Human Organ Trafficking: AGPMPN Condemn Okorocha’s Demolition Of Homes, Hospitals

Chidicon Med Ctr on Demolition

Chidicon Med Ctr on Demolition

By Ogbonna Casmir
The Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (AGPMPN), Imo State Branch have strongly condemn the actions of Imo State Government targeting medical doctors with acts of demolition of homes, hospitals and threats to life.

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Contained in a statement signed by its president, Academician (Prof.) Dr Philip Njemanze MD said the Governor Rochas Okorocha resort on intimidation of medical Doctors because of the revelations of his involvement on Human Organ Trafficking in the state.
 According to the statement titled: ‘Intimidation of Medical Doctors Because of Allegation on Human Organ Trafficking against Governor Rochas Okorocha’ AGPMPN said some medical doctors have been coerced with threats to life and property to dissociate themselves with the position of the general house.
Chidicon Medical Center Back Gate 11.03.2016 before Demolition

Chidicon Medical Center Back Gate 11.03.2016 before Demolition

Governor Okorocha according to the statement “on 11.03.2016 (photos attached) ordered demolition bulldozers into the premises of Dr Philip Njemanze, the Chairman of AGPMPN Imo State, at No 1 MCC Road, Owerri, to destroy his hospital premises.
The statement reads in parts: “These acts of intimidation by the Imo State Government targeted at doctors to get them to dissociate themselves with the collective unanimous resolution of the general house of AGPMPN Imo State on November 15th 2015, to petition against the actions of Governor Rochas Okorocha that threaten the life of Nigerians.
“The AGPMPN Imo State in a 214-paged petition dated 20th December, 2015 showed the linkages of Governor Okorocha’s closure of hospitals to actions that facilitate human organ trafficking.
“The position of the medical doctors was reaffirmed in a public press interview held by the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) under the theme: Imo Government threats to Sanctity of Life, on February 4th 2016. This was after the bloody shooting of a medical doctor at a peaceful rally by the police close to government house”.
The group however, noted that their official position will not change despite the threats to life and coercion of her members, while regretting that these dastardly lawless acts of Imo State government can only be interpreted as motivated by guilt. “It is a known fact that, intimidation of potential witnesses is a crime under the criminal code of laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”.
The medical group disclosed that confession and declarations obtained by coercion are not admissible in any law court, it urged members of the public to disregard any declarations attributed to medical doctors declining from the official position of the association.
Calling on Federal Government to intervene to restore rule of law in the state, it said the association understands the deep fears in some doctors and their family members as the Imo State government lashes out with its terror machinery.

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