daura team. “Even if the President demands to see a particular individual, the Daura team can overrule, and have done so on several occasions”. 247ureports.com was meant to understand the President resorts to using trusted members of his aides or assistants to reach to the individuals he wishes to see. This is typically done in secret away from the Daura team. On one instance, the President “had to use one of the chief cooks to reach out to a particular individual he had wanted to see”.

Many of the supposed policy decisions and indecisions are primarily the making of the Daura team, claims the source. The ‘northernization’ agenda of the President is not entirely Buhari’s but largely the Daura led team. The source claims that Buhari allowed the Daura team “to do as they like”. The appointment of a northerner at the Nigerian Intelligence Agency [NIA] to replace the sacked south westerner was the making of the Daura led team. “Buhari just went along with it

The source pointed to the move to join the fray in 2019 for the presidential election as purely the making of the cabal. “The President had made it clear he does not want to contest”. The source indicated in clear authoritative terms that the President had already told close members of his team that he had no intention for 2019. “He has even told his wife”.  But the pressure is immense. The cabal understands the depth of their power over Buhari – they firmly believe Buhari will have little choice than to go alone.

The sources pointed to the visits to Kano and Nasarawa States as ‘test’ campaign stop to convince and/or further press on the President to conclude positively on the 2019 outing. Daura and his team played a role in ensuring the crowd at the two location were large and jolting. Financial inducements were offered to village heads and traditional heads in return for crowd mobilization.

“Buhari Is Caged, Sneaks Around To See Guests”

Buhari’s refusal to visit Benue State following the tragedy was not Buhari’s making, claims the source. The Daura team rejected the idea. “They did not want Buhari in Benue”. They were unsure of the reception Buhari would receive. They rather decided to invite the Governor and other leaders from region to the Presidential villa.

Our source explained that Buhari’s absence from Benue State clearly exposes and exemplifies the case of Buhari having lost all controls of his movement to the Daura team.

247ureports.com reached out to the presidency through its spokesperson, Femi Adesina. He responded. He said “don’t know what you are talking about”.

“This is consistent with what I’ve heard from inside sources about the relationship between the first couple. Buhari is held hostage by an evil, sneaky, corrupt, vulturous, and conniving cabal that ensures that his wife doesn’t see him even in the “kitchen,” the “living room,” or “the other room.”” – Farooq A. Kperogi, Ph.D.

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  1. Rasheed Akangbe February 12, 2018 at 6:33 pm -

    With overwhelming facts and figures staring everyone in the face, the only long lasting choice is to go each other way.At this point, peaceful disengagement is possible, on the other hand, the longer this issue is not tackled the way it should will make violent disengagement inevitable. We can at least go Regional one more time and let everyone know their boundary. If we start sitting to talk now we will have enough time to do it gradually at least over a period of let us five to four years to allay bad feelings since the country cannot be physically be broken into regions. The entire planet now has been reduced to a Global Village. News that takes two days to circulate is now done in seconds…Let us go each other’s way now. Am calling on the Power Brokers to get real wherever they are. A storm is gathering and it is ominous. Those at the receiving ends of the ethnic cleansing by individual or governmental connivance have had enough!!
    To the descendants of born to rule mentality, I say to you…think again! As at today, the Igala Man knows his place and can attest to the serial genocide being visited on his people..you don’t want to to find out who he will turn his gun on the day PUSH finally COMES to SHOVE! The born to rule descendants better start thinking..Dambazzau, Daura, Kiyari, you can connive and conspire to MANIPULATE Buhari”s mind all you want for now. The question is where you gonna run to when the bubble burst? it’s not if it will, it’s a matter of when.