Magu Uses Marabouts, Rumours, To Run EFCC – DG DSS

Magu Uses Marabouts, Rumours To Run EFCC – DG DSS

Magu Uses Marabouts, Rumours To Run EFCC – DG DSS

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By Adenike Lucas and Danjuma Aliyu


The Director- General of the Department of State Services, DSS, Lawal M Daura has exposed the Acting Chair of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu over his unethical and vindictive pivot at the anti-graft agency.


Daura revealed this before the NASS Senate Ad-hoc Committee, where he described the “brawn instead of brain,” method deployed by Mr Magu, the perennial offender currently leading the EFCC.


DENISAURUS News learned that Mr Magu known to act in a commando and draconian manner is into fetish stuff.


The rejected corrupt EFCC boss is known for frequenting the homes of marabouts.


According to Daura, Mr Magu, whose nomination was rejected twice by the Senate, was running the EFCC based on public rumours, manoeuvres, gossips and political interference from certain quarters and marabouts.


Daura  said: “The method (brawn instead of brain) deployed by the current EFCC under Mr Magu is a gestapo style that belongs to dictatorial regime.


“The Acting Chairman runs the agency based on public rumours, manoeuvres, gossips, political interference from certain quarters and marabouts.”


This confirms another of  DENISAURUS News publication on the desperation of the corrupt officer over his bid to be made the fourth chairman of the anti-graft agency.


Recently, this paper reported that Mr Magu was spending time with a pastor from Kogi state named Emmanuel Omale of the Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministries International, Abuja.


In the past, he associated with marabouts from Niger and Chad, and a spiritualist called Sat Guru Maharaj Ji from Ibadan, Oyo State.


DENISAURUS News also revealed in its previous publication how “marabouts guts” made Mr Magu to challenge constitutionally recognised authorities.


Mr Magu has also been able to remain in office due to the support of the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. In private, Professor Osinbajo, this paper learnt expresses no confidence in Mr Magu’s ability, but he has allowed a continuous “stay-put” of the anti-graft boss for selfish reasons.


Despite an indicting DSS report and the refusal of the Senate to confirm Mr Magu, Professor Osinabjo has allowed him to stay in office in order to appease his own benefactors.


Daura also accused Mr Magu of running a vendetta mission against the DSS, following the indictment and arrest of his close friend and accomplice, retired Air Commodore Mohammed Umar by the Service.


Mr Mohammed confessed to extorting money from suspects under investigation by the Presidential Committee Investigating “Arms Deal” between 2014 and 2015, after classified document belonging to the EFCC were discovered in his home.


The DSS believes Mr Magu was the one that supplied his friend the document which were used to blackmail suspect.


Mr Magu himself, was suspended for removing confidential files from the Commission in 2008.


The 53-year-old was again indicted by the DSS in its report to the NASS Senate October 2016, where the secret police detailed that the anti-graft boss is a “perennial offender” who can not be trusted with “money and power” and would constitute a “liability on the anti- corruption fight of the present administration.”


However, Daura did not dispute the fact that the EFCC has the mandate to investigate Economic and Financial Crimes, but he stated that the investigation of the finances of the DSS was an exception in this case, and can only be waived with the approval of the President.


The report of the ad-hoc committee, sighted by an online media (not DENISAURUS News), said: “The extant law regulating the Service prohibits it from the commission’s kind of investigation without a presidential order.


“It was suggested to him to call EFCC Board meeting to thrash it out or to secure such presidential order. But Mr Magu in his own usual ‘Power drunkenness’ believes no one can compel him to obey extant laws of the land.


“The service also advised appropriate authorities to set up a Presidential Committee in the manner that the Tower/NIA money was investigated.”


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