A militant from New Zealand fighting in Syria against President Bashar Al Assad’s government has accidentally revealed his location from his mobile phone, GulfNews.com, Middle East’s biggest newspaper reports on Wednesday.

Mohammad Daniel, alias Abu Abdul Rahman, formerly known as Mark John Taylor, has reportedly forgotten to turn off a tracking function on his phone while posting messages to Twitter.

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His whereabouts was noticed by Canada-based open source intelligence research group iBRABO.

Experts say such information is invaluable in helping investigators establish links that foreign fighters have with terrorist groups.
Daniel later deleted his 45 posts from Twitter, but not before it was known that he apparently was with the Daesh militant group in Kafar Roma, an area that

President Bashar Al Assad’s Syrian army has previously confirmed had been occupied by foreign fighters from Daesh.

Daniel sent several tweets from Al Tabqah which allowed iBRABO to pinpoint a specific house in the southwest of Al Tabqah that he had “predominantly used” from December 3 to 10.

The militant left New Zealand in May 2012 and worked in Indonesia for two years as an English teacher.

Source: http://www.turkishweekly.net/news/177952/militant-from-new-zealand-fighting-in-syria-mistakenly-tweets-his-location.html