The following items were discussed and resolved as follows.

1                   We condemn in its totality, the savage, wicked, barbaric action of the terrorists roaming the northern part of this country, especially the recent attacks at the Federal Polytechnic, School of Health Technology, Adamawa State University all In Mubi and the State Polytechnic in Yola all of Adamawa State

  1. The perpetrators of this wicked act and their sponsors must be fished out tried for treason. Nobody must be seen to be above the law in Nigeria.
  2. We urge the Federal Government as a matter of urgency to secure admission into the Universities and Polytechnics in Nigeria all their qualified security staff.
  3. Thousands of University graduates roaming around the street of this nation jobless should be employed into the secret service and given adequate security training. This will solve so many problems (a) it will reduce unemployment. (b) it will reduce crime. (c) it will beef up our security system and make the Nation a safer place to dwell in.



The Federal Government must understand that they are putting Christian leaders in a very difficult position. Why must we keep apologizing to our people on behalf of the federal Government? Why must we keep telling our people to be calm in the face of such provocations, slaughter and terrorist acts? Why is the federal government making us cowards, inactive and incapable leaders to protect our people and fight for their interest? Our Youths are becoming restless and furious. We urge the federal government to show that they are truly in control. This nation is fast becoming a fail state.



FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency has been too slow and unprepared. We urge them to be more pro-active. The masses are treated as if they do not matter. Things must not continue like this in this Country.



It is reported that thousands of Medical Doctors have left the coast of this Country for greener pastures outside the Country. The Nursing profession has suffered a similar fate. Brain drain has wrecked the Health Delivery System of this Country. The rich people fly out for Medical Treatment at the slightest ailment. Our big men and women do not want to die in Nigeria. Most of what we hear is he or she died in a London, German Hospital etc. Even the Lecturers that will handle the Medical students are getting scarce.

We need more Nursing Schools or Facilities should be upgraded so that more students can be admitted per session. The same thing goes for our Medical Schools.

The remuneration of Lecturers in the Medical schools and schools of Nursing should be looked into and made attractive.

The further collapse of the Health delivery system will lead to a National tragedy. A stitch in time saves nine.


5          TEACHERS DAY.

Yesterday we celebrated Teachers day. Are Teachers celebrated in this Nation? Why is it that students do not want to go into Colleges of Education? In this Nation, Teachers are treated with contempt, paid starvation salary. How many Secondary School Teachers earn what a Local Government Counselor earns? Our Educational system is in shambles. Our students finish secondary school but they are illiterates. They cannot read, they cannot fill forms, they cannot debate intelligently.

A Nation that fails to pay attention to Education of its children must retrogress. Do we intend to go into the dark ages again?

We recommend that Teachers should be treated as professionals. NCE graduates should be paid the same salary with those who graduate from the Nursing schools. Those who have B Ed should be paid like those who have B Sc Nursing.

Teachers should be paid bush allowance if they are posted to the rural areas.

We commend our Law Makers for suggesting that no Government Official should be allowed to send his children oversees for University Education. In fact that is not enough. The Law should say. No Government Official or Law Maker should be allowed to send his children to a private Secondary School or a private University even in Nigeria. No Law Maker or Government Official should send his children overseas until after first Degree in Nigeria unless such a Course is not offered in Nigeria.



In 2 years time, we shall be reviewing the 100 years of the forceful amalgamation of Nigeria. Those who are insisting that Nigeria must remain one have just 2 years to stop all the killings, looting and the maladministration. There will be no Nation called Nigeria if things remain like this.


6b       2015 General Elections.

We tremble to think of 2015. How many of our campuses have been infiltrated by Boko Haram? It is reported that too much of ammunition have been smuggled into this Country. Urgent action must be taken.



Some northerners are already preparing themselves to contest for the presidency in 2015. We the Christians boldly affirm that the next person to be president of this country from the north must be a Christian. The north has produced the following President or Heads of State.

1                   Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa.

