… As Ohakim, Araraume Fight Dirty At Party Secretariat
Female governorship aspirant in Imo State and member representing Owerri Senatorial Zone in the senate, Senator Chris ND Anyanwu yesterday got in a slapping match with the chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Ezinihitte Local Government Area of the state, Mr. Chinemerem Madu over the control of the party’s delegate election which took place last Saturday.

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According to sources, during the delegates election, Senator Anyanwu suspected that the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Chief Emeka Ihedioha had manipulated the entire process and went to Ezinihitte Mbaise to see things for herself.
When she got to the LGA party secretariat in Itu where materials for the election were supposed to be distributed, she noticed that the election did not hold. Rather, a list of Ihedioha’s loyalists was compiled as the names of the elected delegates.
Hon. Ihedioha

Hon. Ihedioha gathered that she immediately demanded to see the list but the party chairman, a loyalist of Ihedioha refused to let her have her way.
This warranted the senator to slap the man on the chest, while the chairman quickly responded with a hot slap on the senator’s face, an action that led some of the senator’s aides to rush in. but before their arrival, the two politicians were already separated.
In a similar vein, the meeting for all governorship aspirants in the Imo State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, almost turned violent Saturday following the threat by Senator Ifeanyi Araraume to slap former governor of the state, Chief Ikedi Ohakim.
According to PDP sources, the meeting, which was held at the state PDP secretariat, Owerri, ahead of the party’s ward congresses, saw the two leaders in heated argument about a petition filed to the national delegation from Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of the state. The two leaders are from Isiala Mbano Council area.
When Araraume arrived the party’s state secretariat in the morning, he was noticed shouting to nobody in particular, “why should that happen? That shouldn’t happen and it can’t happen”
The source disclosed that the two men were actually fighting over who to control the party machinery in their LGA and Okigwe zone in general.
Trouble, learnt, started when Ohakim approached the chairman of the Congress delegation, Hon. Umar Kumaila, and told him that before he would start distributing election materials for the congress, he should first of all look into the petition from Isiala Mbano. The petition, it was learnt, was written against the senator’s governorship aspiration.
But, the senator was said to have rained abuses on the former governor and threatened to slap him.
In a fit of anger, Ohakim, was said to have exploded and shoved the senator first before some fellow aspirants intervened and prevented the situation from getting ugly.
Immediately, Ohakim stormed out of the meeting and could not speak to journalists who were  waiting to hear from him.
It was the same situation for Araraume, as he would not be patient to speak with the press.

6 Comments to: Senator Anyanwu, PDP Chair In A Slapping Match At Congress

  1. Wilson

    November 5th, 2014

    All these reporters can fabricate lies. How did they get their stories. You could have asked that man who reported the incident if he was there when the thing happened. Some people can fabricate something just to make a comic relieve. Well anything you bring out people must buy while they smile to their banks. Nigerian writers! I am not saying that such thing did not happen but the way Nigerian Journalists blow things out of proportion baffles me. Haba!!!

  2. Nkiru Celine Okoro

    November 5th, 2014

    Aunty Chris, we hold you in very high esteeem. I beg you kindly do not get into do or die politics of Imo State. You can recontest for the senate. You are still young. we dont want you to die now. There are millions of young women and girls looking up to you as a mentor. Kindly do not disappoint us. if you loose please loose gallantly. Dont be mirshed into avoidable controversy that may affect the reputation you have built up over the years. i wish you luck and great success. Lady Nkiru Celine Okoro

  3. November 4th, 2014

    It is very sad that we do not have sincere and genuine leaders but “moniticians”those whose belly is their god”. The lust for power has completely covered their sense of reasoning.They are fighting for the lust for power and what goes with power-Looting,sharing of monies, followed by wild parties after election rigging and victory,then eating drinking and enjoyment for themselves and their families (born and unborn). If any of these so called politicians are sincere, let them show us what they have done from ward level, local government level, and state level to show that they have really empowered the masses that are going daily going to bed without foods, no shelter no clothing and no security.But they that want to govern the people at various positions have police,army and navy providing security for them to continue in their wicked activities against the people. The Word of God is book of Ecclesiastes 12;14 said” For God will bring every work into judgement,including every secret thing,whether it is good or whether it is evil”. Judgement day must come for these evil men.

  4. Ijeoma

    November 3rd, 2014

    Don’t mind them. They are locusts and they are struggling in vain. Three years of Owelle has given Imo more than twelvve years of their predatory ruin and they will never come again to pack Imo resources in ghana must go bags for that is all they are aiming at. Owelle till 2019!

  5. Passionately Nigerian

    November 3rd, 2014

    I DEY LAUGH. Power dey sweet and we fit kill to get it.
    If these “thugs” beat up themselves at the level of election of delegates, I wonder what they will do at the primaries. They are making the competition easy for the incumbent Governor who is laughing and picking his teeth watching the drama.

    Why can’t these power merchants allow the people decide who should rule them. Afterall democracy is supposed to be Goverment of the People by the People for the People. PDP slogan says Power to the People and we have been told that the Umblera is wide enough to accomodate everyone.

    Any way the desperation is understandable since many of them have no way of recovering the huge sums paid to the officials of the party.

  6. Chinedu

    November 3rd, 2014

    And all these men and women are gunning to govern Imo? God help us.