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Can INEC Still Be Trusted?

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By Aiden Dillion


-that was how the Cabal created two Buhari’s and got them to attend the Abuja-Kaduna light railway.


If you want to take over from Jubril Aminu Al-Soudani when his Buhari impersonation contract expires with the Cabal next year, here is a Japanese company that can help you.


You will see that becoming Buhari is much easier than most of you think. Super realistic masks made in Japan to accurately replicate human face.


These super-realistic face masks, made by a small company in rural Japan, are in huge demand from domestic tech and entertainment industries to countries as far away as Saudi Arabia. Hmmmm…..Saudi Arabia where the real Buhari was buried and from where Jubril was recruited.


The 300,000-yen (2,650 US dollars) mask is made of resin and plastic, in an attempt to accurately duplicate an individual’s face down to fine wrinkles and skin texture.


The company, based in the western prefecture of Shiga, receives about 100 orders every year from entertainment, automobile, technology and security companies, mainly in Japan.


Nigerians with conscience must ask themselves very difficult questions about what has become of their morality.



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