Certificate Forgery: Private Investigator Ready To Testify Against Sen. Andy Uba In Court 


…Denies extortion allegation 

An Abuja based private investigator Victor Uwajeh, has said that he is fully ready to testify in Court against the Chairman, Senate Committee on Public Accounts, Senator Andy Uba over his alleged certificate scandal as reported in a section of the media.

Uwajeh, who also denied allegation of blackmail and extortion raised against him in a petition by Senator Uba to the Inspector General of Police, stated  “I have never blackmailed Andy Uba, I have three powers of attorney signed by him and myself and I have done the job he asked me to do.

Sen. Uba had on Tuesday accused the Uwajeh of trying to blackmail him, urging the IGP to treat his petition “with your characteristic urgency and meticulousness”.

While addressing a press conference on Wednesday, the investigator, who presented several documents to back up his claims, said that he is currently in possession of all the original certificates the Senator claim to posses.

“Sometimes in 2012 I met with Senator Nnamdi Emmanuel Uba who briefed me that he had issue with UK authority because he was banned in 2008 from entering the UK and being a British citizen and  a private investigator he wanted me to assist him to lift his exclusion ban from entering United Kingdom and he made available to me some documents relating to that ban.”

Some of the documents Uwajeh provided included: “Application seeking for Judicial relieve to enable him enter UK, he also made documents on grants for hia relieve for the then Home office Secretary Theresa May, who is now British Prime Minister, to lift the exclusion ban against him among others.”

According to him, the exclusion ban was made in  public good of the United Kingdom to exclude him from all territories in UK and the order was sustained.

He also explained that when he met Sebator Uba in 2012 at his residence in Asokoro where he gave him Power of Attorney duely signed by both of them to act to wirk on his behalf and that he was going to refund him all the expenses at the end of the job.

He said he also obtained the second Power of Attorney on January 5th 2013 to enable him get a lawyer in the United State to lift the arrest warant placed on him “and this was successfully done.

“In the process of working for him to get his arrest warant lifted with the UK border Authorities. He issued a letter of Authority to me to act on his behalf on his Senate Letter headed paper. I did the job for him satisfactorily.”

He said: “After I have concluded everything, I sought for my professional fees and I sent my bill to him and he kept lingering, he refused to pay neither did he negociate with on payment terms. At this stage, I filled a court process against him seeking for payment of my professional fees. We started the case since 2016 in Justice Merriam Anenih Court and the case was later moved to Court 11 in Apo.

“So, we have been in Court since 2016. I don’t see the reason why he is alluding to blackmail because we are in Court and you can see the documents that were used to served hi which passed through the Clark of the National Assembly and also pasted at his residence at TY Danjuma in Asokoro. This why I don’t understand a case that is in Court be termed blackmail.”

On the issue of certificate forgery, he said “in the process of Senator Andy Uba trying to prove that he is a genuine character he presented a lot of documents to be presented to the UK authorities which included some forged documents like WAEC certificate and others which were parts of documents that was filled in Court and has become a public document and WEAC confirmed when we were trying to verified the issue that the certificate of Senator Emmanuel Nnamdi Uba is a forged certificate and I expected the authority to look into it because the issue of forgery in the National Assembly has reached alarming proportion.”



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