Magu of EFCC In “Empire Building” To Destroy Anti-graft Agency

Magu of EFCC In “Empire Building” To Destroy Anti-graft Agency

Exclusive By: Staff Reporter At The Pebbles News (@Pebbles_News)

Due to the recent Petitions and Exposé made against the Acting Chair of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC, Ibrahim Mustafa Magu  by EFCC Core Operatives, the Anti-graft Boss has developed a new strategy, to frustrate and ridicule Staff Members.

This is coming against the backdrop of a myriad of Allegations of ‘Corruption and Impunity’ leveled against Magu of EFCC, regarding Misappropriation and Diversion of funds of the Anti-graft Agency.

According to our source, The Pebbles News can reliably report, Magu of EFCC in the past had tried to knock the Seconded Policemen with EFCC Core Staff, thereby causing a chaotic crisis of Supremacy, between the two categories of Officers at the EFCC.

The Pebbles News gathered that, even the EFCC Core Management Staff were not left out in the Victimisation and Bullying presently going on under the Leadership of Ibrahim Magu.

This has led to a Director at the EFCC, revealed how Magu diverted over N750M, that was approved by Vice President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, during the Medical Vacation of President Muhammadu Buhari in early 2017.

However, there were also allegations by EFCC Staff Members against Mr Magu, concerning the way and manner he has been running the Anti-graft Agency, like his family or personal property. Where established laws and regulations guiding the Anti-graft Agency, are Relegated and made seem like piece of Filt in the eyes of the public.

Meanwhile, The Pebbles News gathered, there was the incident of an EFCC Core Operative, who was being victimized by Mr Magu, just for insinuating that the guiding principles of ‘Order and Discipline’ in Law Enforcement Agencies be followed. This was by way of rejecting a Junior Police Officer to be placed above him, as the Senior. The said Staff Member and others, have since been send out of their Station to Jeopardise all Investigation they are carrying out.

Shockingly, Magu of EFCC had continued this Staff Victimisation and Bullying, owing to the fact that he feels no one can touch him, as he is ‘Above the Law’ under the government of President Buhari, revealed our source.

At the moment, The Pebbles News authoritatively discovered that Magu of EFCC, has started placing Junior Operatives above their far Seniors, with the ulterior motive of causing Intra-Agency rivalry. While at the same time, the Anti-graft Boss Continues his ‘Corruption and Impunity’ unchecked or unreported from any angle.

There is serious bitterness and grumbling from among EFCC Staff Members, over the continuous neglect of their plight by the current administration. Which as revealed by our source, if not urgently addressed, may lead to lack of motivation and poor enthusiasm, thereby affecting the Corruption cases under investigation.

The Judiciary, Courts or National Assembly should not be blamed at the peak of such recklessness and detachment, intoned our source.

The Pebbles News is appealing to President Buhari, on behalf of the EFCC Core Management and Senior Operatives, to urgently act on Petitions and Report from the Department of State Services DSS, which detailed all the factual evidence against Ibrahim Magu, the Anti-graft Agency’s Boss.