Ndigbo Blast FG Over Attack On Umahi

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  1. NZUKO UMUNNA the Igbo think tank condemns in very strong terms the invasion of the Abuja residence of Governor Dave Umahi, Chairman of South East Governors Forum (SEGF) and Ebonyi State Governor in the early hours of Monday, September 02, 2019.

  1. It is instructive that this cowardly act is coming barely 24 hours after the South East Governors Forum banned herders who move around with AK-47 and machetes, and directed security agencies to enforce the order.

  1. We note that the invaders were clearly identified as security operatives who subjected occupants of the premises and police officers on duty to intolerable harassment and intimidation before thoroughly ransacking the premises.

  1. It is noteworthy that this reckless and illegal act was carried out without a search warrant, again portraying Nigeria as a country that has little or no respect for the rule of law.

  1. The inescapable conclusion to be drawn from the modus operandi of the operatives is that they had a singular mission to plant incriminating evidence in the property towards framing trumped-up charges against Governor Umahi.

  1. The sole purpose of this dastardly and hideous plot is to intimidate, overawe and silence Governor Umahi and his colleagues at the South East Governors Forum and prevent them from discharging their mandate of speaking boldly on behalf of the South East people.

  1. We are informed that there are plans to escalate these attacks in the coming days and weeks to other South East Governors and key leaders from the South East zone.

  1. We urge the perpetrators of these heinous plots to desist forthwith to avoid throwing the country into a needless and overwhelming crisis.

  1. We ask President Muhammadu Buhari to order a full scale enquiry into this curious invasion by security operatives with a view to ensuring that the perpetrators are speedily brought to justice.

  1. We note that no amount of arm-twisting, trumped up charges or intimidation will make the South East zone shirk its resolve to ensure safety of lives and property in the zone, and urge the South East Governors Forum to remain resolute and unfazed.

  1. For the avoidance of doubt, we support in entirety the resolutions reached by the South East Governors Forum at its recent meeting, as these are consistent with the yearnings of the people of South East Zone. We commend the forum for these courageous resolutions and urge it to put practical measures in place to actualize the resolutions


Joe Odumuko


Nzuko Umunna

Obinna Mbanefo

General Secretary,

Nzuko Umunna


Nzuko Umunna is a leading think-tank made up of Igbo professionals in Nigeria and the Diaspora. It organised the highly successful “Handshake Across the Niger” and “Handshake Across Nigeria” events geared towards national harmony and understanding between Nigeria’s racial groups. Nzuko Umunna leverages its seasoned technocrats in building constructive and strategic alliances both at national and international levels.


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