How Tinubu Collected $10m From Jim Ovia



The wheeler-dealer National Leader of APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu was

$10m richer in the build-up to the recent screening of the CBN

Governor nominee, Mr Godwin Emefiele, NP can authoritatively reveal.

While the suspended CBN Governor and APC financier, Mallam Sanusi

Lamido Sanusi was guest of Tinubu in Lagos and APC legal pundits

filing case upon case for him, the wily politician with legendary

capacity for walking both sides of the street simultaneously had

quietly reached out to Emefiele’s camp to do a deal.

Tinubu sent one of his legmen who was a Commissioner in his cabinet

and a very close ally of Sanusi to Emefiele’s close pal, Mr Jim Ovia

who was Managing Director of Zenith Bank before the former. “The

message from Tinubu was that given the strength of APC in the senate,

Emefiele’s nomination would not scale through except they are lobbied”

said NP source.

In panic, Jim Ovia travelled to London to meet with Tinubu to

negotiate a deal that would make the APC senators to allow the

nomination scale through. By the time the negotiations were over, Jim

Ovia parted with a princely sum of $10m for Tinubu to lobby his APC

senators. Though NP could not confirm how much Tinubu gave to the

Senators out of his haul, it was significant that none of the APC

lawmakers raised any trouble for Emefiele throughout his screening, a

development that left Lamido Sanusi shattered as he had piled a lot of

“dossier” on Emefile with which his party men were to harass Emefile.

“Sanusi was basting in Lagos that Emefiele would not be confirmed as

CBN Governor as he has given a lot of information on unethical deals

at the Zenith Bank to his party leader with which the Senators would

nail the nominee. He is too naive about the ways of Asiwaju” added NP

source. Tinubu since he emerged on the political scene has been known

for his capacity to manipulate opposing sides for his pecuniary

While posing as M.k.O Abiola’s confidant in the June 12 days, he was

in bed with Abacha. He was among the anti-third term forces and

simultaneously cutting deals with Obasanjo for a “soft landing.”

In 2007, he had Atiku as the Presidential Candidate of his AC while

providing financial and logistics support to the candidate of the PDP,

Alhaji Umaru Yara’adua. And in the 2011 elections, his ACN fielded

Nuhu Ribadu as Presidential Candidate but he deployed support for

President Goodluck Jonathan after cutting a deal.



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