New American-Saudi-Emirati Plan For The Region


New American-Saudi-Emirati Plan For The Region

New American-Saudi-Emirati Plan For The Region

Retired General Mahmoud Mansour, Qatari intelligence founder unveiled information that shows Saudi, American, and UAE joint cooperation attempts to build a joint military base in Abu Dhabi.

Maj. Gen. Mansour emphasized that the member states will review the latest information on recent developments in the Gulf region and take appropriate measures in this regard.

Major General Mahmoud Mansour asserted that some high-ranking military and intelligence Saudi and Emirati officials plus 15 CIA and Pentagon officers are continuously operating in this base and hold joint meetings on some cases.

Unfortunately, US officers stationed at this base have been banned from participating in proposed Saudi and Qatari plans. Iran and China’s movements in the Oman Sea and the Persian Gulf are the main axis for the cooperation of US officers with security and military authorities in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, added Maj. Gen. Mansour.

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