…..As Scientist bags award

last saturday at International conference centre Abuja,the management of Gembach communication services,presented SAVANNA EXPRESS magazine to the Nigerian public.

The event attracted men and women from all walks of life,who graced the occasion.

Two illustrious Nigerians were duly honoured with award.

A scientist of International repute Dr.samuel okore,currently a lecturer at federal polytechnic Nekede bagged special scientist of Nigeria in digital ICT chemistry award.

Dr.okore has evolved lots of chemical practices and invented myriads of scientific things ,pivotal to the development of education in Nigeria.

Dr.okores contributions to the educational sector in Nigeria cannot be overemphasised.

Also chief tobias Idika the president of ohanaeze Ndi.igbo kano,and the president General leaders of the ethnic communities in kano bagged leadership award of excellence,for making non.indigenes to live at peace with kano indigenes.

In a lecture TITLED;CURBING SECURITY CHALLENGE IN OUR NATION NIGERIA; delivered by kalu peters of Nigeria renaissance forum,stated that political power gave rise to insecurity being experienced in Nigeria today.

he described boko haram the killer sect activies as a political protest amongst the aggrieved politicians.

He lamented on the hazardous effects of boko haram which created mass exodus,between Nigerians from the North,and Nigerians from the south,creating an ethnic dichotomy amongst Nigerians.

In curbing the menace of boko haram,major security challenge facing the nation Nigeria,kalu peters suggested that patriotism,sincerity is imperative amongst Nigerians to address this insecurity monster,only if Nigerians could show patriotism in reality, by exposing the locations of boko haram sect to the security agencies.

In his welcome address the managing Editor of SAVANNA EXPRESS magazine,

George Oraeki JP said SAVANNA EXPRESS magazine was borne out of the dire need to fill in the loopholes noticed in tourism and event reporting.

George Oraeki said SAVANNA EXPRESS would focus on Investigative JOURNALISM,POLITICS.

He lamented on the neglect of the media industry in Nigeria by the state,federal governments,who refuse to fund the private media sector,while in other developed democracies,the private media receives subventions direct from their central bank,which is an act of the parliament.

Highpoint is the unveiling of the magazine by His Royal Highness Christopher Jatau JP.chief of kube kingdom nasarawa state