Published On: Tue, Mar 18th, 2014

Kaura Killings: Police Detain Southern Kaduna Youth Leaders Over Protest Plan


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both killed by the unknown attackers

both killed by the unknown attackers

Youth from the Southern part of Kaduna state have been detained by the state police commissioner over planned protest, following the killings of hundred of their people.

The youth were invited by the police commission, who apparently wanted to force them to signed a document against their people but the refused, insisting on the planned protest tomorrow Wednesday 19 March, 2014.

Those who were detained by the police over the plain protest against genocide in Southern Kaduna include;  Bavoshiya  Nyan, Sunny Kasai, Sabastine Luka who is the Leader of SOKAPU Youth wing, and Kaboshio Paulinus.

Bavoshiya Nyan is the daughter of Late Col. Nyan, who was the Political Adviser to the Senate president David Mark.

The youth were humiliated by the CP and even forced them to sign a document against their people which they refuse,  247ureport reports.

The youth of Southern Kaduna said there was no justification detaining them and stopping the plan protest since people from Birnin Gwari in the Nothern part of the state protest last week, the killing of a lecturer by arm robbers by blocking the Birnin Gwari Kaduna road, Birnin Gwari, Zaria road and Birnin Gwari- Lagos road.

“Hundreds of our people are kill daily without protection from the police. Now that we want to protest so that the world will know what is happening,  we have been arrested and detained by the police. This is unacceptable. Some people want to put this state in flames because genocide is going on in Southern Kaduna nothing is been done. Even when the people make arrest and handed them to the police, the suspect are freed while the killings continue.

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  1. Guys evrybody that heire what is happening in kaduna state, expecialy the southern. Will know that there is no justice in it.

  2. sani suleiman says:

    You shut up! Shameless murderers so you people easily forgetten the massacre and ethnic cleasing perpetuated in Zonkowa,so it’s hurt huh ?. We hausa/fulanis vowed to Avenges the killings of our innocent brothers by souther kaduna terrorist and this is just the prelude of our avenged mission.

  3. Zabi says:

    We are one indeed, if you father or mother was killed I bet your language would have been different.

  4. Emma Amos says:

    We all no wy this is happening, we the people of southern Kaduna should be and eye opener’s to our people because what happened to our elders some years back is about to happened to us.some of us era still keeping the history of all.thinks

  5. DOGO LUKA says:


  6. Kuno says:

    Adebayo,shut up,most you write?even when you have nothing to say.Hiss.

  7. Pius Nicodemus says:

    What ever is their plans,GOd is watching them and they will never succeed. I want every southan kaduna person should understands that this is manupulation from the government expecially the state. Using it as way of demorilizing us politically. We cant continue talking and talking only. They say,”action speaks lauder than voice.

  8. Daniel yakubu says:

    For how long shall dis continue, d police have trucks to stop and detained peacefull protest but cant stop d people of birnin Gwari who block major roads for hours. It’s a wake up call.

  9. Iro Aliyuda says:

    Why are we not faithful in this country.The police action will end up fueling the crisis

  10. Adebayo says:

    Kaduna pple u should trying and make peace between ur self we are all one please thoes dat loss there mother, father, daughter, son and relative, u should take heart, may there soul rest in peace

    • seun wellington says:

      i wonder when nigeria police will be sensible in this country. imagine detaining people who are aggrieved over the death of their love ones instead of pacifying and condoling with them. this is really a call to justice.

    • SIMON PAUL says:

      adebayo if you dnt hv a good comment then stop. we are not brother with them thank you.