IGP Tongue Lashes Magu, Threatens Removal From EFCC

Ibrahim Magu, EFCC Chairman
Ibrahim Magu, EFCC Chairman
Ibrahim Magu, EFCC Chairman

The head man at the foremost anti-graft commission in Nigeria, the Economic and financial crimes commission (EFCC) may have a little longer wait to be confirmed by the national Assembly if the unfolding development spans out to be true.

Information available to 247ureports.com indicates that the acting chairman of the EFCC, Magu may be swimming against a heavy current at the EFCC in his effort to have the national Assembly confirm his position as the head of the EFCC. A recent exchange with the inspector general of police, Idris, resulted in the IGP threatening to reassign him to another post should he continue in his unwarranted theatrics to commandeer control of the EFCC.

The admonishment from the IGP came shortly following the President’s trip to London for medical treatment when the Vice President, during President Buhari’s absence, submitted a letter to the national Assembly requesting for the acting EFCC chairman to be confirmed. Our source who reveals that the letter was written and/or submitted without the knowledge of the ailing President, added that national Assembly was instructed to play down the request for confirmation by the President following some of the theatrics of the acting chairman. The national Assembly did as was instructed. They played down the letter and went on recess without acting on it.

The theatrics of the acting EFCC chairman concerned his immediate move to initiate the reshuffling of the officers assigned to the EFCC. The acting chairman wrote to the IGP informing him of the soldiers he would want removed from the EFCC duty post and reassigned elsewhere.

The acting chairman was acting based on an earlier advice by the immediate past EFCC chairman, Mr. Larmorde. This is according to our source. The former Chairman had advised the acting chairman on which of the police officers were ‘loyal’ and the ones that were ‘disloyal‘.  Accordingly, the acting chairman took the advice and drafted an authoritative letter addressed to the IGP requesting that a select list of officers be removed.

The IGP upon receiving the letter did not take it sitting down. He was not amused. He was angered.  Immediately, he summoned the acting chairman to his office. While at the office of the IGP, the acting chairman was given a tongue lashing by the IGP who reminded the acting chairman that he rank in police was still lower than many in the police cadre. His an Assistant Commissioner of Police.  He told the acting chairman that he could be reassigned out of the EFCC at any given moment – “that he is still under his control”. He went on to impress on the acting Chairman that only the IGP has the right to choose who is to be assigned to any post – be it EFCC post or elsewhere.

Ibrahim K. Idris
Ibrahim K. Idris

According to our source, the IGP was particularly angered by the mistreatment meted out to the officers that the acting chairman wanted out of the Commission. Reports of maltreatment of the said officers reached the IGP on a periodic basis through whistleblowers who saw the acting chairman’s actions as wanting.

It is expected that as the national assembly returns from their recess on Tuesday, it may revisit the confirmation of the acting EFCC chairman. But informed spectators of the unfolding process believe it may not happen. Lingering allegations of money laundering and other shady activities may hinder the national assembly from confirming the acting chairman.

The acting Chairman of the commission took over officially on November 11, 2015.


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