Peter Obi with Senator Andy Uba

Peter Obi with Senator Andy Uba

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP introduced a new style in the just concluded National Assemblies elections in Anambra State. An act that amounts to blatant slap on the face of democratic process, pure violation of the will and wishes of the masses of our dear State and an abominable act that would not in any way be condoned or tolerated by the gods of our land.

I know that the candidates, our party APGA and other well meaning individuals from the State have commented on this sad development, I decided to deal with it once more considering what such acts portend for our fragile and growing democracy.

In the history of Anambra State, no time have we witnessed the level of violence and intimidation deployed by the characters in PDP all in quest of grabbing power. The abuse was so reckless that caution and decorum were blatantly ignored, what mattered to the PDP hulks was power, power at all cost. For the first time, the military was used against the people, deploying war machines that are rarely seen outside the barracks except in situations of war, the kind of machines presently deployed in fighting insurgency up North.

The tragedy of this is that they were lead by our so called illustrious sons and daughters that have benefitted immensely from the present tranquil security situation put in place by our ebullient and visionary governor, APGA government that has made Anambra the safest State in Nigeria.

The actions of this desperate lot brought back the sad and forgotten memories of the tragic days when PDP was in control of our State. A period in our history when violence and brigand were the order of the day, a period when lawless individuals were the lords in our political arena. Some APGA stalwarts were kidnapped, some beaten to stupor all in the name of power. The governor of the State was threatened directly and if it were not for the wisdom deployed by His Excellency in handling such volatile situation as the Chief security officer of the State, the stories would have been different today.

Chief Sir Victor Umeh, Ohamadike Ndi Igbo was physically hunted with military armoured personnel carrier just to bring him down. Even when it was insinuated that there was an understanding abinitio which enabled APGA to give maximum support for the re-election quest of President Goodluck Jonathan, PDP treated us like fools.

One then begins to wonder why the PDP had to deploy raw confrontation to a political party that has given it maximum support in the past even when Ndi Igbo benefited nothing from them.

Another irony of the entire mess is that the operation was headed by a former governor of the State, a maximum beneficiary of the magnanimity of Ndi Anambra and a man that paid us back by joining forces with a group that he swore never to be a part of. It confuses my mind thinking about  what happened and as I try to imagine the implications of their actions on the masses where they have blatantly demonstrated that the voice of the people do not count and its general impact on our fragile democracy, I begin to quiver.

PDP had the whole time in the world to campaign, instead they took to their normal trade in stock which is to field multiple candidates. In Anambra Central Senatorial elections alone, PDP had four to five candidates vying for the same seat. These candidates campaigned till the end of the election. All the efforts of the State government to bring them to order through legal and humane processes proved abortive. Their actions clearly demonstrated a desperate group that would stop at nothing in order to continue their abuse of our common generosity knowing that Anambra person is not prepared to go to war. It was equally a reckless trashing of the voice of the people. If the PDP felt they had done the right things to win an election, why the need of deploying war machines and military personnel against our people. This election was supposed to be an election of brothers and sisters with common goal of running robust campaign and asking for our votes to represent us. When a Senator or a member of House of Representatives gets a positive result by default, will such a person be seen to be representing the wishes of the people? Can the people whom he/she got there on their purported support and votes ever have the right to call on him/her on pressing issues that require their attention, the main reasons for electing them? What kind of impression do we leave for the younger generation whom we accuse all the time of being irresponsible?

For a very long time, political thuggery, intimidation and bullying left our political scenery thanks to the government of APGA that sanitised the State through good governance, a template that has been upped by the present administration of Governor Willie Obiano, why is PDP trying hard to take us back to the dark days?

God, in His own way has a way of paying people back in their own coin at His time only that this time He did not waste time to reward them accordingly.

Today the mighty has fallen, the chased is doing the chasing, oke n’oso, ngwele n’oso.

It is no more about robbing Ndi Anambra at gun point and forcefully changing our collective will, the robbers MUST face the music in the tribunals and courts of law. We are more determined as a people to reclaim our stolen mandates, we are resilient to remain steadfast in the adoption of the rule of law because we genuinely care for our people. We understand that the actions of leaders determine the reactions of the followers therefore more determined to lead by example. It is not about being declared a winner based on falsehood, it is about honour and integrity, it is equally about looking back on our collective journey, considering how far we have come and making sure we do not go down that terrible road ever again.

Let me state that the patience and tolerance level of APGA and Ndi Anambra must not be taken for granted, we are more prepared today to get back to the polls on the 11th of April, vote and protect our votes, as M. I Okpara of blessed memory will say ” First fool no be fool, but second fool na proper foolish” let the PDP be aware that not anymore will they snatch victory and vandalise the will of the people.

APC has taken over the centre, we are determined to negotiate tangible and result yielding alliance with the government at the centre, not the previous alliance that had no content for the Igbos or Ndi Anambra except the selfish interest of an individual.

PDP must be warned that their time is generally up, the kind of cooperation they got from the military in the past will no more be there, even if they manage to get such, Ndi Anambra will resist them, we are in a democracy and the people must be allowed to elect their leaders.

Stating the obvious once more, APGA government has done a lot for Ndi Anambra that we are wholly committed to keep moving forward with APGA. We are more prepared today to give Governor Obiano all the supports that he requires to be doing well for us all by electing candidates of APGA to the State House of Assembly. We are very happy with the working Willie.

Knowing PDP and the stuff they are made off, we are certain they will try again, we are more determined and resolute today than before, ogwu ama nma anyi n’anya ozo, we have made that mistake, never again.

Ndi Anambra,  I salute you all.

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