Former NSA’s family member to DSS: ‘we’ll leave everything to God’

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By Danlami Nmodu

A member of  former  Sultan Ibrahim  Dasuki’s family has reacted to the reasons adduced by the DSS for the raids on the Abuja residence  of ex National Security Adviser ,NSA  ,Colonel Sambo Dasuki (rtd) as well as the Sokoto residence of the deposed Sultan.


The family member who spoke with  Newsdiaryonlineunder  the condition of anonymity said “I will call Sambo and tell him not to go to court.Leave them with God.”

He said  the reasons adduced for the raids simply  reinforced  their  suspicion that it was all down to vendetta  over a 30 -year  event over the putsch that sacked General Muhammadu Buhari in 1984.“It is pathetic that this could still happen.God is more powerful than everyone.”

The family member questioned some of the reasons given  by the DSS.He  asked that  as a former  NSA who fought terrorists seriously, are they saying he doesn’t need rifles for personal protection ? He said “this man as NSA dealt the biggest blow  to the terrorist than all the NSAs so far you remember? Are you saying he doesn’t need rifles?”

He adduced similar counter argument for the  bullet proof cars   seized  from the former NSA’s house in Abuja.He wondered why anyone should blame the former NSA for having bullet proof cars. “I know of  private citizens who  don’t hold positions  in  government who have not less than 5 bullet-proof cars.So what are they talking about?”.

Speaking  to Newsdiaryonline on the $40,000 found  and seized in  Sambo’s house, the family member wondered why this will be an issue. “You know this man is not from a poor family.Even before he became NSA, he could afford this amount of money,” said.

“This   thing is just about the 30 year old vendetta as we have been saying.It is very patherhic”, he insisted .

Then he repeated  his resolve to urge Sambo not to go to court: “Iam gong to call Sambo and tell him not to go to court.We will leave everything to God”.

DSS in its statement said “based on credible intelligence linking the immediate past NSA, Mohammed Sambo DASUKI (Col Rtd) with alleged plans to commit treasonable felony against the Nigerian State, operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS) conducted a search on the properties belonging to the former NSA, Mohammed Sambo DASUKI (Col Rtd). The properties are on Nos. 13, John Khadya Street, Nos. 46, Nelson Mandela Street, both at Asokoro, Abuja, and Nos. 3 Sabon Birni Road, Gwiwa Area, Sokoto, Sokoto State.

“The search operations was planned to be simultaneously conducted, but DASUKI, refused the operatives entry into his main residence located at No. 13 John Khadya Street, Asokoro, despite being presented with a genuine and duly signed search warrant. Consequently, what was to last not more than two (2) hours, lasted more than ten (10) hours, up till the early hours of 17th July, 2015. Indeed if not for the sense of maturity and professionalism of the officers and men assigned this task and the very good understanding and timely intervention of the new Chief of Army Staff, Tsukur Y. BURATAI (Maj Gen), there would have been a clash between the Army operatives guarding the house and Service operatives, as SAMBO directed the soldiers on duty not to allow any movement into his house, despite the subsisting court order. SAMBO thereafter raised a false alarm to the military authorities to come to his aid as he failed to correctly tell the military that his property was about to be legitimately searched.

“Gentlemen, please recall that SAMBO retired from the Army as a Colonel, and therefore not entitled to have military guards, if not for the fact he was NSA. Even as NSA, such guards should have been withdrawn after his removal as NSA since he would not have been entitled.

“The search was thoroughly conducted, and several items recovered, among which were some incriminating items. These include seven (7) high caliber rifles, (high assault weapons), several magazines and military related gears.

“The team also recovered twelve (12) new vehicles, out of which five (5) were bullet proofs. These vehicles which are all exotic vehicles were retrieved from SAMBO’s residence having failed to produce evidence of ownership. For instance, what could he be doing with five (5) bullet proof cars as a retired NSA?. These cars which from all available evidence were purchased with tax payers money, were being kept for possible sinister enterprise.

“The Service would want to state categorically that this search operation is not a witch hunt.

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  1. Solomon July 19, 2015 at 3:42 pm -

    Why shouldn’t he go to court if he thinks there’s an infraction of sorts. This isn’t archetypal bygone days of impunity. He’s sure to get justice where he deserves one. Otherwise, he should remain quiet and relish the free air he may, just, out of the magnanimity of a responsible executive, been allowed.
    When they want to deceive themselves they shout and philosophize about God. I have always maintained that whereas you couldn’t stick out your neck in defense of the content of godliness or lack of it with other past regimes, the last PDP government certified itself an anti God party. May God forgives. God is a God of order and not confusion.
    God gave them a chance to govern -and to rule, manipulate and cloak about under guile religious hoods. Never had there been a satanic induced use or abuse of religion. The former NSA should not blab about “leaving it to God” he should clearly persuade us all of the injustice in searching him. Tinubu’s house was invaded, Rotimi Amaechi was pulled of a State owned jet during the pendency of tenure the did not rant religious slogans. A very short while after Patrick Aziza alluded to the link between Boko ‘Haram and insurgency generally -and lack of internal democracy in PDP,being the ruling party: He and Patrick Yakowa who was being rumoured to be at logger heads with immediate past VP conveniently died in an crash. They probably didn’t know how to report to God. Thank God the APC is headlined in a way that no malefactor would be able to use God’s name as accessory of fraud.
    Which God does he think we believe he reports to. A man who sat in wings to attend Buhari’s funeral had the the wickedness of the ruling party in organizing a bomb attack against PMB succeeded. Imagine, after almost succeeded in making Buhari the Commander of Boko ‘Haram and father of every northern flavored insurgency through their alienating and destructive religion propaganda. A tactic that almost succeeded in destroying aa good man, at least in the non- northern parts. When they saw that that the man was likely to become the competition to beat they bombed the man, in that some eighty or more Nigerians perished. See the contradiction, after labeling the man with Boko ‘Haram badge they turned the gun on him in the same name of Boko ‘Haram. Dasuki through all these never used he position to rally Imams for prayer GMB as he then was. If you ask me PDP should simply stop all these diversionary posturing and just apologize to hit men alias Boko ‘Haram, pay them balance of they owe them and let them know that the party is over now. In the meantime, every fformer untouchable should get for the reverse. Like I always maintained during the issues about PMB jailing, probing people or not, my take was and still remains that Buhari won’t even be able or allowed to touch even a foul. But as sure as the sun rises from the East and sets in the West, the law which Buhari merely swore under his constitutional contract with the good and expectant peoples of this -soon to be great again country-will catch many who transgressed the laws.

  2. Adamu July 19, 2015 at 2:26 pm -

    The Siege has begun.