2                   Gen. Yakubu Gowon.

3                   Gen. Murtala Mohammed.

4                   Alhaji Shehu Shagari.

5                   Gen. Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida.

6                   Gen. Mohammadu Buhari.

7                   Gen. Sani Abacha.

8                   Gen. Abubakar Abdulsalam.

9                   Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’adua.


You can see that out of this 9 persons, the Northern Christian has only 1. i.e. Gen. Yakubu Gowon.

If we are to consider elective Presidents, we have.

1                   Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa.

2                   Alhaji Shehu Shagari.

3                   Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.


The Northern muslims have produced 3 elective Presidents. The Christians from the North have produced none.

Justice, equity, fairness show that the next President of Nigeria from the North must be a Christian. Nothing less than that should happen.



The federal government gave 5 billion to the muslim almagiri school system and gave nothing to the Christians. Such unjust, unfair, discriminatory action is totally unacceptable to the northern Christians. President Jonathan, the Northern Christians are waiting for their 5billion for 2012. The National Law Makers should see to this urgently.

Some States Governments in the north refuse the teaching of Christian religious studies in their public schools even when voluntary organizations are ready to pay the CRS teachers.

The Northern Governors Peace Forum while commendable is unacceptable to us because the committee is lopsided, i.e. 30 muslims and only 11 Christians.



Nigeria seems too large for the Federal Government to govern successfully. The Governors do not cooperate with the Federal Government for this assignment.

  1. We do not want the 6 geo political zones inserted in the constitution. It should go further than that. 6 or 8 regions should be created.
  2. Each region should be semi-autonomous and self governing.
  3. They should pay tax to the federal government.
  4. The states should be retained.
  5. One senator should emerge per state.
  6. Each state should produce 2 members of the House of Representatives.


8          OUR CONDOLENCE.

We hereby send our condolence to families that are bereaved in the recent wicked act perpetrated by terrorists in Adamawa State and other States of Nigeria. May the good Lord comfort you all.



Evangelist Matthew Owojaiye                                           Engr. Iliya Yusuf

Chairman NOSCEF.                                                     Secretary General NOSCEF.

7 Comments to: Northern Christian Elders Forum Warn Jonathan [Communique]

  1. Baks

    October 13th, 2012

    1.Is there any christain almajiri school system? 2. Is there any eastern muslim forum? 3. How many schools in the east teaches I.R.S, is there any? Yet there’r muslim children in the school, Why don’t you generalized the problem? Your aim to divide Nigeria in come 2014’l nt come through.. Evil initiators

  2. Baks

    October 13th, 2012

    1.To get 5bn, produce chrtan almajiri.. 2. Stp discusin politics in da church, d place shld be a sacred place. 3. Is like u all want to divide Nigeria, bt God woun’t help u to achve dat. 4. In cnclusn, u all at dat meeting are evil. Long Live Nigeria.

  3. Boss major

    October 10th, 2012

    let me just start by saying the writer of this garbage is is definately retarded. since church has become a political gathering that you would sit and discuss who would be president next and who would donate money next. Dumb nigerians, its people like you guys that cause riot. what a dumb write-up. you think the presidential seat has become an aapointment, betta behave like grown ups, get ur money, contest for presidency, if u win lucky for you else go home and watch someone else enjoy the sit. fools

  4. Raph

    October 10th, 2012

    Bridget i want to belief dat dis ur statmdnt is mdtaphorical. Let me not coment much.

  5. Bridget peter

    October 9th, 2012

    Wise comment sadiq. Boko haram will be president come 2o15. Christians especially de igbos a slaves in nigeria.

  6. Sadiq

    October 9th, 2012

    Stupid write up. This is suffering from religious and sentimental hang over

  7. Austin

    October 9th, 2012

    What part of “No Vacancy In Aso Rock In 2015” dont people understand? Come 2015 GEJ will run and he will win. Then it will be the turn of the Igbos….Common my Christian brothers from the north its only but fair that you allow we igbos to run and win the presidency.