Gov. Aliyu’s Dance Of Shame: His Dirty Deal With Zenith Bank Exposed, Why He Is Fighting Jonathan, To Stop EFCC.


Like fuji House of Commotion, Amaka Igwe’s epic on national television, the house of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, seems in irreversible disarray. But the trouble this time, has nothing to do with the  visit of the rebel group to the National  Assembly, penultimate week, it is the embattled governor of Niger state,  Aliyu Mu’azu ,the  rabble  rousing  ,  political gadfly of Niger state.

It is the rolling stone that may consume one of the pillars of the G-7 rebel governors, Aliyu  Babangida, if President Goodluck  Jonathan, refused to yield to one of their demands, that the Economic and Financial Crimes  Commissions, EFCC should not investigate  the sordid mess and cesspool of corruptions in their respective states.

Coming in the dying days of his governorship,   obviously   Aliyu Mu’azu did not wish, after he might have left office, to carry the cross that is now his lot. In fact , if he ever wished anything  after his tour of Government House, Minna, it is to move to the National  Assembly, as a senator.

But all these are now in the past and no longer features as parts of Aliyu’s worries.

Though, Mu’azu, allegedly worked hard to cover his tracks, by commissioning of nonexistent projects, like the  Zuma Rock  Resort centre and the Minna Five- Star Hotels, he did not, however, envisage that only  a few months to the end of his tenure , he would be at the centre of high wire sleaze scandal, that is currently rocking the state.

Indeed, in  a document entitled HR.NO.10 2008/2009-Resolution Granting Approval to the Executive Governor Of Niger state, Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu,OON, To Enable him obtain N=6billion bond facilities in favourof  Niger state Government” Dated Tuesday,11 Day of November, 2008. Signed by Pharm.MM Alkali., Honourable  Speaker and  Mohammed  A. Rijau, Permanent Secretary/ Clerk,  partly stated Thus; “Whereas: The Government of Niger State is committed to the provision of infrastructural development for the purpose  of enhancing the  welfare and well being of our people, the state Government after due consideration and consultations with the stakeholders and indeed purposeful deliberations by the state Executive Council came into conclusion that the available source is to seek for loan facility from the capital  market through a bond; after the conclusion therefore, the state Government in partnership with Zenith Bank PLC arranged to obtain a loan facilitity of N=6billion from the capital market”  It stated.

As strange as the N-6billion bond from the Zenith Bank, was not tied to any projects in the state the speed with which the Niger state gave the approval, has raised more hypothetical questions, than answer as what the  bond was meant for and how it will be monitored. Said our source.

 On December, 12 2008, the Niger state Ministry of Finance, wrote to the Minister of Finance informing the Ministry of the deductions from the monthly Federal allocations to the state.

In the letter entitled “Irrevocable Standing order, for deduction from the Account of Niger state Government in respect of N=6billion infrastructural Development Projects Bond” signed by Aminu Yusuf, Commissioner for finance, Abubakar Tukur, Accountant General, Engr. Sani Ndanusa, commissioner for Transport and infrastructure and Mu’azu  Babangida Aliyu, the state Government instructed the Federal Ministry, to make a monthly deduction of  N=142,377,502.73. With commencement date of January, 2009, with tenor of 60 months.

The letter further directed thus “The Niger state Government  hereby gives to the Federal Ministry of Finance an irrevocable  standing payment Order (ISPO) to deduct from the state statutory Allocation the principal sum and interest (COUPON) as per the attached scheduled and pay same to the Account of Zenith Trust Company Ltd/ Niger state infrasture Development Bond Account No. 6013808602.

While to the ordinary observers, obtaining loans and Bond facility by Government and its agencies, appear normal, the frequency and applications of such loan has made a dog breakfast of the rule of engagement in such exercise in Niger state.

In may 2007, under a purported priority to give the state a face-lift  the Aliyu Mu’azu, administration had in a similar move gone to the Capital market to collect N=9 billion bond to embark on same projects.

“By the end of his tenure Aliyu would probably leave Niger state with the highest debt portfolio, with little ornothing to show for it”said  a state ministry official in the state.

Documents exclusively obtained by this medium, showing states balances as at May 1995 and the summary of first line deductions, show that Niger state rescheduled London Club  stands at N=525,728,963.28, while deductions from first line charge June 1995- March 2002 stood at N=9,953,544,430.42. With Niger state coming second after Ondo state as the most indebted state.

Documents obtained from the treasury department Minna, revealed that bond rather than been deplored for the purpose are used to funds personal interest

For instance, the state Government was issued a Zenith Bank cheque No.6013803248, for the payment of his elections litigation bills in the sum of N=82,796,000.

The state Government claimed the Niger state House of Assembly received an invitation to the 56 CPA international and the CPA regional conferences holding in Nairobi Kenya on September 10-19, 2010 and South Africa July 24-31 2010 respectively.

For these legislative adventures, the House submitted a bill of over N=49,000,000,00 for the two trips

Dr. Muhammud K Yahaya, secretary to the Niger state Government, claimed that “The two rips as detailed on pages 189-190 of file. Ater a careful scrutiny, however, recommended N=42,000,000.00 to cover the expenses for the two trips.

The Chief Servant may wish to     consider and approve the total sum of 42,000,000,00 only for the two trips, please” Yahaya states in his memo to the governor.

The letter was dated August,7,2010,  three days, after, Mu’azu through the Commissioner for Finance approved the 42,000,000,00 for the  jamboree.

Curiously, on August, 13, 2010, barely a week after the controversial approval for the Kenya “trip”  the  SSG, Mr. Yahaya, in another memo obtained by our reporter, requested for another N=23,269,890.00 for a purported medical trip for the state Chief Judge, Justice Jibrin Ndajiwo.

In the memo the SSG states that ”His Lordship, the Chief Judge of Niger state, Justice Jibrin Ndajiwo, has been given appointment for a comprehensive medical treatment at the Fairfield Independent Hospital. Merseyside, United Kingdom. His Lordship will be accompanied on this trip by his wife, Hajiya Asta H. Ndajiwo as aide and who shall undergo FULL medical check up at the same Hospital. His Lordship is requesting for Funds for the medical bills, travels and sundry expenses for himself and his wife totaling N=23,269,890.00”

The expenses were approved barely twenty four hours, for a trip that our source claimed was never made.

Contacted through his Senior Special Assistant on Media, Mr. Emma Maku Eti, Governor Aliyu, in his standard response described the allegations as “recycled documents” It is a recycled documents, they want to extort money from me” he said

Not even the several calls to his Chief press Secretary, Danladi  Ndayebo, could yield much.

The Chief press secretary in his usual characteristics refused to respond to the allegations two weeks after persistent calls and SMS to his cell phone.



  1. If man can not judge you,I believe one day you will be in the presence of God to face your judgment.You people are enemies of Nigeria,you will never go free,every day for the thief,but one day for the owner.

  2. Nigeria is such a funny place. If according to the originator of this story that these happened since 2007 up to 2008, then why saying it now. Is really unfortunate that whenever people speaks true or challenge the government both State and Federal, they’ll make up issues to distort the course.
    If that was say to have been committed that long and EFCC and enforcement agencies could not do anything till now, then they should remain silent forever.
    Presidency should know that he who live in a glass house does not throw stone.
    GOD bless Nigeria.


  4. Mu’azu who go about denigratin Gej 4 under perform, who can neva see any gud in d fed gvt is nw reveald 2 b thief by usin dubious means 2 syphon govt. D so calld G7 governor (gang of robbers) God wl xpose dem 1 after anoda. D chief servant of niger state has bcame chief robbers/stealer of Niger


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