2019 Presidency: Declare Your Presidential Ambition Group Tell Atiku, Promise To Pick Nomination Form

2019 Presidency: Declare Your Presidential Ambition Group Tell Atiku, Promise To Pick Nomination Form

2019 Presidency: Declare Your Presidential Ambition Group Tell Atiku, Promise To Pick Nomination Form

2019 Presidency: Declare your presidential Ambition now, Atiku Abubukar Rescue Nigeria Project tell Akitu Promise to pick nomination form for the Presidential Race

Atiku  Abubukar  Rescue Nigeria Project 2019 (AARNP) a political campaign organization supporting the candidate of Alhaji Abubukar Atiku for the presidential Race 2019 , It has membership across the 36 states  and 774 local Government  Areas and is committed in canvassing  the candidate of Dr.Atiku Abubukar to Nigerians Ahead of the 2019 General Election.

This Organization has been in the forefront of supporting the candidate of Dr.Atiku Abubukar Since 2011 Elections and have galvanized support from various stakeholders through the Zonal Engagement and  National consultation “Atiku Abubakar is the most detribalized Nigerian, have accessible leadership figure in Nigeria with close links to citizen at all levels nationwide. Turaki has a large Heart and the number of qualities required of a true leader and has a close relationship with the grassroots .With the dwindling Economic status of the country only Atiku has the political and Economic knowledge to stabilize our battered Economy, Solve the security challenges and create Jobs for millions of unemployed Youths if elected into the office of the president come 2019 . He have acquired requisite experience and knowledge in management of Nigeria Polity and Economy . As the 2019 Elections Draw Nearer we have restructed our structures to support his candidature come 2019.

We have chosen Atiku as our next president and we are ready to move round every corner of the world with him like an unstoppable train to actualize this mandate.  A victory for Atiku in the 2019 Presidential election would put an end to all forms of economic mismanagement and political subterfuge being perpetrated by the All Progressives Congress (APC).

It is our well-considered opinion that the present political leadership in Nigeria is mediocre and other observant Nigerians will have no choice but agree with us that Nigeria cannot endure another four years of this embarrassing failure. The people in government vowed to fight corruption, but rather they are romancing corruption as evidenced in the myriads of embarrassing scandals they are enmeshed in.

The APC has also failed to fix the economy, rather their indecision and sometimes curious decisions have caused loss of jobs. Based on their reckless utterances, acts of omission and commission, Nigeria is more divided along ethnic/religious lines today than at any other time in the country’s history. The present administration has failed to fulfill its promises owing to its failure to make fuel available during the Yuletide even as Nigerians have to pay exorbitant price for it.

The Atiku Abubukar Rescue Nigeria Project  in a statement by its National  Convener Comrade Innocent  Nwafor and National Publicity Secretary, Mallam Usman Shittu, obtained by journalists in Abuja stated that it has a self-imposed mandate  to compel Atiku to run for the presidency come 2019 and to Pick nomination  form for him Ahead of the PDP presidential Primaries .

We are aware that Atiku recently left the disaster-prone ruling party to rejoin the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to prepare for another shot at the Presidency, though he  is still consulting. He must realize that the battle to rescue Nigeria from the rudderless status quo is not about him or any of the people he is consulting. It’s about us, the Nigerian People and the future of this potentially-great nation

We have now found a man who has a history of creating wealth and employing millions of people even in his private capacity; a detribalized Nigerian who understands the diverse and complex nature of the nation, a sound mind who also has eagle eyes for talents and who will not waste time to appoint credible world class professionals who will work with him to reposition the economy

Our core mandate is to mobilize our structures across the 36 states and 774 local Government  with  Permanent Voters’ Cards PVCs to vote for  Dr. Atiku Abubakar in the 2019 Presidential election

Dr, Atiku Abubukar is no doubt inestimable Assest to PDP as a Party and it won’t be easy task to wrestle power from the Ruling APC come 2019 without the caliber of Atiku Abubkar .The Party has already conceded the presidential slot to the North come 2019.PDP will need a formidable candidate from the North to regain power come 2019. With presidential Aspirant like Atiku in the PDP Fold.the Party then becomes the favoured Party to win the presidential Elections come 2019.. We then called on Dr Atiku Abubukar to declare his intention for the presidential Race and we will pick nomination form for him  to put pressure on him to declare his Ambition.

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